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Violent attack against pro-lifers, media played a role July 3, 2012

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Media coverage of two leaders of the Personhood USA effort may have played a role in a violent attack on their home.  LiveAction reports:

Today, Personhood USA revealed that its president and its communications director, Keith and Jennifer Mason, had their home violently attacked and vandalized by abortion supporters in the last week.

On June 25, Newsweek and The Daily Beast published an article featuring the Masons and their work in the pro-life movement.  The article detailed how the message of personhood is being spread by the Masons’ organization, Personhood USA, and how the nation is hearing a bold message of life through their work.

Personhood USA released the details of the attack on the Masons’ home:

In the middle of the night, a large rock was heaved through the double-paned glass of their front door, scattering glass throughout their living room and across the front porch, covering their children’s toys and items for the new baby.  The pro-abortion criminals also spray painted coat hangers and vulgarity in large letters on the front and sides of their house.

According to Personhood USA, readers of The Daily Beast began to make comments that included threats of violence against the Masons. (Comments on The Daily Beast are now closed, and the public is unable to view them. There were a total of 691 comments.) Unfortunately, one reader found the Masons’ home address and posted it in the comment section, in the midst of the violent threats. Personhood USA believes that this is how the attacker located the Masons’ residence.

Though the Newsweekarticle opens by discussing the upcoming birth of the Masons’ fourth child in August, and though the photo of the couple clearly shows a pregnant Jennifer, the attacker had no qualms about acting in a violent way that put children at risk.

Yeah, the Daily Beast has a lot of nasty people reading it.  And I think we should all know by now, if you adhere to traditional morality and more conservative views, you’re such a complete scumbag/neanderthal that even your right to exist is questionable, let alone the security of your property.  Only those with approved left wing views are worthy of existence.  In some people’s minds, anyways.  But I think we might be shocked and dismayed to discover just how numerous those somebodies are.

Are we headed towards a viciously divided society, almost like two armed camps sharing the same space?

This is what persecution looks like.  Kristallnacht may not be that far away.

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