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Roberts and the Catholic Church June 29, 2012

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I was at Mass today and my thoughts turned to the devastating turn of events of yesterday, and the seeming betrayal of ostensibly Catholic Chief Justice John Roberts (whom, it is rumored, even assists at TLM sometimes!) over this massive transformation in the political-economic life of the United States his one decision engenders.   His idea that the Supreme Court is not intended to pass judgment on laws is simply incredible – I have no idea why the Court needs to exist, then.  But be that as it may………..

How have we come to this?  How many ways have we failed?  Yes, Robert’s failure is a very personal one.  Whatever pressures he is under, whatever influences have been working on him, he failed in his duty and in the role for which the previous President, expressing the will of the people chose him.  He failed to act as it was expected, by all available evidence, he would act.

And, of course, this steady shift from a relatively free republic (some time back) to a steadily more socialistic, national-government dominated state has many causes, as well.  It’s not just him.  Or the Church.  Or is it?

I think we’ve all failed. We’ve failed in the Church by allowing so many errors to propagate for so long, to become popular opinion within the Church.  How many funerals do you go to that are actually mini-canonizations?  How much mortification do you really do?  How many of us were really devoting ourselves to prayer and self-denial to give Roberts, Scalia, Alito, Kennedy, and Thomas the moral strength to stand fast in their beliefs (or, at least, the beliefs we thought they had) and judge this matter in the right manner, according to a limited view of the Constitution?  It’s not just this one recent but massive disaster, it’s a thousand separate issues.  We in the Church fight fight fight against abortion but utter nary a word about contraception.  Where do we think abortion comes from?  It doesn’t come from the 1-2% of Catholics that are open to life no matter how God gives it, it comes from the very large percentage that contracept for most all their fecund years.

This is all part of the problem.  We’ve forgotten who we are as Catholics, and, even more, what we do.  It’s been a long, slow process of forgetting.  We’ve let a once glorious Church and the culture it created collapse to almost nothingness.  Yes, most of it happened before we came along, but what have we done to help turn it around?  Saving yourself is not enough.  You’ve got to be willing to spend yourself unto exhaustion to try to save others.  Why are so many churches empty and locked 90% of the time?  Why is catechesis so bad?  Because we’ve allowed ourselves to be sucked into a culture of indifference and materialism, with thoughts of religion consigned to a neat little box that we take down and open sometimes, but generally stays up on the shelf.  We’ve compartmentalized our faith.  We use it when we want, but most of the time we put it away as it would be inconvenient to deal with. And what would other people say?  They’d probably think I’m some kind of holy roller!

That is not what the Saints did.  We seem to have a dirth of Saints right now.  We’ve been let down a lot by so many leaders and the EWTN All-Star team.  And that’s a major problem in Hollywood influenced modern American culture, we all want the hero to ride in the white horse to make everything alright.  See: Chief Justice John Roberts.

It’s up to us.  We’ve got to pray more – way more. We’ve got to sacrifice.  If we want things to change, we’re going to have to start with changing ourselves and then work on those around us, hoping to influence them a bit by our prayerful, humble, charitable, merciful, knowledgeable examples.  It is extremely rare to hear serious, constant mortification discussed in Catholic parishes anymore, but mortification is an essential part of any Catholic’s life.  It is almost impossible to grow much in virtue without it.  And all those painful sacrifices we offer can be offered up for the good of our brothers, sisters, parents, etc.  We can offer them up for a change in culture.  And it will change, in tiny imperceptible degrees, by our prayer and example, if we really start to live a Catholic life. The Catholic-Christian culture didn’t implode overnight, and it won’t be reconstructed overnight, either.  It’s going to take decades, centuries of extremely difficult labor.

I know that we are so few, and the worldlings so many.  I know that the media is against us, that people are increasingly pagan and just laugh at an authentic practice of the Faith.  So what? It was the same for the first Christians, who were thought insane, too.  But their prayers and even more their loving example and willingness to sacrifice tremendously for Christ converted the world.  We can do the same.

St. Paul said: “Pray without ceasing.” St. Peter knew for decades what kind of suffering he would have to endure for his Lord.  But even more, they patiently practiced the depths of the Faith, every day, converting, eventually, billions through their example.  Today is their feast day.  Ask them to pray for us, to change hearts, to restore the Faith, to stop the headlong descent into tyranny.  Pray for deliverance.  Just pray.  And mortify yourself at least 5-7 times a day.

Just so you know, I’m first in line for needing to do all the above.  Pray for me, that I may have a mustard seed of faith.

God Bless You!

Huge relic of St. Peter


Birth Control and Baptists June 29, 2012

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Michael Voris hits a home run.  I meant to write on this when I first read it a couple weeks ago, but I didn’t have time to unpack it.

I love it when Michael Voris makes such great, easy posts!

As the friend who sent this to me noted, however, how many Catholics do you know that make their own private determinations about what aspects of the Faith they will accept?   How many defer to protestants on certain theological or moral matters?

If you use private judgment to accept or reject portions of the Faith, you ARE protestant.

Another question the friend asks, which I have also been meaning to get to………WHY are Catholic pro-life efforts so very ineffective?

All night Adoration for repeal of Obamacare……. June 29, 2012

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…….or, at least, some sanity in governance in this country.  There will be a High Mass at 7 pm at Mater Dei parish in Irving, followed by all-night Adoration.  Today is the Feast of St.’s Peter and Paul, which is still a Holy Day of Obligation in many countries but in this country, the bishops have determined in their wisdom that assisting at Mass in rendering thanks and begging propitiation for our sins is optional.

Nonetheless, I highly encourage taking positive, spiritual steps to redress this terrible situation which will only greatly accelerate the persecution of the Church in this country.  I pray many are able to beg God’s forgiveness for the slaughter of innocence and corruption of morals that the “constitutional” Obamacare will entail.  We must pray for greater strength to oppose the growing evil in this country, and do all we can to redress our collective spiritual and moral shortcomings which have helped pave the way for its growth.  As the good priest said, it shall be like unto Nineveh.