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Roger Ebert can’t comprehend Catholicism June 25, 2012

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Or history or sociology, for that matter.  Given his well known ‘progressive’ views, that’s hardly surprising.  But here are some things he had to say regarding the movie For Greater Glory (I add comments and emphasis):

It is well-made, yes, but has such pro-Catholic tunnel vision I began to question its view of events. One important subplot involves a 12-year-old boy choosing to die for his faith. Of course the federal troops who shot him were monsters, but the film seems to approve of his decision and includes him approvingly in a long list of Cristeros who have achieved sainthood or beatification after their deaths in the war………[He is in Heaven now for all eternity, enjoying the Beatific Vision, eternal bliss, and praying for those of us in the Church Militant.  So, while I deplore the persecution and the horrific barbarity perpetrated against this child or any other (see posts on abortion), I am glad that God has raised up yet another Saint for His Church.  Going to Heaven is the goal for all faithful Catholics – that is the point of our existence, to know, love, and serve God and be happy with Him in Heaven for all ages. That is how people who look to their eternal end, and not the illusive “pleasures” of this world, think.  Ebert does not seem to comprehend that]

……..President Calles (Ruben Blades), who can’t believe the Cristeros can possibly be successful, pursues the war beyond what seems to be all common sense. It’s one thing to enforce legal restraints on the Catholic Church and another — a riskier one — to order such extremes as sending all the bishops and foreign-born clergy out of the country and authorizing the murder of priests in their own churches. In an early sequence, Peter O’Toole plays a 77-year-old priest killed by the federales, and it is Jose, the altar boy who sees him die, who later becomes the martyr……….[Of course Calles pursued the persecution with such barbaric vigor – he was a committed enemy of Christ, a Bolshevist freemason who despised the Church and all it stands for.  He was a tool of satan who was the prime figure in unleashing one of the worst persecutions in Church history]

……..“For Greater Glory” is the kind of long, expensive epic not much made any more. It bears the hallmarks of being a labor of love.[It is, the producer spent much of his own money to finance the film] I suspect it’s too long for some audiences. It is also very heavy on battle scenes, in which the Cristeros seem to have uncannily good aim. But in its use of locations and sets, it’s an impressive achievement by director Dean Wright, whose credits include some of the effects on the “Lord of the Rings” films. If it had not hewed so singlemindedly to the Catholic view and included all religions under the banner of religious liberty, I believe it would have been more effective. [Given that Mexico was about 98% Catholic at the time, and also the small detail that Calles specifically did NOT persecute other forms of religion, you can sort of understand the film’s view.  In fact, Calles and his junta were glad to support the small protestant groups in Mexico since they helped him achieve his final end – the destruction of the Church in that country.  He actually gave preferential treatment to the protestant missionaries in Mexico during the Cristiada.  When you realize that this persecution was demonically inspired, that preferential treatment says a very great deal, doesn’t it?] If your religion doesn’t respect the rights of other religions, it is lacking something.

That was actually my main problem with the movie, to the extent I had one.  I felt that it was far too into generic “religious liberty” and freedom than it was the rights of the Church and the sovereign duty each nation holds to support and defend the Church – the Catholic Church – as the Church instituted by Christ as His Body on earth.  This is the traditional belief of the Faith, before modernism and Americanist ideas crept in to corrupt understanding of terms  like liberty and freedom.  Christ is both the temporal and eternal King.  He rules the entire earth.  All governments owe ultimate fealty to Christ.  To the extent they do that, they may be blessed, and to the extent they oppose the temporal reign of Christ the King, they may be cursed.  Or, it may serve God’s omniscient purpose to allow governments that hate and oppose the Church to stand for decades, although, in the end, they will all be destroyed from their infernal alliances and opposition to Christ.

So, the Cristiada, just like our current HHS contraception mandate and a thousand other issues big or small, are really not about religious liberty in the sense that it is commonly understood – the freedom to worship any way you please, no matter how erroneous – they were and are about the persecution of the one institution placed on earth to execute the eternal reign of Jesus Christ.  The Cristeros did not fight and die so that Mormons and Jehovah’s Witnesses could come and peel away 10% of Mexico’s Catholic population decades later – they died for Jesus Christ, and Him Crucified.  They died for a government that would help all its citizens achieve salvation through the only “way, truth, and life” that can achieve that end so beyond our human abilities.  That is the solemn duty each moral government upholds – to support and defend the One True Faith Christ placed on this earth for the salvation of all, even though only a bare few will accept Him.  That is the religious liberty Catholics held for centuries – the right to worship God in His Church and build a society or nation based on the Truth Christ reveals through that Church.  And that is why a notion of “religious liberty” that treats all religions the same is flawed, and was condemned by Pope Pius IX as a  grave error.

Latin Mass tonight at St. Mark June 25, 2012

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7pm, as usual.  Take a break from the heat and offer up a Communion of reparation, or any other worthy intention!

There is something so very right with this picture…….. June 25, 2012

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……..and something so very, very wrong.  Can you guess what it is?

The photo was taken at Franciscan University at Steubenville, which, in spite of its reputation for orthodoxy, does have a heavy charismatic bent, or presence.  Or so I have read  and been told.

But, then again, I’m irascible.

Things don’t look good in Egypt June 25, 2012

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They may be badly erroneous Nestorians, but the Copts are still Christian in the land Mary and Joseph fled to in order to escape Herod’s demonic wrath.  If the Muslim Brotherhood takes over, however, it’s likely the number of Christians in Egypt will plummet:

The Brotherhood said Mohammed Morsi, leader of its political front the Freedom and Justice Party (FJP), won a narrow but clear victory by a margin of 51.5 to 48.5 per cent of the votes, and would take up the reigns of office by June 30.

Its proclamation was challenged by Mr Morsi’s main rival, the former general Ahmed Shafiq, whose campaign manager accused the Brotherhood of “an act of piracy” and of using “totally false figures” to support its “hijacking” of the results.

State-run newspapers however, also gave the victory to Mr Morsi.

But as the polls closed, Egypt’s interim military government, the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces (SCAF), quickly moved to take away much of the new president’s authority. In a late night announcement, it declared it would reserve legislative and budget powers for itself until a new parliament was elected.

The army’s statement was condemned by Egypt’s revolutionary activists, who last year fought to overthrow President Hosni Mubarak, as final proof that the country had returned to military dictatorship.

They won powerful backing when the United States, Egypt’s main military backer, stepped in. “We’re deeply concerned about new amendments to the constitution declaration, including the timing of their announcements,” a Pentagon spokesman, George Little, said.

“We support the Egyptian people and their expectation that the SCAF will transfer full power to a democratically elected civilian government.” [Jimmah Carter Mk. II is so entranced of “democracy,” that he’d rather have a murderous islamic regime which abhors everything the US represents in power than an icky military dictatorship that is at least nominal towards the US and, at the same time, isn’t filled with bloodlust to obliterate its neighbor]

Or, it could just be the muslim thing.  I think that’s a bit of it, but I think Obama was raised to have an antipathy towards just about everything that is “American,” or in America’s interests.  The “blame America first” mentality.  I think that’s just playing itself out in amateurish foreign policy.

And if a few millions Christians in Egypt get hurt in the process……..well, that’s just the breaks.

As nasty as Israel has been and is in dealing with Christians, they are a beacon of tolerance and understanding in a sea of seething hatred.

Daddy’s Little Princess June 25, 2012

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Having five princesses of my own, this one hurts, alot.  From LiveAction:

I wish I could believe that even something as emotive as this could garner a response from the pro-abort side, other than derision, but hard experience leads me to know better.  There is no human means to reach many, if not most, pro-aborts.  Prayer for them is about the only answer.  Grace alone seems to be effective.