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Goodbye, Kacy June 27, 2012

Posted by Tantumblogo in Admin, sadness.

We’re having to have our nearly 14 year old black lab put down today.  Her name is Kacy.  She was the second black lab we had.  The first was an amazing dog named Kamy.  Kamy was the most incredible dog I’ve ever known.  Smart as a whip, energetic, an incredible runner –she was actually part lab and part australian sheperd.  She was a very sweet dog, and I used to run with her for miles.  And she would swim swim swim until she ached.  She could climb trees!  I’m not kidding, Kamy could go up a tree, way into a tree, so long as it was slightly bent to the ground.

We got Kacy when Kamy was about 7.  Kacy was always different from Kamy, not nearly as energetic, and very strangely for a lab, very afraid of the water.  Kamy would run and run like crazy, and get very hot, and always find a water hole somewhere to cool off.  Kacy would never swim – I think she was afraid.  I just never had the repoire with Kacy that I did with Kamy.  Then again, we started having kids shortly after we got Kacy, and the focus just shifted tremendously.  Even regarding Kamy, we just didn’t spend nearly as much time with the dogs,.  And after Kamy died, that just sort of increased.  So I didn’t have a real strong emotional attachment to Kacy.

The poor old girl, she got breast cancer.  I knew it was cancer the first time I saw the swelling, but multiple vets misdiagnosed it as just an inflammation.  By the time we finally got a correct diagnosis, she was pretty far gone.  She’s gotten to the point that she can’t even lay down comfortably, and is just so lethargic that we felt we had to do something.  She’s suffering pretty badly now, although she doesn’t whimper, and there’s no treatment that would help – she’s so old, anyways.  So, she’s being put to sleep, right now.  The kids are pretty  upset.  As is my wife.

Strangely, I feel a slight pang of Catholic conscience.  Should I let the dog be put out of its misery, or let nature or God’s Providence take its course?  Since dog’s don’t have immortal souls, I tend to think it’s OK.  At this point I think she just needs to not suffer anymore.  She’s a very sick doggie.

I don’t even have a picture to share!

Bye, Kacy.  You always tried to be a good dog.  Via con Dios.



1. Dismas - June 27, 2012

Even though we know dogs do not have immortal souls, most of us wish they did. Sorry, Tantam.

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