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The glory of state-run health care: Britain’s NHS kills 130,000 elderly per year June 20, 2012

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OK, it’s the Daily Mail, so perhaps there is some hyperbole here, but the sourcing seems solid and cooberated:

NHS doctors are prematurely ending the lives of thousands of elderly hospital patients because they are difficult to manage or to free up beds, a senior consultant claimed yesterday.

Professor Patrick Pullicino said doctors had turned the use of a controversial ‘death pathway’ into the equivalent of euthanasia of the elderly.

He claimed there was often a lack of clear evidence for initiating the Liverpool Care Pathway, a method of looking after terminally ill patients that is used in hospitals across the country.

It is designed to come into force when doctors believe it is impossible for a patient to recover and death is imminent.

It can include withdrawal of treatment – including the provision of water and nourishment by tube – and on average brings a patient to death in 33 hours.

There are around 450,000 deaths in Britain each year of people who are in hospital or under NHS care. Around 29 per cent – 130,000 – are of patients who were on the LCP.

Professor Pullicino claimed that far too often elderly patients who could live longer are placed on the LCP and it had now become an ‘assisted death pathway rather than a care pathway’.

He cited ‘pressure on beds and difficulty with nursing confused or difficult-to-manage elderly patients’ as factors.

Professor Pullicino revealed he had personally intervened to take a patient off the LCP who went on to be successfully treated.


He said this showed that claims they had hours or days left are ‘palpably false’. 

In the example he revealed a 71-year-old who was admitted to hospital suffering from pneumonia and epilepsy was put on the LCP by a covering doctor on a weekend shift…………

………Very likely many elderly patients who could live substantially longer are being killed by the LCP

Coming soon to America?  This has, of course, always been one of the principle concerns regarding Obamacare.  When the state becomes the primary payer of health care, instead of millions of private citizens making their own decisions in a relatively free market, resources that were once limited by choice become limited by funds. 

Of course, many people have to deal with their own limited funds in making health care decisions, but that is more or less their choice – not the choice of a doctor, a bureaucrat, or a President.  Killing off the elderly in order to reduce health care costs has been a common feature of single-payer systems for decades – in Holland, they’ve gone so far as to publicly talk about, almost crow about, “involuntary euthanasia,” previously known as murder.  In Britain, it’s still under the table, but give it a decade or two, and soon the shock will wear off and most “sensible” people will agree that health care must simply be rationed based on age, and that those without extensive wealth can forget about care beyond age……..70……..75………….68?  Pick your arbitrary number. 

But, don’t worry – we were told that “death penalties” were a crazy fantasy dreamed up by that dingbat Sarah Palin.  Nothing to see here, move along.

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