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What a week June 30, 2012

Posted by Tantumblogo in Admin, General Catholic, Holy suffering, sadness.
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Do you ever have a week where just about everything possible can go wrong?  Where just about everything is a kick where it hurts?  That’s been this week.  Not just the Obamacare thing, but much more.  I was late for work today. Which made me slightly late for the layoff announcement.  No, not me, but several very close to me.  We had to put the dog down. The kids have been sick.  My wife’s really tired. I’ve been making major efforts at working against a bad habit this week, and that’s been stressing me out. Lots of little and big things this week went wrong.  And not just this week…….now I find out that some really loving and well-intentioned stuff I did months ago was wrong, wrong, wrong.

I thank Thee, Father, for these sufferings.  I pray I may accept them and offer them up to the glory of Your Holy Name.  I am sorry I do not do better with this.  I am trying.