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I’m back on the radio tonight! July 10, 2012

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Since Vicki Middleton gave up the ghost on her radio show, I’ve missed the spontaneity of radio. Well, I’m going to get my chance again tonight with an introductory interview on the internet radio show ‘Not So Kosher News’ with Rebecca Diserio.  I will be on at 6:40 pm CDT and you can listen here.  If all goes well and God is willing, I shall start broadcasting my own show, possibly as soon as this Thursday pm.  We’ll see.

The network format is political and faith talk from a Catholic perspective.  In my case, from a nearly rad-trad perspective.

The internet ‘network’ is called Fidelis Radio.  If my show pans out, I’m thinking of calling it the Salve Regina Show.

Thanks to reader TC for helping to set this up!

Canon Ripley on sin July 10, 2012

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Canon Francis Ripley, Canon of Westminster Cathedral, the primatial see of England and Wales, wrote a book for foundational catechesis in 1951 called  This Is The Faith.  It’s a gem.  I’ve been reading it and think it’s the best, compact, one volume source of “Catholicism for Dummies” I’ve read.  I had read a little of it before, but this is my first time going through it, page by page.  Here is an excerpt from pp. 56-57, on sin, and the false formation of conscience:

Sin is a crime, not against the law of any land, but against the law of God; hence, the sinner is a criminal in the sight of God, his Maker, his infinitely good and loving Father, his Judge.

Sometimes sinners try to justify themselves by explaining that in doing wrong they “did not go against their conscience.”  But it is the duty of everyone to make sure that his conscience is reliable and in conformity with the true Law of God. He has to have a “correct conscience,” which could obviously deceive him.  One’s conscience must be “correct.” A watch is not use to anyone unless it is regulated according to the true time. The conscience is like a watch’ it must be regulated according to the true norm of morality, the Law of God. Conscience is the interior judgment we make as to the rightness or wrongness of our actions, and such judgment can only be reliable in so far as it does not contradict the only real norm of right and wrong. [Which, we get through the Church, especially such incredible moral theologians as St. Alphonsus Ligouri] People sometimes warp their consciences, or stretch them.

Conscience is only “correct” when its verdict is in harmony with the Ten Commandments of God, the Six Commandments of the Church, and the demands of all the Christian virtues.

—————————————–End Quote—————————————

As I said above, we obtain our understanding of the Truth through the twins pillars of Catholic belief, Sacred Scripture and Sacred Tradition.  Novelties, new beliefs which contradict previously held beliefs, or just outright errors, must be rejected.  If we “form” our conscience to arrive at a belief antithetical to what the Church believes and has traditionally believed, we have placed ourselves outside the Church.  We can call ourselves whatever we want, but if we reject core Catholic beliefs like the Incarnation, Resurrection, Real Presence, worship of God alone, necessity of Baptism, the need for Sacramental Confession, etc., then we are no longer Catholic.  God knew human nature better than we ever will, and so He gave us an Authority in the See of Peter to decide doctrinal issues and, either ex cathedra, through traditional, universal belief,  or in concert with many bishops in a Council, authoritatively declare what the Church believes.  Until the last Council, such declarations were extremely clear, but since Vatican II radically changed the form of a Catholic Council, things are much more muddy.  But it is still extremely possible to deduce what the Church believes, especially if we refer to older texts.

More, hopefully, tomorrow.

How many times can you jump the shark? July 10, 2012

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I always thought shark-jumping was a one time event, but the shattered, politicized and agendized remains of the Episcopal Church, USA, keep setting lower lows.  At their ongoing bishop’s meeting, they have approved not just “blessing” of gay relationships, not just “communion without baptism” [which I’m not sure what the big deal is, since their “communion” is just a group hug kinda deal], but now, transgender ordinations!

By a 111-41 vote, the bishops of the Episcopal Church USA have voted to approve a rite for the blessing of homosexual relationships.

Some Episcopal Church leaders spoke out against the measure.

“It is reasonable to believe that vowed fidelity that is exclusive and lifelong to one other person is predicated on sexual difference,” said

Bishop John Bauerschmidt of Tennessee. “This liturgy that is proposed does not have the basis in Scripture, tradition or reason for us to authorize its use.” [It’s one of the final steps in a 40+ year process of suicide by cultural appeasement.  Whatever the left demands, the Episcopals have done, to the point they are nearly dead.  It is hilarious to read them trying to convince themselves that having a drag queen deacon will somehow pack the pews]

…..With 189 out of 221 delegates approving[Good Lord, are you kidding?  You can’t get 90% of people to like chocolate chip cookies, any vote that goes 90-10 looks extremely suspicious]  the Episcopal Church’s House of Deputies also voted to make clear that transgendered individuals are candidates for ordination.

“The trans community has stood and fought for the rest of the LGBTQ community time and time again, and I would not be living out my baptismal covenant if I did not do the same for them now,” said Natalie Vanatta of the Episcopal Diocese of Kansas. [What?  That doesn’t even make sense.  I wouldn’t be a “true Christian” unless I helped cause someone horrible psychological and spiritual damage through support for their depravity?]

David Virtue, who left the Episcopal church for the somewhat more orthodox, but no more secure, Anglican church, makes me seem like a piker in firing off on the near total homosexual takeover of his, and my, former denomination:

The putrid ecclesiastical sores of spiritual HIV/AIDS have now totally infected the Episcopal Church. It is creeping ever so fast into all the mainline Protestant denominations as, one by one, they roll over to sodomy in the name of inclusion and diversity. Only the Roman Catholic Church, the Orthodox churches, the Southern Baptist Convention, the myriad small Anglican, Presbyterian, Lutheran breakaways and nondenominational Bible churches are hold outs. In most cases, Scripture has been abandoned as normative and declared irrelevant to the discussion. In fact, it is barely invoked unless it is to call St. Paul a homophobic Jew. It is about “rights” not behavior. Those who don’t accept Scripture’s authority know that if they were to analyze it according to their own ideology they would be forced to condemn it in the same abusive terms which they so freely use of living Christians – and they know what a storm that would unleash. So they don’t talk about scripture. They don’t believe it. They simply discard it.

David R. Carlin, Jr., Catholic sociologist and author, put it exactly right when he said, “The drive for same sex marriage is not simply about same sex marriage or the moral legitimization of homosexual behavior; it is also about the de-legitimizing of Christian morality. [!! Exactly!]  But the Christian moral system is no minor part of Christianity, any more than the heart or lungs are minor parts of the human body. Overthrow the Christian moral system and you will have overthrown Christianity itself. Therefore, those who are pushing for the institution of same sex marriage are ipso facto pushing for the elimination of the Christian religion.” Absolutely. [And, I think they know it, and don’t care.  In fact, it may have been the plan all along.  Many of these activists will leave the sects they are destroying after their work is done]

When rites for the blessing of same sex marriage is passed at General Convention in a few short weeks, The Episcopal Church will not only seal its own fate and future, it will hammer yet another nail in the coffin of the Western foundations of Christianity, foundations that are being eroded almost daily in the Culture Wars.

I’m sorry, Mr. Virtue, but the first and most deadly nail was when 1/3 of Christendom threw off 1500 years of belief and Tradition and decided that the Authority Christ had instituted in His Church was unnecessary and that each man could, reading Scripture, decide for himself what to believe – or not.  This moment, this particular collapse, may not have been inevitable then, but the general collapse of protestantism was, and always has been, ever since the traitor Richelieu assured it’s long term survival 400 years ago through continued existence of protestant states.  Protestantism was, for the most part, forced on the peoples of the countries where it’s leaders rejected the Faith.  But the state support for national, protestant churches ceased a century or more ago.  Now, the leaders of those sects stood up hundreds of years ago by secular powers are foisting a rejection of Christianity on those protestant descendents today.  God does indeed seem to have a sense of irony.

Oh, one other final bit, there is some commenter over there at VirtueOnline, a very liberal, pro-gay commentator, who claims that St. Paul was an imposter, a bigot unrelated to the “real” Christian Church, who somehow forced his books into Scripture.  I don’t understand it, either.  Wow, now we’re throwing out one of the very pillars, one of the twin columns on which the early Church was built, all to perpetuate the homosexualist fantasy.  Yikes.


Shoot – I meant to add this to the original:

Babies 23 times more likely to be aborted than adopted July 10, 2012

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A long article at LifeNews crunches data and looks at the reasons why women are so  much more willing to kill their children than give them up for adoption, even though there are 36 couples waiting to adopt for each child adopted.  After going through the data, looking at numbers of adoptions versus numbers of abortions, and then considering the various reasons why women might choose to kill their child rather than give them to another family to be loved, the author arrives at what I think is the correct conclusion:

A 12-23x abortion/adoption ratio indicates we too are cravers and disordered lovers, the likely result of our addiction to a selfish and radical autonomy. We should probably expect that abortions will exceed adoptions until our possessiveness, pride, and self-orientation are transcended by “gift-love, which seeks the good of the beloved and helps the other kinds of love avoid the pitfalls that can turn any of them into a kind of hatred”viii.

Perhaps with some education about the life-affirming benefits (to mother, father and baby) of seeing a pregnancy through, parents of unwanted children might log the extra few months and provide their kids with hope in a loving and vetted family. If an effective ad campaign can dramatically reduce the incidence of smoking, drunk driving, the failure to use seat belts, or obesity, then surely there is an answer that softens the hearts and minds of pregnant women when it comes to adoption. [From a practical perspective, I think this is a good point]

The good news is that the cure for our abortion epidemic already exists, and it is adoption. If, in fact, there are 36 couples lined up for every adoption, there are 4-5 million couples waiting for babies, a number that is 3-4x greater than the 1.2 million babies we annually abort. Imagine the benefits of annually adding another 1.2 million happy and productive citizens. These rescued individuals and their children just might solve the demographic challenges of our broken entitlement programs.

I’m so glad pointed out the demographic disaster that abortion has caused.  I have read, from a social scientist at Hillsdale College whose name escapes me, a detailed study that showed that if the birthrate in the US had been roughly 3 children per woman over the past 40 years, rather than 2, all the entitlement programs that are now so horribly broken could be funded.  The abortion rate in this country has been between 1/4-1/3 of all pregnancies over that same period – so what we have done, in essence, is to abort ourselves into this fiscal nightmare.  God always allows those sins we so freely embrace to destroy us – how ironic, then, that it would be the abortion-love the democrats just can’t separate themselves from, that would destroy the very programs they purport to care so much about?

And the author is correct, too, that it is the disordered self-love, the very narcissism, that so pervades this culture, that is the primary cause of women choosing to kill their children rather than allow another to have them.  Yes, there are other reasons, and certainly the pro-abort agencies that perform abortions make adoption out to be a terrible nightmare of regret for the mothers involved (never mentioning the even worse nightmare of abortion), but I think it is the current culture’s rejection of God and exaltation of man as “god” that is the ultimate driver for this mentality.  And so, while educational and media campaigns will likely help, we can’t expect a radical change in this situation until we win souls back to Christ.  That is a daunting task, I know.  But that is what this blog has been about for some time.

The data, and the analysis, are very interesting. I highly recommend this post.

A graphic for Bishop Blaire July 10, 2012

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Bishop Stephen Blaire of Stockton, CA, has been in the news a great deal lately with numerous pronouncements regarding the federal budget, and his belief that certain huge portions of it are absolutely sacrosanct and cannot be touched in these times of massive deficits.  These portions are, of course, those that fund wealth transfer schemes of varying sorts, from ostensibly short term “emergency” aid, to long term and truly enormous programs like Medicare and Medicaid.  As I have stated numerous times in the past, ALL discretionary spending, including defense, could be zeroed out, and this nation would still be running a deficit on the order of hundreds of billions of dollars a year.  It is these economy-damaging (destroying?) wealth-transfer schemes that will have to be reformed/reduced – and substantially – in order to get a budget somewhat nearly balanced, as well as stopping the consumption of capital to service government debt, that could be put to much better use in the productive sectors of the economy.  The graphic:

Some very salient factors: food stamp usage has exploded over the last decade, as has obesity.  I don’t think this is an accident. The number one health threat for those considered to be in poverty in this country is obesity.  There have been hundreds of anecdotal stories over the past few years that show that food stamp abuse is massive, and that it is being used not to meet bare nutrition requirements, but often on luxury or “junk” type foods. The plural of anecdote is “data.”  Just last week, there was the awful story here in Dallas of a 29 year old mother passing through with her kids who died at a bus station.  The coroner attributed the cause of death to a blood-clot caused by obesity.

Worst are the EBT cards that function like cash, that can be spent on nearly anything, liquor included.

And yet, to Bishop Blaire, even talk of very mild cuts, or even reductions in the rate of growth of these programs (which, as the data shows, has been far higher than mere inflation- or population-growth adjustments) is not only wrong but anti-Catholic. His statements directed towards Congressman Paul Ryan were really quite condemnatory, even questioning Congressman Ryan’s faith.  It has been reported that the USCCB – over the objections of a small but vocal minority of bishops – plans to release a major policy paper on the US economy later this year.  We can only imagine that it will be more of the same failed policies that have gotten us into this disastrous situation.  All we must do is look to Europe to see where these policies will lead.

Socialism has been condemned by the Church going back almost 2 centuries.  And yet, what Bishop Blaire and his philosophical forebears (Mahoney, Bernadin, etc) advocate for is perilously close to just that – socialism.  I, for one, would rather see the USCCB stop making policy statements on everything from intellectual property cases to defense budget line-items, and focus on the mission Jesus gave to His Apostles – the saving of souls.   It is something I pray for, daily.

Entertaining Facebook photos July 10, 2012

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I am on Facebook, but I don’t get on often.  I spend too much time on teh Intrawebs as it is, and Facebook is the greatest time-eating invention, ever.  But I get on once a month or so.  I found some interesting photos I thought I’d share:

Nor do T-shirts and flip flops qualify.  How would you dress to meet the President, or a king?  You say, “God doesn’t care how I dress?”  That’s a smug assumption to make, first off, but what does it say about you that you can’t be bothered to dress decently to meet your Lord and God?  I think this sign is from Our Lady of Angels Monastery in Hanceville, AL.

There is a difference – a massive one – between veneration and worship.  Such distinction is lost on many protestants and modernist Catholics.

A friendly reminder from a man with 5 daughters.   Speaking of, I hear gun sales are through the roof.  Apparently, there are rumors Obama is going to issue executive orders against the 2nd Amendment if he is re-elected.  I’ve been considering an SKS or something similar for a while.  Hmmm…….

A really important post by Fr. Z July 10, 2012

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Fr. Z had a great rant over the weekend on the subject of protestant churches that are frequently used as locations for illicit, invalid, sacrilegious, and blasphemous pseudo-“ordinations” or women.  Fr. Z asks……if we and the protestants are so on board with “ecumenism,” why do protestant churches keep spitting in our collective Catholic eyes by allowing – and even encouraging – these travesties to occur?  I rip off Fr. Z by adding emphasis and comments.

Look. We either take ecumenism seriously or we don’t. If we do – and I believe we must – [as a former protestant, I believe ecumenism in that direction is pointless and dangerous] we have to react strongly when ecumenical ideals are so grossly violated by Protesants who invite or permit these “women priest” ceremonies in their churches.

The most sacred rites of the Catholic Church are Holy Mass and ordination to Holy Orders. These are sine quibus non for our Catholic identity and the continuance of Holy Church Herself.  They are of divine origin.  They are for us most sacred.  To treat sacred things with lack of due respect or reverence is the sin of sacrilege.

From our point of view as Catholics, these women-priest supporters are committing sacrilege in simulating Mass and Orders. [As well as blaspheming the Holy Spirit]

The Protestants who host them are also, objectively speaking, committing a sacrilege.  They are permitting or inviting a mockery of our Holy Mass and a mockery of the priesthood.

When Protestants allow dissident Catholics to commit sacrileges in their churches, they effectively wave their middle-digit directly in the face of the Catholic Church. [Exactly.  This is not unintentional.]

There is no confusion in the religious world about what the Catholic Church teaches about Mass and ordination, about who may celebrate Mass and who may be ordained.  There is NO confusion about what the Church teaches!  Nevertheless, Protestants invite what the Catholic Church teaches is sacrilege to be committed in their churches. [Again, this is not an accident]

Furthermore, in allowing this group of fakers into their churches, the Protestants are accepting the premise that what the women are doing in there actually is a Catholic ordination and Mass.

How dare PROTESTANTS decide what a Catholic Mass is?

And if they respond, “Gee, we mean no disrespect. We are just giving space to this group”, then what they are doing is aiding a protest against the Catholic Church.

This is a huge point.  I agree with Fr. Z’s recommendations that the local Church break off all relations with a protestant sect that hosts one of these travesties.  While I think ecumenism is ok when properly understood (conversion back to the Catholic Faith), what passes for ecumenism these days (either meaningless, endless dialogue or, worse, indifferentism) is not worth the cost it has imposed.

I think we need to understand something here.  For the protestant sects that would host this kind of blatantly offensive disasters, the Faith as you and I understand it is a secondary or tertiary thing.  If it matters at all.  What matters to the left wing unitarian church that hosts this, or the Lutheran one, or the really far out Episcopal church with the lesbian rector, etc, is advancing their temporal agenda.  They only care about ecumenism with the “right” kind of Catholics, that is Catholics who share their politicized view of the Faith.  So, I don’t think just cutting off relations – if there are any – with Rev. Moonbeam’s First Indifferentist Church is going to have much impact.

If bishops want to stop this kind of thing, they’re going to have to make known their displeasure to their counterparts in the episcopal or lutheran or whatever church it is that hosts one of these.  Even then, there’s a better than even chance that the protestant bishop or equivalent won’t care, either.  National level efforts (we’re cutting off all talks with the episcopals so long as travesties like this occur) would probably work best.  But I seriously doubt there is sufficient will among the episcopate to take that kind of action, seeing as how “ecumenism” is one of the golden unicorns of the current Church leadership.

I don’t mean that we just totally ignore protestants, but the faiths are so totally different it’s almost pointless to dialogue!  If you want to engage in meaningful dialogue, spend time with the Russian or Armenian or Greek Orthodox, or the Copts!