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Keehan gets religion? – CHA now opposes HHS contraception mandate June 18, 2012

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She was against before she was for it before she was against it.  Or somesuch.  Sister Carol Keehan, who has received much attention on this blog but not much of late, head of the Catholic Health Association, has now come out against the HHS contraceptoin mandate, after supporting it for a time:

Now, however, the Keehan’s influential CHA has joined forces with the bishops. David Gibson, writing for Religion News Service, has the story Friday that Keehan and other CHA leaders sent a five-page letter to HHS saying, in part:

…The more we learn, the more it appears that the … approaches for both insured and self-insured plans would be unduly cumbersome and would be unlikely to adequately meet the religious liberty concerns of all of our members and other Church ministries…”

…It is imperative for the Administration to abandon the narrow definition of ‘religious employer’ and instead use an expanded definition to exempt from the contraceptive mandate not only churches, but also Catholic hospitals, health care organizations and other ministries of the Church.”

Because artificial contraception is against Catholic doctrine, Keehan’s response reiterated that Catholic institutions cannot have direct or indirect involvement in paying for it.

Who knows the reasoning behind this shift.  Perhaps CHA has studied the matter more and finally figured out what most bishops and virtually all faithful Catholics knew off the bat, that having insurers “pay” for the contraceptive coverage was no different from having the Church itself pay for it.  It was a fig leaf, and a pathetically small one, at that. 

When the mandate first came to light early this year, CHA was opposed to this egregious over-reach by Obama and his anti-Catholic catholyc HHS Secretary, Kathleen Sebelius.  When Obama offered the “make insurance companies, not the Church, pay for contraception ‘compromise,'” CHA then supported the mandate. Now they’re against it.  I pray it’s due to prayerful reflection, but pressure from the bishops may be a more likely explanation.  Or not.  Keehan had no problem countering the bishops and going against their guidance when Obamacare was being passed into law.  She provided THE critical cover that encouraged so-called pro-life democrats to vote for the bill, democrats who are now largely out of office. 

Perhaps its the apostolic investigation of the LCWR and NETWORK.  Maybe the “harsher climate” (in reality, enforcement of belief) has changed the circumstances so that being in the vanguard of the “alternative magisterium” is no longer so appealing.  Maybe it was the Holy Ghost.

At any rate, once Obama makes some other meaningless offer of compromise, will Keehan eagerly jump back on the contraception mandate bandwagon, again?

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