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A public service announcement for Californians relocating to Texas July 5, 2012

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When I lived in Idaho, there were a number of vehicles equipped with a bumper sticker that said “Don’t Californicate Idaho.”  I see more and more vehicles here with California license plates, or with dealer markings from a car dealer in Van Nuys or Anaheim.  Not so many from northern California, I don’t think.  If I could just add my own twist, please don’t Californicate Texas.  I don’t think I have to explain what I mean.  Your track record is not good.  Ex-pat Californians have driven some other formerly conservative states like Nevada and California to the left.  Don’t try it here.  We don’t want public employee unions or ridiculous state/environmental regulations making it impossible to do business.  In short, we don’t want to be Californicated.

If none of the above applies to you, disregard.


Colorado pastor gives stirring speech denouncing socialism July 5, 2012

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This priest is from St. Thomas More parish in Centennial, CO.  His name is Fr. Andrew Kemberling:

I agree with him that a major hallmark of socialism is religious persecution and even the death of faith.  Interesting video, interesting place for a priest to give a speech.

More evidence of the disaster of living wills and medical power of attorney July 5, 2012

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A commenter left the following, extremely disturbing comment.  I’d like to help her out, and also help out those who may be suffering under any similar terrifying, horrifying situations.

The comment:

I found your blog during the most painful ordeal of my life: my grandma shows symptoms of death by starvation and dehydration syndrome. In addition, her caregiver, my aunt, shows a clear determination to end my grandma’s life by the end of the holiday. Unable to legally stop her and removed from my grandma’s hospital bed, I finally found a way to have the hospital feed my grandma and hydrate her, after what it seemed weeks depriving her from eat and drink. In response, my aunt removed my grandma from the hospital and took her back to the nursing home where all this started. At this point, I am unable to get close to my grandma. Not only my aunt has the legal power to keep me away, but my aunt’s husband and son have already threatened to harm me physically. However, my grandma expressed her wish to continue living, and her discomfort because she was told that the reason she was not being fed is becuase the hospital doesn’t provide any food. This makes it more painful for me. But I don’t know what to do to stop my aunt from achieving her carefully crafted plan to get rid of my grandma during this holiday break. Therefore, I need your help to find any organization that would investigate and intervene on behalf of my grandma. Is there any recourse for us the relatives that have been pushed away from our grandparents? Please help because every minute without food and drink will slowly kill my grandma’s frail being.

———————————-End Comment———————————-

First of all, so-called “living wills” are being used in this country and in many places around the world to kill, often through the slow torture of medicinal numbing and starvation/dehydration, untold thousands of elderly and other severely infirm individuals every year.  This ghastly situation is played out daily in hospitals, nursing homes, and hospices every single day.  It is unknown how many thousands of elderly and infirm people die prematurely – are literally killed – by this process, but the evidence indicates the numbers are staggering.  Once again, the cold, creeping hand of socialism enters in, where certain individuals are deemed either too old, too infirm, or just too expensive to be allowed to live.  And so, steps are taken to end their existence.

These living wills stating things like “no heroic steps” or “palliative care” or whatever are vehicles that are being used to deny even the most basic care to many souls who would not otherwise die.  They are poison, an anathema.  Faithful Catholics should never use these legal documents for themselves or for their family members!  To do so could be a certain degree of complicity in suicide or murder.  Living wills literally give power over your life, or, so likely today, your death, to an unknown physician.  Medical powers of attorney are not as bad but as the situation above shows, one must be extremely selective in assigning this power of life and death to a loved one.

There is an organization that can provide resources and help to those who are faced with this gut-wrenching situation, being forced to watch a family member die because another individual, with who knows what kind of motivations, has the power of attorney.   This organization is the Patients Rights Council, and I suggest my commenter get in touch with them at their contact page here.  I don’t know what they can do in this situation, but I hope they can help. I am truly sorry for the agony the commenter must be experiencing.

God bless you.

First Friday at Carmelite Chapel tomorrow night July 5, 2012

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Tomorrow, Friday, July 6 is the First Friday for July.  After being closed last month, the Carmelite Chapel welcomes you again this month for all night Adoration:

Come and Pray for our Bishops and the persecution of Catholics by HHS and Obama


Pray for Our COUNTRY and its future

Discalced Carmelite Nuns Invite  YOU!!

Starts Friday night   –  come as early as 4 PM

stay 30 minutes, one hour or as long as all  night Vigil ends just before 7 AM Mass on Saturday, July 7

First Mass (prayed in Latin) 8:00 PM

Food &  Drink available in the room next to the  chapel.

Please help  yourself!

2nd Mass (in Latin)  3:00 AM

Leave your personal prayer requests

The Nuns will storm heaven!

The Monastery is at 600 Flowers Ave., Dallas, 75211, off of Jefferson.

convenient  from I-30  and Loop 12.

From downtown:  take I-30 going west, exit LOOP 12 south, take the second exit, which is JEFFERSON  EAST.

Go through the stop light and straight drive past 7 or 8  blocks, you will see tire & auto repair shops, then a small  church (drive past) shortly after that, TURN RIGHT  ON FLOWERS Street. Address is 600 S. Flowers. Go through the  Monastery gates.  park anywhere.

All details here—————>Allnightcarmelites_july_aug_sept_ 2012

Non sequitur post Independence Day militaristic hubris post July 5, 2012

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Well, almost – the last B-52H  rolled off the Wichita line in October of 1962.  So, that 49 year old BUFF is just a kid.  In belated celebration of Independence Day, here is a nice video of a B-52 training flight from last April, flown by the 2nd BW at Barksdale AFB, LA. It looks like they fly down to the gulf for some anti-shipping training work.  That may be an increasingly important role for the BUFF now that USAF and USN are, belatedly, shifting their focus back to SEA, where it should have been instead of wasting time in the desert.

I love seeing how warn some of the parts are on the BUFF.  Boeing designed and built that thing like a flying tank, but there are lots of little detail parts that aren’t available anymore and they are just warn to nothing.  Like certain little markers for indicator lamps, etc. @6:59 the heavily stylized “Boeing B-52 Stratofortress” placard has fallen out of the pilot’s control column!  C’mon!

At around 6:20, it looks like the B-52’s downstairs office (it has a 2-level flight deck) has been upgraded some more.  That is where the radar navigator and bombardier work.

I was hoping to see some low-level work, but no joy.  The BUFF rarely flies at low level anymore, it’s too hard on the airframe. I remember when we took family trips up to Wyoming/Montana in the early 80s seeing BUFFs off in the distance flying low level at about 400 kts and 3-500 ft.  The B-1 Bone can fly lower and faster – 600 kts @200 ft.

The poor Bone has always been a bit of a red headed step child.  It entered service just as the Cold War was ending, and for a long time USAF never funded it’s O&M accounts properly.  It was short spare parts alot.  When it worked, it worked brilliantly.  But USAF seemed a bit…..unenthusiastic about the type.  But, since the wars against tribal Pashtuns with AK-47s and in Iraq, the Bone has been given a serious reappraisal and it is recognized as in many ways the most capable bomber the US has.  It can’t enter the highest threat areas like the B-2, but it can loiter for a long time and, especially valuable in Afghanistan, go into burner and get to trouble spots to deliver munitions in support of ground troops faster than just about any other aircraft, even fighters.  Because a fighter carrying drop tanks and a ton of external stores is much slower than a B-1 with all fuel and munitions internal to the aircraft.  Drag means everything.  That’s one of 400 reasons why the F-22 is so revolutionary – it’s a fighter that carries all its stores and fuel internally, and it can supercruise (cruise at high supersonic speeds without afterburner), so it can hustle like crazy.  Much more so even than the B-1.  But we don’t have very many, so they’re all tasked with A2A.

I’m rambling.  Here’s another video:

This final video makes a bit of an error.  In fact, high altitude + super fast speed is actually not nearly so vulnerable to air defenses as it relates.  SR-71s flying at Mach 3+ and better than 80,000 ft were fired upon hundreds of times and none were ever hit.  What many people do not realize is how incredibly difficult it is to engage an aircraft flying at that speed and altitude.  Even a slight adjustment in course by the super-fast aircraft moves it many miles away from where you thought it was going to be.  The XB-70 was killed for one reason, and one reason only – that grave-digging McNamara knew everything, and he knew that he hated bombers.  Period.  Anyhoo: