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Obamacare upheld……. June 28, 2012

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…….almost totally so, except for the Medicaid expansion, which is now “voluntary.”  It’s apparently constitutional as a “tax.”

Catholic John Roberts joined the libs to find for almost all of Obamacare to be “constitutional.”

On a side note, it is also now “constitutional” to take people’s money from them for things they don’t want, and to have private companies do it for you!

I wonder what medium size island in the Caribbean or South Pacific John Roberts now owns.

Oh, and now the contraceptive mandate takes on triply greater importance, since the Supreme Court has now decided that constitutional republics have a shelf life of less than 250 years.  The Church is on its own.  Well, it’s always been. Hard persecution, here we come.

What I didn’t know until today, is that it was Barzini all along.  Way to sell the Church down the river, Roberts.



1. Mary - June 28, 2012

Who is his Spiritual Advisor??? Who’s his bishop???
Justice Roberts, you owe us an explanation.

2. Dismas - June 28, 2012

We might have hoped otherwise, but there is no surprise in this whatsoever.

3. Margaret - June 29, 2012

You are spot on! The prsecution has begun. I knew that Obamacare was going to be held up by the Supreme Court. I also know that the HHS mandate will be held up. Hold on folks it’s going to be a bumpy ride. Put your faith in God not the Supreme Joke.

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