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The persecution really kicks in……….now even Oreos are against us June 27, 2012

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Ha – I mispelled persecution in the title the first time around!  I ar a goud writr


When you lose Oreo, you’ve lost………….some bonehead corporate ad exec:

It’s not a joke: Oreos announced their support for gay pride.……..

But seriously, isn’t this ridiculous? [Of course it is.  It’s just corporate chest beating and mindless cultural pandering.  It is most likely some high-placed individual at Nabisco signaling to friends, cohorts, or some woman he wants to seduce just how enlightened he is] Since when does a cookie brand feel the obligation to take political stands? [Since, roughly, the mid-late 60s when the left began to finally disassociate itself from mainstream America, and such differentiation became important.  Thus, a product can be either “hip,” that is, supportive of the opinions of the self-anointed elite, or, “square,” and thus be reserved for us brain dead religious rubes.  Many companies cannot stand not being “hip.”] It’s absurd. Listen, I’m pro-life, but if Oreo announced its support for anti-abortion causes, I would find that bizarre. [I wouldn’t find it bizarre, but kinda dumb] Likewise this. I think it’s very hard to overestimate the enthusiasm for gestures like this in corporate America[It’s almost impossible to overestimate how much many corporations love to signal to their elite buddies just how elite they are.  That is entirely what this is about – it’s less about endorsing a particular cause de jour (red “AIDS” ribbons, pink “Komen” ribbons, now “rainbow” ribbons) than it is about signaling your smug superiority over the muddled masses.  It’s about the new aristocracy defining itself] A  newspaper executive once told me that if readers didn’t like the emphasis the paper he worked for put on gay-positive stories, then the paper could do without such “bigots” (his word) as readers. [No wonder most newspapers are going under incredibly rapidly.  There aren’t enough elites around to keep your paper in business, but you don’t care.]

So, what now? On to Chips Ahoy, which I guess must be presumed to be a vicious little Hate Biscuit until proven otherwise. [See, no, they don’t, because they’re made by the same company, Nabisco.  But the Keebler elves…….now, those are some vicious little homophobic gay bashing yahoos, at least until they get with the program and endorse them some sodomy]

The Komen and red ribbons were foolish and damaging, but only in a relatively small way.  But this latest means of asserting moral superiority, support for gay rights and especially state recognition of gays simulating marriage, will be immensely damaging.  I don’t think we can predict or understand what horrendous consequences will stem from this horrific destruction of marriage.  Just look at what contraception has wrought – runaway divorce rates, infidelity on a mass scale unseen in centuries, skyrocketing bastardy, etc., etc.  What will the reduction of marriage to an essentially meaningless, temporary contract for certain government benefits cause?  As I said, I don’t think we can know, but it’s going to be horrific beyond our ability to imagine.

And, for you Nabisco types reading this, there are much better private label brands that cost half as much as your precious Oreos.  So there.

Canon Ripley on Creation June 27, 2012

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I finished the Roman Catechism and am now going through the parts of This is the Faith by Canon Francis Ripley that I had not previously read (which is most of it!).  I found this interesting exposition on the apparent design built into the universe and all creation, and how it is ridiculous to believe that all came into being accidentally:

The universe is full of design…..obviously, then, it must have had a designer with tremendous intelligence. More than that – even the matter from which the universe is constructed is designed.  Therefore, not only the universe, but even the very matter of which the universe is made must have had a designer. Another word for the Designer of  matter is “Creator.”

Matter did not exist forever. It was created, and the Creator is called God.

The story is told of a famous astronomer who was being visited by a scientist friend who claimed to be an atheist.  The latter was admiring a working-model of the solar system that stood upon a table; by turning the handle, the planets could be made to revolve in their respective orbits around the sun.

“Very ingenious indeed,” he (the atheist”) remarked.  “Who made it?”

“Oh, nobody particular.”

“Tell me; I want to know – who made it?”

“Nobody made it.  It  just happened, by itself.”

The scientist realized he was being taught a lesson and became annoyed.

“You are trying to be funny,” he said.

“How silly you are!” exclaimed the astronomer. “You can’t believe that this little model made itself, and yet you can believe that the real sun and moon and earth, planets and stars, and everything else in the vast universe just came into existence without any Maker!”

————————————–End Quote————————————–

I thought that was kind of a cute little tale.  But what sense is it that everything came from nothing, and all by accident?  Even if the “big bang” happened, where did the incredible concentration of matter and energy come from that made it happen?  There is no answer for that.  Science will never provide an answer for that, because it can’t.  It had to have come from somewhere, and that somewhere is beyond the remit of science.  It’s the agency of faith.

We who are blessed to have faith, know the answer.  Pity those who do not, and pray for them.

Obamacare……..what do you think? June 27, 2012

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What do you think the Supreme Court will decide regarding Obamacare?  In reality, the decision was made months ago, we just get the announcement tomorrow.  But what do you think…….completely struck down, just the mandate, just the Medicare changes,just bits and pieces deleted leaving most intact, punt, or endorsement?  I don’t think the latter……I think it’s either the mandate goes down with reference to abuse of the commerce clause (in which case, goodbye liberalism), or a way is found to strike it down without reference to the commerce clause, leaving the liberal agenda woozy but alive.

I’m always ranting at you good people, this time, tell me what you think.  I’m open to almost any interpretation, but I think it gets struck down in some way.  If it doesn’t, well, it will just be the 4,085th nail in the constitutional coffin.  But one of the largest.

Vatican upholds Fr. Pavone’s appeal June 27, 2012

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While we’re on the subject of celebrity priests, I’m not sure what this means.  See the following statement from Priest’s for Life:

We are happy to announce that the Vatican has upheld Father Frank Pavone’s appeal and has declared that Father Pavone is not now nor has ever been suspended. Father Pavone remains a priest in good standing all over the world.

We were confident all along that a just decision would be made by the Vatican’s Congregation for the Clergy. While we fully agree that Bishop Zurek has rightful authority over the priests of his diocese, we also see the urgent need for Father Pavone to be allowed to conduct his priestly ministry outside the diocese of Amarillo for the good of the pro-life movement.

Well, as far as I knew, Fr. Pavone was never suspended by Bishop Zurek.  I thought Bishop Zurek simply recalled Fr. Pavone to Amarillo under obedience.  Did he suspend his faculties to serve as a priest outside Amarillo, too?  What does this statement mean?  If this is such a huge triumph, shouldn’t there be a bit more to this?  When will Fr. Pavone take back up his public touring, for instance?

What I think it means is that the Vatican ruled narrowly, confirming that Fr. Pavone’s faculties were not suspended, but that he has been ordered to stay in Amarillo. The issue has not been one of suspension, but obedience to a lawful order of one’s superior, even if it may be a prudential mistake, or even a subtle persecution. He can hang out at the Panhandle Franciscans a bit longer, or perhaps serve in a parish.  The Vatican chose not to get in between a priest and bishop, which, it rarely does.  That is my take, but then why the note of victory?

Am I missing something?


Goodbye, Kacy June 27, 2012

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We’re having to have our nearly 14 year old black lab put down today.  Her name is Kacy.  She was the second black lab we had.  The first was an amazing dog named Kamy.  Kamy was the most incredible dog I’ve ever known.  Smart as a whip, energetic, an incredible runner –she was actually part lab and part australian sheperd.  She was a very sweet dog, and I used to run with her for miles.  And she would swim swim swim until she ached.  She could climb trees!  I’m not kidding, Kamy could go up a tree, way into a tree, so long as it was slightly bent to the ground.

We got Kacy when Kamy was about 7.  Kacy was always different from Kamy, not nearly as energetic, and very strangely for a lab, very afraid of the water.  Kamy would run and run like crazy, and get very hot, and always find a water hole somewhere to cool off.  Kacy would never swim – I think she was afraid.  I just never had the repoire with Kacy that I did with Kamy.  Then again, we started having kids shortly after we got Kacy, and the focus just shifted tremendously.  Even regarding Kamy, we just didn’t spend nearly as much time with the dogs,.  And after Kamy died, that just sort of increased.  So I didn’t have a real strong emotional attachment to Kacy.

The poor old girl, she got breast cancer.  I knew it was cancer the first time I saw the swelling, but multiple vets misdiagnosed it as just an inflammation.  By the time we finally got a correct diagnosis, she was pretty far gone.  She’s gotten to the point that she can’t even lay down comfortably, and is just so lethargic that we felt we had to do something.  She’s suffering pretty badly now, although she doesn’t whimper, and there’s no treatment that would help – she’s so old, anyways.  So, she’s being put to sleep, right now.  The kids are pretty  upset.  As is my wife.

Strangely, I feel a slight pang of Catholic conscience.  Should I let the dog be put out of its misery, or let nature or God’s Providence take its course?  Since dog’s don’t have immortal souls, I tend to think it’s OK.  At this point I think she just needs to not suffer anymore.  She’s a very sick doggie.

I don’t even have a picture to share!

Bye, Kacy.  You always tried to be a good dog.  Via con Dios.