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Voris on Pope Benedict on protestant fundamentalism June 26, 2012

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Voris comments on Pope Benedict commenting on (I’m a great writer!!) American funded evangelical protestant proselytizing in Central and South America.  Pretty interesting:

In watching the video, one thought that came foremost to my mind was the view so many American (and other) prelates hold towards protestantism, and the entire ecumenical movement.  The “mainstream” ecumenical movement over the past 50 years has been focused on watering down doctrine and papering over irreconcilable differences in order to try to cobble together doctrinal statements palatable to, say, Catholics and Lutherans, but which have the practical effect of just causing confusion and seeming to endorse error, or, at least, very much muddy up the clear waters of Truth.  For 450 years, the Church made plain that protestantism was an error of massive proportions, an attack on the Church (which it was, and is), and a disfigurement of orthodox Christian doctrine and liturgical practice.  But, now, many in the Church want to make nice-nice with protestants (and Jews and muslims and hindis and animists and………..) and pretend that differences don’t exist.  It is difficult to combat those protestant inroads into the Church when you see nothing wrong with the protestants making the inroads!

So, we need a proper understanding both of what Catholicism is (the One True Faith instituted directly by Jesus Christ to be His Body/Church on earth and the repository of all the Sacraments and all Truth, the only truly effective vehicle of salvation), and what protestantism is (a loose group of breakaway sects who have viciously attacked the Church for centuries and who possess, at best, a profoundly disfigured view of Christianity and, to put it nicely, very dicey chances of achieving salvation).  We need to understand what ecumenism, rightly practiced, means: accepting the Truth Jesus Christ has revealed through His Church and the authority of the Church of Rome.  We also need catechesis and liturgical practice worthy of the name, so that people will understand the Truth revealed through the Church and see the deficiencies of the competing sects.  But, that’s a whole ‘nuther topic.

Until we, as a Church, do that, we will be fighting at best rear-guard actions against these very substantial protestant invasions of Catholic territory.  The devastation to particular souls by this ineffective evangelization and apologetics is too terrifying to contemplate…….but contemplate we must.  For there are so many souls at stake…….


Disgraced Argentine bishop retires June 26, 2012

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I posted on the Argentine bishop, Fernando Maria Bargallo, caught cavorting on a beach in Mexico with a woman, last week. He has now resigned, or been told to resign, in spite of his explanations first denying the pictures were of him, and then claiming the female companion was a long lost childhood acquaintance.  Even if that is the case (which is unlikely, given the evidence)………what example does it set for a bishop to take a luxurious Mexican vacation, and then be found spending time with a woman very immodestly dressed while the bishop himself is very immodestly dressed?

The pope has accepted the resignation of an Argentine bishop photographed frolicking on a Mexican beach with a woman, one of several personnel changes announced Tuesday by the Vatican before the pontiff heads off for summer vacation.

Monsignor Fernando Maria Bargallo, bishop of Merlo-Moreno outside Buenos Aires, initially denied having had any improper relationship with the woman, whom he described as a childhood friend. But the 57-year-old Bargallo later decided to step down under the church rule that lets bishops retire before age 75 if they’re found to be unfit for office.

Photographs of the encounter were broadcast on television last week and have been circulating on the Internet.

More interesting news:  it looks like Cardinal Levada will be staying at the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith for now, which could have dark implications for SSPX.  On another SSPX related note, however, Archbishop Augustine Di Noia has been named vice president of the Pontifical Commission Ecclesia Dei.  Di Noia is a close associate of Pope Benedict XVI and perhaps could better represent his views in doctrinal talks with SSPX than has been done by Cardinal Levada, whom many feel has obstructed regularization to at least some degree.

Too bad for me, I don’t get to write Raymond Cardinal Burke, new Prefect for the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith.

Dang it.


Less than 2% of population has 60% of HIV June 26, 2012

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Some truly stunning, eye watering statistics from Human Life International via LifeSiteNews:

Here are some of the sobering figures: Though they make up only 2 percent of the U.S. population, in 2009 MSM [Men who have sex with men………….ick] accounted for 61 percent of all new HIV infections in the United States and 79 percent of all infections among newly infected men. In 2010, this rate of diagnosis among MSM remained unchanged at 61 percent and 78 percent respectively.

By the end of 2009 there were an estimated 784,701 persons in the United States living with an HIV diagnosis and 51 percent of these were MSM. Similarly, 51 percent of AIDS diagnoses were among MSM. From 2006-09 infection rates of young men increased 34 percent. Nearly half of infections are in white males, while 30 percent are black/African American, and 19 percent are Hispanic. By the end of 2009, nearly 300,000 MSM had died from AIDS.

In the United States, 2 percent of the population — those who engage in homosexual acts — account for 61 percent of all new HIV infections; 19 percent of this population is infected with HIV.[One in five men who have sex with other men has HIV.  Wow] This is truly startling and demands our attention. It is God’s words to Cain after he killed Abel that come to mind — “The voice of your brother’s blood is crying to me from the ground.”

We must respond to this cry. A dignified response to the HIV/AIDS crisis is a human response that encourages moral behavior. Pope Benedict XVI has repeatedly emphasized that a medical response is necessary but insufficient. Speaking of the crisis he says, “Above all, it is an ethical problem. The change of behavior that it requires — for example, sexual abstinence, rejection of sexual promiscuity … ultimately involves the question of integral development. … For if it is to be effective, the prevention of AIDS must be based on a sex education that is itself grounded in an anthropology anchored in the natural law and enlightened by the word of God and the Church’s teaching” (“Africae Munus,” No. 72).

………Unfortunately the response of the federal government has not emphasized abstinence and chastity. The projected 2012 budget allocated 21.5 billion dollars to HIV/AIDS in the United States. Of that, only 1 billion is directed toward prevention. A survey of the organizations that receive these monies indicates that little if any funds are slotted for abstinence education. It is, quite simply, not a part of the federal government’s response to the crisis.

$22 Billion!  How much is spent on cancer, or heart disease?!?  I have read that more is spent on HIV/AIDS research in the US than on these other diseases, which affect far, far more people (in fact, live long enough, and you’re virtually certain to develop some form of cancer).   Is this just pandering to a well-monied by tiny minority, or is it something deeper, darker…….something about ourselves, and our own proclivities (not necessarily gay, but certainly not chaste, for most people)?

Pope Benedict XVI is absolutely correct, as he so often is.  The way to address this human catastrophe, the terrible suffering of this disease and, even worse, the moral degradation and loss of Grace that precedes it and, in effect, causes it, is to change the moral actions of the people involved.  In today’s culture, there is perhaps no greater heresy than the one Pope Benedict spoke – change our morality?!?  Are you CRAZY!  This entire sex-sodden and depraved culture simply can’t accept such a thought, that there is an overarching, unchanging Truth, which creates a set of moral guidelines that must be adhered to not only to achieve a desired eternal end, but which also has profound consequences in this life.  For our immoral choices frequently cause us great pain and suffering – something that I know quite well as a recovering addict.  The culture can’t stand that. It would rather plug its fingers in its ears and keep screaming “I can’t hear you!” than be told the truth – the truth which built this culture up and sustained it for dozens of generations.

A priest today at Mass said, to the effect, the more we turn away from God, the more this culture will collapse.  That is also precisely correct.  All we have to do is look around and see collapse in terms of sexual morality, economic and business morality, the life issues (abortion, euthanasia, contraception, etc), even morality in basic human decency.

I’ve beat this drum for a while, but the atheists, agnostics and leftists who want to drive God from our culture, from our very beings, love to pretend that, in doing so, they will create a culture of enlightened reason and humanistic glory and love.  That is not the case.  What will come in the place of God in the lives of people is a vicious, narcissistic barbarism, the likes of which has not been seen in many parts for centuries.  Christianity was – is – a profoundly humanizing and virtuous influence.  It’s antithesis is anything but.  Hundreds of thousands of men are now experiencing some of the disastrous consequences of that rejection.  It is a horrendous tragedy, and I will continue to pray for a great cultural conversion.

Remember to thank God when you pray! June 26, 2012

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It’s easy to get into the habit of just making a list of demands to God when we pray.  I have been in that mode personally in the past.  The Roman Catechism makes the following salutary recommendations regarding prayer:

It is His Will that, before we pray to be delivered from evil, we ask that the name of God be sanctified, that His Kingdom come, and that we give thanks for all the salutary benefits which He has so lovingly bestowed on us.  Yet there are those who, if there head or foot ache, or if they suffer loss of property, or if menaces or dangers threaten them……they omit all thought of thanks or glorifying God and ask only to be delivered from these evils. This practis is at variance with the command of Christ the Lord: Seek first the Kingdom of God (Matt 6:33).   To pray, therefore, as we ought, we should have in view the greater glory of God, even when we ask deliverance from calamities, trials, and dangers.

We must keep in mind that there are some things which we commonly pray God to alleviate, but which are actually to our spiritual or even temporal advantage.  Such was the sting of the flesh to which the Apostle Paul was subjected in order that, by the aid of Divine Grace, power might be perfected in infirmity (2 Cor 12:17).  When the pious man learns the salutary influences of such things, far from praying for their removal, he rejoices in them exceedingly. We pray, therefore, against those evils only, which do not conduce to our spiritual interests; not against such as are profitable for our salvation.  [This is a hard one, and requires good spiritual guidance to discern.  There may be times when we have some temptation or problem that seems to us most onerous, but suffering through it is to our immense spiritual advantage.  As such, we should pray for the removal of all true imperfections, attachments, and definitely sins or tendencies towards sin, but for many other burdensome things we can pray that God remove them, but if He does not, we should accept them as His Will and suffer through them as joyfully as we can, rendering thanks to God for the opportunity to grow in virtue and Grace.  This is an easy thing to say, but can be quite difficult in practice.]

One of our primary prayers should be that God would remove all occasions of sin and iniquity.  We do not, however, pray to be delivered from these things which all look upon as evils, but also from those things which almost all consider to be good, such as riches, honors, health, strength, and even life itself; that is, we ask that these things not be detrimental or ruinous to the soul’s welfare.

We also beg God that we be not cut off by sudden death; that we provoke not His anger against us; that we be not condemned to suffer the punishments reserved for the wicked; that we be not sentenced to endure the fire of Purgatory, from which we piously and devoutly implore that others may be liberated.

The Blessed who reign with God in Heaven have been delivered by the Divine Assistance from all evil; but, as for us, although the Almighty delivers us from some evils, it is not His Will that, while journeying in this, our mortal pilgrimage, we should be entirely exempt from all.  [For, we must suffer in this life, we pray, as opposed to the next.]

[A final note……….] According to the interpretation of St. Basil the Great, St. Chrysostom, and St. Augustine, the devil is specially called the evil one, because he was the author of man’s transgression, that is, of his sin and iniquity, and also because God makes use of him as an instrument to chastise sinful and impious men.  For the evils which mankind endures in punishment of sin are appointed by God; and this is the meaning of these words of Holy Writ: Shall there be evil in a city which the Lord hath not done? (Amos 3:6), and I am the Lord and there is none else; I form the light and create darkness; I make peace and create evil (Is 45:7).

—————————————End Quote—————————————-

Just some thoughts on prayer, and deliverance from various “evils,” from Catholic thought of, say, a century ago.  All still applies today, although some may not like to think that, especially the final bit.

I don’t like cats…… June 26, 2012

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……but I think this is a very effective use of one.  Thanks to the reader who sent this in, this is awesome:

Now, if you could do this with swine, it could radically alter the balance of power in the Mideast.