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All night Adoration for repeal of Obamacare……. June 29, 2012

Posted by Tantumblogo in Basics, Dallas Diocese, General Catholic, Holy suffering, Interior Life, Latin Mass, persecution, Tradition, Virtue.

…….or, at least, some sanity in governance in this country.  There will be a High Mass at 7 pm at Mater Dei parish in Irving, followed by all-night Adoration.  Today is the Feast of St.’s Peter and Paul, which is still a Holy Day of Obligation in many countries but in this country, the bishops have determined in their wisdom that assisting at Mass in rendering thanks and begging propitiation for our sins is optional.

Nonetheless, I highly encourage taking positive, spiritual steps to redress this terrible situation which will only greatly accelerate the persecution of the Church in this country.  I pray many are able to beg God’s forgiveness for the slaughter of innocence and corruption of morals that the “constitutional” Obamacare will entail.  We must pray for greater strength to oppose the growing evil in this country, and do all we can to redress our collective spiritual and moral shortcomings which have helped pave the way for its growth.  As the good priest said, it shall be like unto Nineveh.



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