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Compare and contrast July 3, 2012

Posted by Tantumblogo in Basics, Dallas Diocese, disaster, Glory, horror, Interior Life, Latin Mass, Liturgy, North Deanery, scandals, unadulterated evil.

I got both these from JP Sonnen, spread out a bit on his site.  I put them together into one post:

On a given day in Tenochtitlan prior to the arrival of Cortez, tens of thousands of innocents might be slaughtered by the “priests” of the Aztec religion. It was one of the most barbaric, satanic religions the world has ever seen. The Aztecs were despised by their neighbors and even the Aztecs themselves lived in fear of being selected for the blood-fests, where blood would run all the way down from the tops of the temples into the streets below, to be fed on by starving animals.  The stench, it is said, would cause Spaniards to vomit from miles away.  And yet, our anti-Catholic but “enlightened” intellectual betters tell us today what a terrible thing it was for Cortez and others to come and end this nightmare, and instill the reign of Christ the King in a benighted people.

We are the beneficiaries of a different kind of Sacrifice, a Sacrifice that is unbloody but goes on forever in Heaven.  And during the Mass, Heaven comes down a bit, and we go up, and there is an instant of meeting, where mere bread and wine are transubstantiated into the Body and Blood of our Lord Jesus Christ.  Instead of the people dying to satisfy the “rain god” and the “jackal god” and all the other demons, we now have God’s only Son forever offering the Sacrifice of Himself in Heaven for the salvation of all, although only a few will accept the sublime offer.

Amazingly……disgustingly……..dancers in Aztec garb are now featured in ceremonies within our Catholic churches, even sometimes during the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.  The satanic and the angelic meet, under a Catholic roof?  Does this make sense? Is this pleasing to God?  “Oh, but it’s our cultural heritage.”  No, I thought being saved in Jesus Christ and a bastion of the Faith was Mexico’s heritage…….is it now imitating satanism’s darkest hour?  In some dioceses to the south and west, this is becoming a very major problem…….more and more pagan and animist elements of religion are making their way into what passes for the Mass in those places.



1. Catherine of Siena - July 6, 2012

Catholics MUST speak up and protest when animist, pagan and Satanic elements are introduced into the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. Protest loudly to the local ordinary, your Catholic bishop IN WRITING and don’t forget to “cc” (send a copy to) the Apostolic Nuncio, His Excellency Vigano in Washington. DO IT – Take action – or stop complaining. And remember, you will be held just as accountable if you do not take action against this outrage. Be mindful, as well, however, that many Mexicans and even Americans have been sold a bill of goods about Native American (pagan) cultures. They have been spoon fed a pack of lies. So, most of them are not aware of the atrocities committed by these peoples in the name of their religion. Educate them – and use this as a means to educate them about the Truth and beauty of Christianity in the process. This is easy to do when you are differentiating the two.

tantamergo - July 6, 2012

My favorite Saint commenting on my blog! I am so blessed! Please pray for me! I have such a strong devotion to you!

Just kidding, thanks for the comment!

2. lionelandrades - July 8, 2012


They Vatican is supported by the Jewish Left media but they have no citations for their ‘ecclesiology of communion’, ‘theology of religions’ and ‘non Catholics do not have to convert for salvation’.

The SSPX –Vatican (Ladaria-Morerod) talks were kept secret. This helped the Vatican which has no citations from the Council for their new theories and obligations.

1.Eclesiology of communion :Ad Gentes 7, Vatican Council II says all need Catholic Faith and the baptism of water for salvation.Since LG 8 and LG 16 are not explicit they do not contradict AG 7. The Curia cannot cite LG 8 or LG 16 as exceptions. They have no citations from Vatican Council II for their ecclesiology of communion.

One cannot just refer to ‘the spirit of Vatican Council II’ which could mean anything to different Catholics. It could also be used to justify sin.

2.Theology of religions:As mentioned above Ad Gentes 7, Vatican Council II says all need Catholic Faith and the baptism of water. Since LG 8 and LG 16 are not explicit they do not contradict AG 7.Neither do we know who is saved with the seeds of the Word and imperfect communion with the Church.

AG 7 is in accord with the literal interpetation of the dogma extra ecclesiam nulla salus and there are no known exceptions.

Cardinals Ladaria and Koch cannot cite any exceptions from the Council.

3. Jews do not have to convert in the present time :There is no text in Vatican Council II to support this un-biblical theory. This new political view is contradicted by AG 7, the Bible (John 3:5,Mk.16:16), the dogma on salvation etc.

4.Jews are the Chosen People of God : The Bible says Jews need to convert and there is a New Covenant. Nostra Aetate 4,Vatican Council II says Catholics ‘are the new people of God’.-Lionel Andrades

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