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Apostate religious fear Vatican “shock and awe” June 5, 2012

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Oh for crying out loud……these people are so into their own little leftist world they can’t even step outside of it for a moment to talk about religious matters.  Everything has to be reduced to worldly “progressive-speak.”  Maryknoll used to be a great missionary order.  Now, it’s one of the most apostate orders there is, with the vast majority of its rapidly aging membership adhering to modernist beliefs counter to the Church Dogma.  If you want to read the entire disaster at the Distorter, you can, but here’s a summation written by an NCR apparatchik:

In the article below, former Maryknoll Provincial Jon Sivalon charges that the action against LCWR and other recent Vatican actions “should be seen as ‘initial forays of shock and awe’ [please…..leave your liberal pants wetting at home] to soften the strongest areas of resistance” before a major onslaught begins. “That major assault is scheduled for October of 2012,” he says, “with the opening of the Synod of Bishops on the New Evangelization for the Transmission of the Christian Faith.” [Lord, I pray it is.  We’re 50 years past the time a “correct” interpretation of VII was implemented, and it’s well past time to try to correlate the time bombs of VII with the Tradition] The target, Sivalon says, is modern culture, which Pope Benedict is determined to discredit through “a hermeneutic of retrenchment.”

That’s the clever little line the Maryknoll Provincial – who, I remind, is the head of a religious order at the pleasure of the Pope! – uses to attack trying to end the modernist devastation and put the Church back into continuity with Tradition after 50 years in the desert.  These modernist types love to talk about the “new springtime,” but all around the Church all we see is devastation worse than their fantasies of nuclear winter. 

Who do these folks think they are?  Their orders are dying!  The women religious they ape as an alternative magisterium are almost universally in their 70s and 80s!  There are NO vocations!  There isn’t anyone dedicating their life in a service to the world they could do as lay people. And so now they try to offload – to somehow magically transfer – the elements of religious life to those few lay people, who are also generally very old, who will follow them!  It’s a nightmare.  It somehow reminds me of Dante’s Inferno……I’m not sure why.

I think these folks are formalizing their apostasy into formal schism. I see many signs – like this abysmal screed claiming the women religious lead the “American chuch” – that these folks are not going to take discipline, or being told no – they’re going to walk.  If it weren’t for the fact that they have eternal souls which will be lost forever in they die in such a rebellious state, I’d say good riddance.  Even still, given the damage they’ve done, I have to say that my prayers for them are weak.

Just a bit of data: the average age of an LCWR sister (they’re nuns now that they’re in trouble, but they’re bold, man-eating “sisters” when they’re feeling sure) is 73 and increasing, and on average 10 LCWR sisters die every day.  More LCWR sisters die in a week than they take in new vocations in a year.  Meanwhile the true nuns of the Conference of Major Superiors of Women Religious have an average age of 35 and falling, and they are bringing in more vocations every day.  The trends are also accelerating, to the extent that in less than 15 years, CMSWR will outnumber LCWR.

So, just what is this?  What is this raging against the dying of the light?  What do they think they can do – keep their independence?  Miraculously change the Church in their 80s?  Or is their reflexive opposition to the bogeyman of “Rome” and their apostasy just so ingrained that they can’t take even a bit of discipline?

It’s not very smart.  What financial position would many of these religious be in if Rome suppressed their orders?   Most would be penniless and too old to work, and they wouldn’t be able to sell their convents for a condo in Arizona as some have already done.  They seem to be banking on their ability to bully Rome one last time so they can run out their lives as they have been for the past 40 years.  Perhaps.  We’ll see.

Roberto de Mattei on what is going on at the Vatican June 5, 2012

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I haven’t covered it much, but internecine strife inside the Vatican has spilled out into public in a very large way.  It appears factions opposed to the Pope are trying to do all they can to discredit and undermine him, and his Secretary of State.  Who knows what the issues are or what all this means.  But Dr. Roberto de Mattei, author of a book I really really REALLY wish would be translated into English! (Vatican II: A History As Yet Untold), has some thoughts on these sad events via Rorate Caeli:

What is happening in the Vatican? Catholics all over the world are in consternation and wondering what sense to make of the news that has broken out in the press and that appears to reveal the existence of an ecclesiastical war going on inside the Leonine Walls, the consequences of which are being deliberately exaggerated by the mass media. Nonetheless, even if it is not easy to understand what is happening, we can make an effort to do so. 

It is not without significance that this self-combustion is flaring up right at the moment when the 50th anniversary of Vatican II is about to take place. [I also don’t think it’s insignificant that this is ongoing when the SSPX situation appears to be drawing to a close, with a likely regularization of their status]  Among all the documents of that Council, the most emblematic and perhaps the most discussed is the constitution Gaudium et Spes, which the theologian Joseph Ratzinger did not like. [I don’t know if I “like” it or not, but I can definitely scratch my head over it]   In that document, the embrace of the Church with the contemporary world was celebrated with irenic optimism. It was the world of the 1960s, steeped in consumerism and secularism; a world in which grew the shadow of Communist imperialism, which the Council did not want to address. 
The Vatican saw the positive aspects of modernity, but was not aware of the dangers and so renounced denouncing its errors, refusing to acknowledge its anti-Christian roots. The Vatican set out to listen to the world and tried to interpret the “signs of the times”, assuming that history would bring indefinite progress (automatically). The Council Fathers appeared to be in a hurry to abandon the past, in the conviction that the future would be propitious for the Church and mankind. Unfortunately, it was not so. In the years following the Council, the vertical pursuit of transcendent principles was replaced by the pursuit of earthly and worldly values. 
The philosophical principle of immanence [that is, in effect, we’re all little “gods”] was translated into a horizontal and sociological vision of Christianity, symbolized, in the liturgy, by the altar facing the people. The “conversio ad populum” brought with it unprecedented artistic devastation and transformed the image of the Mystical Body of Christ into that of a social body emptied of its supernatural soul. But if the Church turns its back on the supernatural and the transcendent in order to turn towards the natural and the circumstantial, the teachings of the Gospel, that one needs to be “in the world, but not of the world,” are turned upside down: she stops christianizing the world and is made worldy by it[!!]
The Kingdom of God becomes power structure in which calculation and political reason, human passions, and contingent interests dominate. The “anthropological shift” put a lot of focus on the presence of man to the Church, but very little on the presence of God. When we here speak of the Church, naturally, we do not refer to the Church herself, but to the men who are part of Her. The Church is of a Divine nature which cannot be darkened and that makes Her always pure and immaculate. But Her human dimension can be covered by that soot which Benedict XVI, during the Via Crucis just before he was elected, called “filth” and that Paul VI, faced with the conciliar rifts, defined, with words unwittingly prophetic, “the smoke of Satan” that had entered the temple of God. 
 Before the weakness and misery of men, the smoke of Satan are the heretical discourses and ambiguous affirmations, which started with the Second Vatican Council and still continue in the Church. Not to mention that the work has not yet begun that John Paul II called a “purification of the memory” – but that we could more simply call an “examination of conscience”, in order to understand where one has erred, what one must correct, and how one must correspond to the will of Jesus Christ, Who remains the only Savior, not only of His Mystical Body, but of a society gone adrift. 
The Church is going through an age of crises, but She is rich in spiritual resources and holiness which continue to shine in many souls. The hour of darkness is always accompanied by the hour of light which has kept shining brightly throughout the history of the Church.

Well, the Church has been around a long time.  And power struggles, scandals, and internecine warfare were a frequent facet of Vatican and the Popes since long, long before the Council.  In the period 850-1050, roughly, the Pope was a very weak pawn of Roman power brokers.  There have been differing periods in the Church, where at times the worldly spirit has reigned supreme, which has always been followed by some great crisis and then reformation.  At least, it always has in the past.   I don’t know if the worldly spirit ever penetrated as deep or wide, or was actually put into Magisterial documents, as may have occured at VII.  

Still……I don’t think de Mattei exaggerates when he states that a more worldly focused Church is likely to have more worldly problems, since the world is not a great source of virtue.  Unlike…………….Him………

Melkite priest reports on devastation of churches in Syria June 5, 2012

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The media likes to portray the ongoing civil war in Syria as being one between heroic pro-democracy freedom fighters and a terrible, authoritiarian repressive regime.  In reality, there are no good guys, the regime is repressive in some regards but generally stays out of religious matters, whereas the insurgents by and large want to install an even more repressive islamic state and are horrifically persecuting Christians in areas where they gain control.  A Melkite priest from Syria reports on the devastation:

“The reality on the ground is far from the picture that imposes disinformation in Western media,” said Msgr. Philippe Tournyol Clos. “Opposition forces have occupied two areas, Diwan Al Bustan and Hamidieh, where there are all the churches and bishoprics.

“The picture for us is utter desolation: the church of Mar Elian is half destroyed and that of Our Lady of Peace is still occupied by the rebels,” he continued. “Christian homes are severely damaged due to the fighting and completely emptied of their inhabitants, who fled without taking anything. The area of Hamidieh is still shelter to armed groups independent of each other, heavily armed and bankrolled by Qatar and Saudi Arabia. All Christians (138,000) have fled to Damascus and Lebanon, while others took refuge in the surrounding countryside. A priest was killed and another was wounded by three bullets. Still a couple live there, but the five bishops have had to take refuge in Damascus and Lebanon.”

The rebels, he added, are particularly cruel to the Alawites, a Muslim sect whose members include the Assad family.

As we shall soon see in Egypt, when given the choice, what most muslim countries seem to want is repressive, hardcore islamist states.  That is what Saudi Arabia is, so it is no surprise they are bankrolling this effort, nor is it surprising that Turkey – which is becoming increasingly islamic – has also provided aid to the rebels.  As for the tribal factionalism – go figure, it’s been an endemic part of Arab life for 15 centuries or more.  Watch Lawrence of Arabia to see where that leads. 

This is not the story of “good guys” versus “bad.”  In fact, from the Christian perspective, Assad is relatively good in that he does not repress the Christian community in Syria – about the most ancient in the world.   Most Christians there support Assad, and all the Christians say they fear a rebel takeover because they know it will be another Iraq – constant persecution, attacks, murder and suffering.

I should pray and offer a Mass for the sustaining and protection of this suffering group of Christians.

Oh….and the “Mar Elian” above that is destroyed………look at what is being lost:

And to think that our president is encouraging the rebels and doing much to drive Assad from power.

Americans radically misinformed on prevalence of homosexual deviancy June 5, 2012

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In the early 1990s, a radical homosexual activist put forth a blueprint, in book form, for how to advance the homosexual agenda in the culture.  The blueprint called for influencing TV networks and other forms of media to provide a constant barrage of pro-homosexual material in order to influence people to believe that homosexuality was normal, healthy, and incredibly widespread.  This 20 year effort was eagerly adopted by the cultural left, and has been inflicted on the populace of the US, primarily through TV but through many other avenues as well.  Part of this effort has been aimed at making opposition to homosexual deviancy akin to racial or other prejudice, which is simply a baldfaced lie, for homosexuality is centered around acts, not being.  It is a massive difference.

Another aspect of this effort, already mentioned, is to convince the body politic that gays are exceedingly prevalent, that they constitute a huge portion of the population.  Thus, I am not surprised (but I am dismayed, severely) to read that recent polls show that most Americans think that gays make up 25% of the population, or more!   This is totally untrue.  In fact, the number of self-professed gays  in this country is known to be about 2% or less – most indicators point to 1.5 – 2% of the population being gay.

Such a misunderstanding of the basic demographics of sexual behavior and identity in America has potentially profound implications for the acceptance of the gay-rights agenda. On the one hand, people who overestimate the percent of gay Americans by a factor of 12 seem likely to also wildly overestimate the cultural impact of same-sex marriage. [This is wrong]  On the other hand, the extraordinary confusion over the percentage of gay people may reflect a triumph of the gay and lesbian movement’s decades-long fight against invisibility and the closet. [They have, I think, succeeded beyond their wildest dreams]

“My first reaction to that, aside from a little chuckle, is that it’s actually a sign of the success of the movement for LGBT rights,” said Stuart Gaffney, a spokesman for the group Marriage Equality USA. “We are a small minority, and we will never have full equality without the support of the majority, and a poll like that suggests the majority is extremely aware of their gay neighbors, coworkers, and friends.”

The implications of this data are enormous.  If you are dealing with 25-30% of the population being gay, their demands carry far, far more weight than the reality, which is 1-2% of the population.  When we debate, as a culture, things like the radical destruction/redefinition of marriage, the impact of which is beyond reckoning, does it make sense to harm the fundamental building block of all human societies, perhaps irrevocably, for such a tiny percentage of the population?  In reality, the numbers do not matter, for irrespective of whether gays constitute 1% of the population, or 90%, marriage is what marriage has always been – between a man and a woman.  But with so many people so misinformed on this subject, the plaintive cries of “equality” and newly invented “rights” seem to have much more impact, and form almost a moral imperative, due to massive disconnect between how many gays people think there are, and how many there really are.

I am amazed, once again, at the illogic and, I am sorry to say, lack of thinking skills in many people.  If gays made up at least 25% of the population, that would mean that almost every average family of 2 parents and 2 kids would have at least one gay member.  It means that of your 20 friends, 5 or more would be active homosexuals.  It would mean that of your 100 co-workers, 25 or more would be gay.  These numbers don’t make any sense.  They don’t stand up to any kind of scrutiny, and all the available evidence completely contradicts them.

Unfortunately, so many people have been so badly formed as to what marriage is and what its ends are, or even, for that matter, what constitutes real, actual love, that they can’t see the problem with radically re-defining it, or, more properly, making such a mockery of it by being OK with two people of the same gender pretending to be married.  So much work to do with catechizing and evangelizing people…….it’s going to take a miracle of Grace.