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The essence of the Faith….. June 14, 2012

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…..to me, I think is pretty well encapsulated from this brief excerpt from the Roman Catechism, or the Catechism of the Council of Trent:

….let us then earnestly implore the Spirit of God that He may command us to do all things in accordance with His Holy Will; that He may so overthrow the empire of satan that it shall have no power over us on the great accounting day; that Christ may be victorious and triumphant; that the divine influence of His Law may be spread throughout the world; that his ordinances may be observed; that there be found no traitor , no deserter; and that all may so conduct themselves, as to come with joy into the presence of God their King, and may reach the possession of the celestial kingdom, prepared for them from all eternity, in the fruition of endless bliss with Christ Jesus.

Whoever desires to enter the Kingdom of Heaven should ask of God that His Will may be done.  For Christ the Lord has said: Not every one that says to me, Lord, Lord, shall enter into the Kingdom of Heaven; but he that doth the will of My Father Who is in Heaven, he shall enter into the Kingdom of Heaven (Matt 7:21).

————————————–End Quote————————————–

What is the Will of the Father?  That we love Him with all of our heart, mind and strength, and our neighbor – every person we encounter – with that same kind of love.  We must obey all the commandments Christ has given us through His Church – from opposing abortion as the gravest of evils to providing for the material welfare for those in need through the giving of alms – personally, not through the force of a government gun.  We must also pray for those who do us evil.  Love is not an emotion, it’s a series of acts, a taking up our cross throughout each day to suffer for Christ willingly through self-denial and service towards others.  It’s not a notion that we are saved once and for all by some declaration, nor is it the “primacy of our conscience” that leads us to reject what the Church believes in a way that, magically!, aligns perfectly with our preconceived notions and preferences.  It’s about self-denial, and it’s hard work, taken up every day for love of God and neighbor.

It’s very easy to get wrong.  It’s very easy for subtle pride to come into lead us astray, or to develop attachments to things we don’t even recognize that steal away our love for God.  That is why we have the Church and confessors, to help us stay on the right path.  It’s really very simple, but it’s also very hard.  It’s the work of a lifetime, and requires nothing more than death to self and submission to God’s Grace. 

That is the best we can ever do – to cooperate with God’s Grace.  Unfortunately, horribly, there are many that fail.

Tomorrow is the Feast of the Sacred Heart of Jesus….. June 14, 2012

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…..in the traditional calendar, anyway.  Although, most parishes move it to the Sunday external solemnity.  Nevertheless, since I have most of the day off, I will be assisting at Mass, God willing.  I pray frequently that the Church will recognize more holy days on their proper days, rather than moving them to Sunday, in order to strengthen our Catholic identity, reinforce the various portions of the liturgical year, and give the fullest honor to the aspects of the Faith commemorated on the particular date.  It is also unfortunate when one feast day gets obliterated because another one got moved to its usual date.

 June is a particularly blessed month this year, with feasts of the Holy Trinity, Corpus Christi, the Sacred Heart, Our Lady of Perpetual Help, the Navity of St. John the Baptist, and the Feast of St’s Peter and Paul. 

If you’ve never consecrated your home to the Sacred Heart, you should!



St. Anthony and the donkey June 14, 2012

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At Mass last night, the priest related stories about St. Anthony of Padua, Doctor of the Church and hammer of heretics.  Two of these stories had to do with St. Anthony’s effect on animals, his being a vehicle of such great Grace that they behaved in remarkable ways.  One way was the donkey kneeling in front of the Blessed Sacrament.  I really like the statue which captures this scene below:

Ann Barnhardt pummels “once saved always saved” June 14, 2012

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Ann Barnhardt may not need any introduction, but here is a short one.  She’s the lady who burned a koran in front of an American flag, and then challenged jihadis to come take her on, giving out her address on her youtube video.  She’s more than a  little controversial.  She’s said some things I think imprudent, and has a tendency to really go off at times in a way that seems out of control.

But, she’s also a faithful Catholic and has written some gold.  Something she’s written of late that is really good is a total destruction of the evangelical protestant belief in “once saved always saved.”  It’s in two parts, and is too long to do more than excerpt, but it’s a fast read and I highly recommend you read both parts.  You have to go to her website to read them since she doesn’t link each post, or you can read them here.

So I got an email from someone last evening stating that I should totally monetize this website and make all kinds of money off of it because even if doing so is indeed sinful, I will never be punished for that or any other sin if I’m “saved”, because once a person is “saved” sin doesn’t matter anymore.

I hear variants on this all the time from neo-pagans who fancy themselves “Bible Christians.” It’s the old “once saved, always saved” heresy, and man is this heresy bad, bad, bad. All heresies are bad, but this one is truly from the pit of hell.

As with all heresies, satan begins with a statement that is true, and then twists and perverts it into a hellish nightmare. The true statement that gets perverted in this case is: no person can ever merit salvation. No person can ever, through their own efforts “earn heaven.”

That is true. Christ’s Passion and Sacrifice is infinite. No person can ever come even remotely close to earning, deserving or meriting the Cross, which is nothing less than the total self-immolation of the Second Person of the Holy Trinity.

Where satan now leads people – and let me tell you, it is a massive number of people – is to the conclusion that because the Sacrifice of Calvary is infinite in the amount of grace that it makes available, and because no one can ever fully merit the total self-immolation of God Himself, that people need not even bother to try, and as corollary beyond that, that sin has become irrelevant to a person who declares themselves “saved.”
In short, do what you want, Jesus has it covered.

You people have got to snap out of this, because to embrace this mindset is to completely and totally reject Christ. Let me say that again: to embrace the “once saved, always saved” mindset is to completely and totally reject Christ. How can that be? Isn’t the “once saved, always saved” mindset simply an expression of faith in Jesus? No, it is not. It is an expression of faith in a legalistic abstraction. Jesus is not a legal contract, a juridical philosophical abstraction. Jesus Christ is a Person – a Divine Person. Saying, “If I do x, then Jesus is obligated to do y . . . If I accept Jesus Christ as my personal Lord and Savior, then Jesus HAS to forgive my sins, so if I get “saved” I can do or not do whatever I want without any further worry . . . .” is not Christianity. It is a perverse, evil form of heartless litigation, and that lawyering bull****is not going to fly at your Particular Judgment…………

………Jesus Christ is a Person, who is also God, who loves you infinitely. He has freely chosen to suffer infinitely for you – and not just physically, but spiritually. He has volunteered to allow you to kill Him and break His Heart unto complete burning immolation. You do this to Him with every sin you commit. Since He is infinitely good, infinitely innocent, and loves you infinitely, every sin you commit against Him is an infinite offense. And because His Blood is infinitely precious, it has the capacity to cover any sin, and can never be earned or merited by any person. Got it? Every sin causes Him infinite pain.

If you tell yourself that because of this dynamic of infinities canceling each other out that you can therefore mathematically sin without compunction and still be “legally covered”, and that since you can never mathematically merit salvation, you shouldn’t even bother worrying about or trying to avoid sin, you have declared that you by definition DO NOT LOVE JESUS. How? Because you are declaring that you are indifferent to His suffering. You are declaring that you do not care and are unmoved by the fact that you are causing Jesus Christ infinite pain. Not only that, but you are using His infinite capacity for pain as a satanic counterfeit currency with which you happily convince yourself you have an infinite supply of to purchase the legal right to sin and still retain your salvation. And this is what gives satan tremendous satisfaction. THIS is what he is seeking to accomplish.

There are some wonderful points there.  I wish she wouldn’t curse or use some other coarse expressions, it really undermines her points and is unnecessary.  But it is very true that in many respects, “once saved always saved” is a return to the legalistic Judaism of pre-Incarnational times, a point made at length by John Salza in his excellent book The Biblical Basis for the Eucharist. I recommend those with a stout conscience to go read the rest, she makes very good points and really does pummel this sad heresy which is so oriented towards the cult of man and ignorant of carrying our cross it isn’t even funny.

It’s also not amazing that so many fall for it, since it so suits are fallen pride and ego.  Of course I’m saved!  Why wouldn’t I be!  I’m wonderful!

 That’s why the point of ecumenism is not to form a syncretist religion that incorporates the truthiness of all sects, but requires submission to and acceptance of the Truth Christ has revealed through His Church.  That is TRUE ecumenism, not the pointless playgroung dialogue that has gone on for fifty years.

SSPX to split? Bishop Tissier de Mallerais “indifferent” to regularization June 14, 2012

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Some very interesting and potentially revealing statements from one of the 4 bishops of the Society of St. Pius X, Bernard Tissier de Mallerais.  He claims he is indifferent to regularization with the Holy See.  I’m not entirely surprised, but I feel he does make one error:

One of the four bishops of the Society of St. Pius X has told a French weekly that negotiations intended to

de Mallerais

lead to full communion between the Society and Holy See leave him “indifferent.”

“The Society of Saint Pius X (SSPX) has never left the Church,” said Bishop Bernard Tissier de Mallerais. “It is in the heart of the Church. There where the authentic preaching of the faith is, there is the Church. This project of ‘officialization’ of the SSPX leaves me indifferent.”

“We have no need of it, and the Church has no need of it,” he continued. “We are already on the pinnacle, as a sign of contradiction, that attracts those noble souls, that attract lots of young priests, despite our pariah status. One would wish to place our lamp under the bushel for our integration in the conciliar world. This status that is proposed to us, of a personal prelature, analogous to that of Opus Dei, is a status for a state of peace. But we are currently in a state of war in the Church. It would be a contradiction to wish to ‘regularize the war.’” [Bishopr Tissier de Mallerais seems to imply that the SSPX has a choice in this process of regularization.  Bishop Fellay and press statements by the Holy See have indicated that is not the case – Pope Benedict is demanding a resolution – one way or the other – of SSPX’s canonical status.  I have seen statements from him and Bishop Williamson that criticize Bishop Fellay for “launching” this attempt at reproachment with Rome.  I don’t think that’s the case, I think Bishop Fellay is responding to demands by the Holy Father.  Could he have ignored them?  I don’t think so.]

Bishop Tissier de Mallerais added:

The irregularity is not ours. It is that of Rome. A Modernist Rome. A Liberal Rome that has renounced Christ the King. A Rome that had been condemned in advance by all Popes up until the eve of the [Second Vatican] Council …

It is certain that Benedict XVI has made some gestures in favor of Tradition. Especially by declaring that the Traditional Mass has never been suppressed and, in second place, by suppressing the so-called excommunication that had been declared regarding us following our episcopal consecration by Abp. Lefebvre. These two positive gestures drew bitter complaints from the episcopates towards Benedict XVI. But Pope Benedict XVI, while he is Pope, remains Modernist. [There it is.  That’s the crux of the issue.  It appears Bishops Tissier de Malleriais and Williamson simply do not trust Pope Benedict XVI or the Church at large while ruled by him due to his modernist tendencies.  I don’t know for sure about the third bishop, he’s been relatively silent.]

“It is true that the Pope is very pleasant,” the bishop continued. “He is a kind, polite, thoughtful man, a man who is discreet, but possesses natural authority, of man of decisiveness, who has solved many problems in the Church with his personal energy. For instance, problems of morality in this or that priestly institute. But he is imbued with the Council.”

Whether or not Pope Benedict XVI is modernist, which is something I’ve discussed on this blog in the past, the council will never be formally repudiated by him or any other pontiff, at least not for the foreseeable future (I’m talking centuries).  It is impossible for the Church to repudiate a council approved by the reigning pope.  That’s not to say that it can’t be downplayed, or that certain problematic aspects could not be ignored, declared pastoral, , explained away, or what have you, but the sort of formal, hat in hand, chest-beating groveling apology some in SSPX seem to demand of Rome is not going to happen.  I don’t think I should have to say that the triumphalism inherent in this desire is off-putting and seems beneath the dignity of the Church.

Now, I don’t know if much of this heated rhetoric may not be a form of gamesmanship, since I see repeated references to the personal prelature.  Perhaps SSPX is using a “good cop, bad cop” routine in order to get an Ordinariate, which I think would be much, much better for the Society and the Church at large.  Be that as it may, very soon the SSPX and those attached to it will have to make a choice. It’s a leap of faith.  Either you trust in the Holy Spirit and, to a lesser degree, this Pontiff, or you don’t, and you go formally schismatic.  Historically, the dark path of schism has not worked out well for any involved.  I just don’t believe that the Holy Spirit would will that a group go into formal schism.

I’ve been praying for an Ordinariate.  I’ve been praying that the SSPX doesn’t split.  I think that’s about all we can do.  Soon enough, we will know.