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Vatican upholds Fr. Pavone’s appeal June 27, 2012

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While we’re on the subject of celebrity priests, I’m not sure what this means.  See the following statement from Priest’s for Life:

We are happy to announce that the Vatican has upheld Father Frank Pavone’s appeal and has declared that Father Pavone is not now nor has ever been suspended. Father Pavone remains a priest in good standing all over the world.

We were confident all along that a just decision would be made by the Vatican’s Congregation for the Clergy. While we fully agree that Bishop Zurek has rightful authority over the priests of his diocese, we also see the urgent need for Father Pavone to be allowed to conduct his priestly ministry outside the diocese of Amarillo for the good of the pro-life movement.

Well, as far as I knew, Fr. Pavone was never suspended by Bishop Zurek.  I thought Bishop Zurek simply recalled Fr. Pavone to Amarillo under obedience.  Did he suspend his faculties to serve as a priest outside Amarillo, too?  What does this statement mean?  If this is such a huge triumph, shouldn’t there be a bit more to this?  When will Fr. Pavone take back up his public touring, for instance?

What I think it means is that the Vatican ruled narrowly, confirming that Fr. Pavone’s faculties were not suspended, but that he has been ordered to stay in Amarillo. The issue has not been one of suspension, but obedience to a lawful order of one’s superior, even if it may be a prudential mistake, or even a subtle persecution. He can hang out at the Panhandle Franciscans a bit longer, or perhaps serve in a parish.  The Vatican chose not to get in between a priest and bishop, which, it rarely does.  That is my take, but then why the note of victory?

Am I missing something?



1. Mary - June 27, 2012

My guess is that he was being ‘persecuted’ as others are because of confusion (perhaps other parishes aren’t allowing him to visit/speak because of this confusion). There is so much confusion created these days. Take Michael Voris for example – there is no true complaint except that he’s “too orthodox”, meanwhile Sister Pantsuit is allowed to go anywhere and confuse the teachings of the Catholic Church to women who are innocent and searching for the Truth…

2. Andrew - June 27, 2012

I’m pretty sure this means Fr. Pavone is now clear to incardinate to another diocese, which no Bishop would touch while an appeal to Rome was being worked out. That has been his goal all along.

3. Victoria Lanier - June 27, 2012

If the Vatican is siding with Father Pavone, then the Vatican is saying that none of the issues (financial, behavioral, etc.) had any sort of founding. Of course, we must respect the office that the Bishop holds, so there might be a little ambiguity with regards to the language. However, the Vatican is taking the prudent approach with this situation, which is good, and Father Pavone isn’t thumbing his nose at the bishop and is continuing a bettering of their relationship as priest and bishop, so good all around I must say.

In the meantime, I’m celebrating! If there is one man who will END abortion, it’s Father Pavone!

4. Gemma - June 28, 2012

My protestant take on this entire matter . . .

This Catholic Bishop must be embarrassed and made a statement to make it seem like he has a leash on Pavone. The Vatican helped out quite a bit. I’ve been following this story and heard nothing for a while. Glad to know Pavone hasn’t let up since he was sent to Amarillo. I called Priests for Life a few times and seems like he’s been working all along. This means the Bishop isn’t holding too strong of a leash around this priest’s neck. Seems like the Bishop is being careful as he made some hard statements last September. He and Pavone are probably seeing eye to eye now. It’s a good thing Pavone turned the other cheek. Looks like the Bishop is playing nice now as he is afterall a Sheperd and wouldn’t want to look bad in front of his flock of sheep.

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