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A graphic for Bishop Blaire July 10, 2012

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Bishop Stephen Blaire of Stockton, CA, has been in the news a great deal lately with numerous pronouncements regarding the federal budget, and his belief that certain huge portions of it are absolutely sacrosanct and cannot be touched in these times of massive deficits.  These portions are, of course, those that fund wealth transfer schemes of varying sorts, from ostensibly short term “emergency” aid, to long term and truly enormous programs like Medicare and Medicaid.  As I have stated numerous times in the past, ALL discretionary spending, including defense, could be zeroed out, and this nation would still be running a deficit on the order of hundreds of billions of dollars a year.  It is these economy-damaging (destroying?) wealth-transfer schemes that will have to be reformed/reduced – and substantially – in order to get a budget somewhat nearly balanced, as well as stopping the consumption of capital to service government debt, that could be put to much better use in the productive sectors of the economy.  The graphic:

Some very salient factors: food stamp usage has exploded over the last decade, as has obesity.  I don’t think this is an accident. The number one health threat for those considered to be in poverty in this country is obesity.  There have been hundreds of anecdotal stories over the past few years that show that food stamp abuse is massive, and that it is being used not to meet bare nutrition requirements, but often on luxury or “junk” type foods. The plural of anecdote is “data.”  Just last week, there was the awful story here in Dallas of a 29 year old mother passing through with her kids who died at a bus station.  The coroner attributed the cause of death to a blood-clot caused by obesity.

Worst are the EBT cards that function like cash, that can be spent on nearly anything, liquor included.

And yet, to Bishop Blaire, even talk of very mild cuts, or even reductions in the rate of growth of these programs (which, as the data shows, has been far higher than mere inflation- or population-growth adjustments) is not only wrong but anti-Catholic. His statements directed towards Congressman Paul Ryan were really quite condemnatory, even questioning Congressman Ryan’s faith.  It has been reported that the USCCB – over the objections of a small but vocal minority of bishops – plans to release a major policy paper on the US economy later this year.  We can only imagine that it will be more of the same failed policies that have gotten us into this disastrous situation.  All we must do is look to Europe to see where these policies will lead.

Socialism has been condemned by the Church going back almost 2 centuries.  And yet, what Bishop Blaire and his philosophical forebears (Mahoney, Bernadin, etc) advocate for is perilously close to just that – socialism.  I, for one, would rather see the USCCB stop making policy statements on everything from intellectual property cases to defense budget line-items, and focus on the mission Jesus gave to His Apostles – the saving of souls.   It is something I pray for, daily.


1. Catechist Kev - July 10, 2012

Dear Lord in Heaven.

What our bishops *really* need to be focused on (IMNSHO) is how we *should be* worshiping our Divine Savior.

“Save the Liturgy, Save the World” as Fr. Z says.

Anything else… *anything else* will basically fall flat on its face in most cases (sure, our Lord said He would be with us forever but remember, He could not perform many miracles in His own homeland because of the lack of faith).

Once the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass is celebrated according to the norms laid out by Mother Church – then we will see miracles aplenty.

Catechist Kevin

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