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Canon Ripley on Creation June 27, 2012

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I finished the Roman Catechism and am now going through the parts of This is the Faith by Canon Francis Ripley that I had not previously read (which is most of it!).  I found this interesting exposition on the apparent design built into the universe and all creation, and how it is ridiculous to believe that all came into being accidentally:

The universe is full of design…..obviously, then, it must have had a designer with tremendous intelligence. More than that – even the matter from which the universe is constructed is designed.  Therefore, not only the universe, but even the very matter of which the universe is made must have had a designer. Another word for the Designer of  matter is “Creator.”

Matter did not exist forever. It was created, and the Creator is called God.

The story is told of a famous astronomer who was being visited by a scientist friend who claimed to be an atheist.  The latter was admiring a working-model of the solar system that stood upon a table; by turning the handle, the planets could be made to revolve in their respective orbits around the sun.

“Very ingenious indeed,” he (the atheist”) remarked.  “Who made it?”

“Oh, nobody particular.”

“Tell me; I want to know – who made it?”

“Nobody made it.  It  just happened, by itself.”

The scientist realized he was being taught a lesson and became annoyed.

“You are trying to be funny,” he said.

“How silly you are!” exclaimed the astronomer. “You can’t believe that this little model made itself, and yet you can believe that the real sun and moon and earth, planets and stars, and everything else in the vast universe just came into existence without any Maker!”

————————————–End Quote————————————–

I thought that was kind of a cute little tale.  But what sense is it that everything came from nothing, and all by accident?  Even if the “big bang” happened, where did the incredible concentration of matter and energy come from that made it happen?  There is no answer for that.  Science will never provide an answer for that, because it can’t.  It had to have come from somewhere, and that somewhere is beyond the remit of science.  It’s the agency of faith.

We who are blessed to have faith, know the answer.  Pity those who do not, and pray for them.


1. Dismas - June 27, 2012

Sola Fide. The rule of atheists.

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