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Providential reading – The Heart of Jesus Our Model For Humility June 21, 2012

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I am amazed how God seems to speak to me through what I read.  Either that, or I have a whole lot of coincidences.  I came across expositions on the need for humility and meekness in two books today, and how humility feeds our charity for God.  In fact, both Walter Hilton in The Scale of Perfection, writing in the 1350s, and Fr. Gabriel of St. Mary Magdalene writing in the 1950s, observe that the “trick” to growing in love for God is growth in humility.  Uhhhh……….I have a lot of work to do.  From Divine Intimacy day/chapter 214:

A soul consecrated to the Sacred Heart, a soul given to reparation, must feel the need of modeling its life on that of JesusHow can we say that we are really consecrated to the Sacred Heart, how can we say that we are His victim of reparation, when we retain in our heart feelings, desires, and attractions which are opposed to His? [Great question………]

[This is key………] It is clear that in order to model our heart on the Heart of Christ we cannot limit ourselves to eliminating this or that fault, to acquiring such and such a virtue; rather, we must strive to reform our whole life. However, when the Divine Master offered us His Heart as a model, he spoke of two virtues in particular, meekness and humility: “Learn of Me because I am meek and humble of heart (Mt 11:29)”.  Not without reason has He spoken thus, knowing that when we have removed all movements and feelings of pride and self-love from our heart, we will also have suppressed all our other faults; and when we have acquired a profound humility, we will have acquired all the other virtues as well. [I told you it was key!]  Let us pause, then, to consider this great lesson of the Heart of Jesus.

First, Jesus speaks to us of meekness. This is the virtue by which man is enabled to master everything that falls under the heading of “anger.” Meekness gives the power to restrain and dominate all those passionate movements – even slight ones – which sometimes make us exceed just limits, and lose sight of the Divine Guide. Since this Guide is the Heart of Jesus, we must never lose sight of Him, even for a short time; if we do, we will end by following our own self-love and trivial passions. Meekness, however, gives us self-mastery, enabling us to dominate every kind of irritation.  If we examine ourselves carefully, we shall see that these irritations are almost always caused by some little hurt to our pride; the irascible appetite has been aroused by something which has wounded our ego. Meekness, as we can see, is closely connected with humility.

Our Lord joins the lesson of meekness to that of humility precisely because the immediate foundation of meekness IS humility. It takes only a small amount of pride, of self-love, of attachment to our own way of seeing or doing things to make us unable to stand opposition. [My picture should be in the book next to this passage]  Then, in the face of shocks inevitably arising from our lives, we lose, to a greater or lesser extent, our serenity, our interior and exterior peace. If serenity is lost, calmness of judgment is also lost; therefore, we are no longer able to see clearly the Divine Light showing us which path to follow…..Our soul wavers, loses its vigor, and allows itself to be ruled at  least somewhat by passion. [Or, in my case, bunches and bunches by passion] As long as any traces of pride and self-love remain, there will always occur circumstances in which we will lose some of our control and self-mastery; consequently, we shall lack meekness.  To profit by the lesson of the Heart of Jesus, and to model our heart on His, we must work assiduously to uproot every trace of pride and self-love. It is a task to which we must give our attention day by day, always beginning again, and never allowing ourselves to be discouraged by the constant recurrence of the attractions and resentments of our ego. We can only win this battle by humbly submitting to Grace and never giving up the struggle.

To arouse our courage, let us remind ourselves that our strivings are not only good for our own soul but also useful to others, for, as Pius XI says, “the more we have sacrificed our self-love and passions, the more abundant will be the fruits of propitiation and expiation which we shall reap for ourselves and for others” (Miserentissimus Redemptor). The battle against self-love and the practice of humility are both part of the program of a soul consecrated to the Sacred Heart, of one who has offered itself to Him as a victim of reparation. [We have so very much to give reparation for…….]

—————————- End Quote ——————————–

I don’t know if you find these long quotes from various books on spirituality and cooperation with Grace helpful or not.  I do – even after I’ve read them, if I write them, they stick with me even more.  So, there is a bit of selfishness even in my writing this!  But I hope you get some value from it, because dying to self is something that has become a lost art in the Church today, sadly.  It’s just not preached and practiced as it used to be – or should have been.

I was going to write about the part I read in The Scale of Perfection today, but this modern writing above is much clearer.  But Hilton was more sublime…….he showed in flowery prose the relation between charity and humility in an elemental way.  Tomorrow, when I read more, he’ll go into more depth.  But I think I had been missing this part, at least consciously, for a while.  I haven’t been practicing humility as I should, and I think it shows in many ways.

I must recommit myself to the effort.  Please pray for me.

Fr. Phillip Neri Powell on the persecution June 21, 2012

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Mind you, these are only the most visible aspects of the persecution as they relate to certain legal cases or actions of the federal government.  I don’t think it’s a stretch to say that we have the most anti-Catholic president in office in at least the last 150 years.   The list, with some comments by Fr. Powell in red:

1) EEOC – The Ministerial Exemption

[. . .] “We might expect that the EEOC would side with the employee. But the Solicitor General of the United States argued that churches had no more rights in cases like this than would a labor union or a social club.”  B.O. wants to be your bishop so he can decide who’s fit to be your pastor.  Catholic progs supported his strategy b/c they saw if as an opportunity to force the Church to “ordain” women.

2) NLRB – Collective Bargaining Exemption

[. . .] College teachers and students live in an environment of academic freedom. Students don’t have to attend mass. Schools may hire non-Catholic faculty. Boards of trustees are dominated by lay people, not clergy and members of religious orders. This openness “means (to the NLRB) that these institutions should be subject to regulation. So, if the Church-related institutions were decide to hire only practicing Catholics, she’d be sued for employment discrimination.  But b/c these institutions hire non-Catholics, she’s subject to Mammon.

3) The HHS Mandate.

The mandate would, of course, force Catholic colleges and universities to provide coverage for surgical sterilizations and all FDA approved contraceptives (including those that may induce abortions early in pregnancy) [. . .] All about getting Christians out of health care.  Mammon doesn’t like competition.

4) Conscience Protections

In 2008 HHS issued a rule to protect doctors and hospitals that counsel pregnant women from being sued for not presenting abortion as a medical alternative. Last spring HHS repealed the regulation putting doctors at risk for not counseling abortions.  Why?  Because abortion is the Most Holy Sacrament of the Left. [I totally agree]

5) HHS – Human Trafficking

The National Human Trafficking Victim Assistance Program now asks participating organizations to provide the “full range of reproductive services” to trafficking victims and unaccompanied minors in its cooperative agreements and government contracts, thus ruling out the USCCB’s Migration and Refugee Services [. . .] B.O. will not help the Church fight slavery unless the Church pays for abortions!

6) D.C. City Council – Gay “Marriage”

When the District of Columbia began considering a same-sex “marriage” law in November 2009, the Archdiocese of Washington asked for an exemption from rules that would force it to support gay “marriage” by doing such things as paying spousal insurance benefits and placing foster children with same-sex couples. The City Council refused.  [. . .] Why?  Because same-sex “marriage” isn’t about equality; it’s about forcing the Church out of the public square and public service.  UPDATE:  told ya.
—————————————- End Quote —————————————
There is much more to the persecution than just this.  The persecution is a million little slights and snide remarks a day.  It’s a hatred towards clergy because  the public has been convinced by slanderous media coverage that virtually every priest is a child molester.  It’s gays demanding the Church perform weddings for them, or threaten a lawsuit and media barrage.  It’s a priest being canned for denying the Most Blessed Sacrament to a woman who just moments before told him she was in a sinful gay relationship.  It’s the pro-aborts burning a pro-life bus.  It’s people within the Church rejecting what the Church believes and attacking the very person of Jesus Christ with the worst kind of blasphemy.  It’s a culture that now looks on the timeless Truth of the Faith as something strange and threatening, something to be squashed so the world can continue to pursue its foolish, illusory pleasures.  It’s a million little things and some big that are building, building, building, waiting for a spark to ignite an enormous conflagration.  It grows, and grows, the hatred spreading, waiting for that moment when it can be unleashed in all its hellish fury.
That’s why I’ve spent some time this week talking about the Cristeros.  We may need faith like that very soon.

Here’s your Fortnight for Freedom hoo-rah post June 21, 2012

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Courtesy CatholicVote:

There……..I did it.


Fortnight for Freedom starts tonight June 21, 2012

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Just a reminder, the USCCB’s effort to oppose the Obamacare contraception mandate and support the rights of the Church and the Social Reign of Christ the King (ok….they’re not doing much for the latter) starts tonight.  Here is the St. Mark schedule again.  Check various parish bulletins for more details.  The plans for the next week:

Thursday, June 21
Patriotic Rosary, Hymns and Readings
7:00, St. Mark’s Chapel

Sunday, June 24
What It Means To Be a Catholic American
Understanding Our Call To Faithful Citizenship
Speaker, Becky Visosky
6:00, McGivney Hall, St. Mark’s Parish Center
Dinner provided

Monday, June 25

Rosary, sponsored by Spanish CHRP
7:00, St. Mark’s Chapel

Thursday, June 28
Rosary, sponsored by English CHRP
7:00, St. Mark’s Chapel