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St. Maximilian Kolbe on socialism June 4, 2012

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Can you guess?  Was he a big fan?  Errr……..

Whenever I feel that it is useful, proper and prudent, I stop and talk about the inadequacy of socialism. . . ”

“When he sees the luxurious residence or the charming country house of a wealthy person, a poor workingman often asks himself: ‘Why do I not possess such wealth, too? Why is there such inequality in this world?’

How many volumes have been written about equality among men! How much blood has been spilled for this idea! And yet, in spite of it all, we still have the rich and the poor.

Four years ago I passed through Moscow. As the train was scheduled to stay there for a few hours, I got down from the railway car to visit the city a bit, hoping to see for myself how the slogan, so highly publicized and so widely proclaimed, of equality and the common possession of goods, was worked out in practice. But even there I found some people clad in rags, while others wore elegant clothes cut in the latest style. So not even in the Bolshevik state have they succeeded in bringing about equality.

Let us imagine, however, that one day all the inhabitants of the world would assemble to put into effect this sharing of all goods; and that in fact each person, granted that the world is very big, received an exactly equal portion of the wealth existing on earth.

Then what? That very evening one man might say, ‘Today I worked hard; now I am going to take a rest.’ Another might state, ‘I understand this sharing of goods very well; so let’s drink and celebrate such an extraordinary happening.’ On the other hand, another might say: “Now I am going to set to work with a will so as to reap the greatest benefit I can from what I have received.” And so, starting on the next day, the first man would have only the amount given him; the second would have less, and the third would have increased his. Then what do we do? Start redistributing the wealth all over again. . . To continue the argument, even if there were only two persons in the world, they would not succeed in maintaining absolute equality; for in the whole universe there are no two things completely identical in every respect. . . This is how it has been, how it is now and how it will always be, simply because man will never attain absolute perfection.

In spite of all this, the human mind still desires to bring about a certain equality among men, Is there any possibility that this can happen? Yes, no doubt. Every man, whoever he is, whatever he possesses and whatever he is capable of doing, owes all this to God the Creator of the universe. Of himself man is nothing. From this point of view all of us are absolutely equal. Furthermore we all possess free will, which makes us master of all our actions. This too constitutes the basic equality of all men on earth. [Kolbe Reader, 11, 131-132]

It is amazing that there are so many in the Church today – those who willingly and particularly pretend that the Church was founded in AD 1962- who talk of socialism and liberation theology and the entire mess as if it is something new to be debated.  It is not.  The Church has rejected liberalism/socialism and all that junk for centuries.  That is precisely why those people pretend the Church began in AD 1962, and why they pretend that the most recent Council is the be all and end all of the Church – because it suits their purposes (which purposes are much, much more worldly, than eternal – for the most part). 

That is why all this Church focus – especially in the US, but around the world due to the spread of the worldly Americanist view – on earthly works is wrong-headed, even counterproductive.  It’s especially counterproductive from the point of view of the eternal.

Nothing earth shaking in all this.  But the Saints contain so much wisdom of the Faith, I thought it good to share.

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