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Yale chaplain believes Church Doctrine can change June 18, 2012

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A university chaplain has the ability to influence the thinking of many minds. Perhaps not nearly so many as was the case 50 years or so ago, but a fair number, nonetheless.  The Catholic chaplain at Yale University recently made some remarkable statements regarding the Faith in regard to Sr. Margaret Farley and her apostate book, which has been denounced by the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith.   Mind you, he made these remarks in his sermon for Corpus Christi.  I can’t think of a topic further afield from the august majesty of that great feast than the wordly, sexular paganist mentality prevalent in Farley’s book, which endorses gays simulating marriage, masturbation, and general sexual license.  According to the blog of the Cardinal Newman Society, the chaplain Fr. Beloin said:

The “notification,” signed by Cardinal Levada, pointed out that some conclusions that she holds are contrary to the official teaching of the Church. That is true. But, in her statement, she points out that she did not set out to write a book about Catholic moral theology.

(It’s like if I sat down and wrote a homily for a wedding and someone came along and said “well, that’s not an appropriate homily for a funeral.” I didn’t set out to write a homily for a funeral.)

Well, Margaret did not set out to write a book reiterating Catholic positions on some contemporary moral issues. She set out to explore some moral issues from the starting point of Scripture, Tradition, anthropology and human experience. She brings a different methodology to the table. [This is apparently the “new” argument being trotted out by the progressives to defend themselves when challenged on their apostasy.  It’s just a book!  She’s just “researching” the subject, whatever that means.  In truth, this book has found its way into many Catholic colleges as source material for moral theology and other subjects, and is even used at some seminaries.  So, it has a great ability to form minds into accepting heretical views.  This argument is false.  Even if the book were not so used, the Vatican has the right and duty to insure that any book that purports to expound on Catholic theology, from a Catholic source, adheres to what the Church believes]

And so maybe Margaret is right and what she is teaching will be the official position of the Church in a hundred years. And maybe she is wrong and further research will prove that.

That last paragraph contains most incredible statements.  Apparently, Fr. Beloin believes that the Church has a propensity to radically contradict itself, and reverse course on doctrinal beliefs.  In fact, such has never happened and can never happen, at least not on official dogmatic beliefs, as the Church is shielded from error by the action of the Holy Spirit as our Savior promised.

But what is this notion of “research?”  “Research” into established dogmas?   Perhaps such could be understood in terms of helping to explain a doctrine better, or to aid others in understanding it, but in contradicting it totally?  That’s not research, that’s heresy.  I knew that progressives/modernists had a propensity to radically alter the meaning of words to suit their purposes, but I think this is going a bit far even for them.

I wonder if Fr. Beloin believes the Archdiocese of Detroit had the right to tell RealCatholicTV to stop using that name? Certainly, double standards abound, as I haven’t seen the Distorter told to stop calling itself Catholic in the last 40 years.

I just don’t understand where, in Scripture and Tradition, these progressives get substantiation for thier ideas.  I guess they really don’t look back beyond more than about 100 years ago, except for a select few nebulous, cherry picked quotes.  It’s not complicated.  I don’t see why this is such a truly massive problem.  The Church is a body, yes, but also a Person.  That Person has revealed truths through His Church.  If you want to be a faithful member of that Church, you have to accept those truths.  If you don’t, you’re not in that Church, no matter what collar you wear or what prefix goes in front of your name (Sr., Dr., Fr., Br., whatever). 

Modernism is all about the “lived experience” of the so-called faithful.  Whatever experience moves them, whatever their preconceived preferences are, that somehow magically becomes “doctrine.”  It’s nothing more than protestantism in disguise, really, where authority is meaningless and everyone decides for themselves what they want to believe.  Larry D had a post on this over the weekend, where a distorter writer asked very plaintively why we can’t all just get along, since we’re all cafeteria Catholics anyways.  No, really, she said that – apparently, faithful Catholics are “cafeteria” because they don’t support socialism, or something.

In reality, they’re getting desperate.  The few remaining sands are slipping through the hour glass faster and faster.  Almost by definition, each generation of the progressive is doomed to be smaller than the preceding one.  It’s simply a matter of time before they are inconsequential.  But for the interim, the F5 tornado of destruction continues.

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