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Dallas Ursuline favorite Gates kicks off $4 billion contraception campaign July 12, 2012

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Seeking to diffuse the political firestorm, she had the gall to name the campaign “No Controversy.”  Because, if you tell a lie big enough, often enough, most people will buy it.  Especially if most of those people are already addicted to powerful chemical cocktails to block normal bodily functions.  Human Life International seeks to clarify matters a bit:

From a practical standpoint, leaving aside the moral implications of contraception, the methods most favored by Gates are the chemical cocktails listed by the World Health Organization as Group 1 carcinogens – the same as benzene, cigarettes, and asbestos.  Use of Dep0-Provera, Gates’ favorite cancer-causing drug, results in double the breast cancer risk.

And yet millions of women voluntarily poison themselves by ingesting these incredibly powerful drugs every day!  In addition to the cancer risk, which is enormous, chemical contraception also can lead to severe heart problems and sudden death from large blood clots.  It’s the miracle drug!

The Gates are determined to become the 21st century Rockefellers, embracing all manner of statist, coercion-driven dystopian nightmare projects – all to produce a world in their own image.  And they are not very concerned about how many people have to suffer, how much damage is done to various cultures and economies, in order to achieve their vision.

Is there a correlation between powerful God-complexes and the hyper-rich?  Rockefeller, Gates, MacArthur, Soros………is it just me, or do they really like deciding what is “good” for other people?

This will only lead to skyrocketing abortion rates in the countries affected by this catastrophic initiative.  No wonder Planned Barrenhood is a major partner in this effort.

Is Bishop Farrell ever going to provide a public response for the Dallas Ursuline’s endorsement of Gates contraception nightmare?  Don’t public scandals require a public response?  Or is good Bishop Farrell still in “discussions”  with them?

Major homeschooling conference in Arlington this month July 12, 2012

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And they’ve got a great speaker lined up – Fr. Paul Weinberger! The Immaculate Heart of Mary Home school and Parent Conference is back.

The conference is July 27-28 at the Arlington Convention Center, the same location as last year.

Other speakers include Fr. Joseph Mary Brown and Dale Ahlquist, who has done so much to re-popularize GK Chesterton.

You can register and get tickets here.  Prices are $30 for a couple for both days, and students 13-22 are $5 each.

Get your Catholic home school on!


Catholic New Media conference coming to DFW in late August July 12, 2012

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I won’t be going, since I have a job and what not (for now, anyway!), but there will be a Catholic new media (internet, mostly) conference at the Arlington Convention Center August 29-31.  Tickets for the 3 day event are $120 (!!). The conference features some notable bloggers, but many I’ve never heard of.  Some of the notables are Elizabeth Scalia, who I used to read but don’t anymore,   Jenifer Fulwiller, who is very popular, Fr. Andrew Apostoli of the Franciscans of the Renewal, and………….?

The conference seems to have different days for different groups or emphasis.  There will be Mass on the first and last day.

You can register here.

Thanks to reader Mike F for bringing this to my attention!

Popes Paul VI, John Paul I to be beatified July 12, 2012

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Leo XIII isn’t even a venerable, and these two are going to be beatified?  Maybe, anyways?  Really?  Is there some rule today that every post-conciliar Pope must be automatically a Saint?

Pope Benedict XVI could beatify two of his predecessors during the coming Year of Faith, according to the former prefect of the Congregation for the Causes of Saints.

Cardinal José Saraiva Martins told the Italian daily Corriere delle Alpi that the causes of both Pope Paul VI and Pope John Paul I are “moving ahead,” and miracles attributed to the intercession of both Pontiffs are currently under investigation.

A full position, or dossier on the life of Pope John Paul I, was recently submitted to the Congregation for the Causes of Saints. Documentation on the cause of Pope Paul VI is already complete. If the Congregation finds that each man demonstrated “heroic virtue,” only the approval of a miracle would be necessary to fulfill the requirements for beatification.

Maybe I’m becoming a conspiracy theorist, but it feels like there is a very substantial liberalist/revaunchist reaction in progress.

I don’t know how many of you have read the writings of Pope Paul VI.  The good Pope vacillated wildly between outbursts of near giddiness and irrational exuberance for the “new springtime,” countered with bouts of near-depression when he spoke of the “auto-demolition” of the Faith and the “smoke of satan.”  Reading his writings is quite a roller coaster experience.

John Paul I was Pope for 33 days.  Did he evidence heroic virtue prior to that? I honestly don’t know much about him.

But a cause for canonization for Paul VI was underway, but I thought it was stopped for very specific reasons.  Or not.

Poor Leo XIII just didn’t live at the right time, I suppose.



A little more wisdom from Canon Ripley July 12, 2012

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I’ve been blogging like mad from the book This Is The Faith – soon, Tan Books will send a hitman after me to straighten me out on the copyright issues.  Anyway, this time, a  very short segment from p.80, which deals with education.  I will modify that with some comments focused on Catholic education in the Faith:

Parents are strictly bound to instruct their children. [This is a duty and privilege imposed by God] They are the first and principle educators of the little ones. [Yes!  Not CCD, not the Catholic schools, PARENTS are the first educators of their children, especially in the Faith] Efforts of priests and teachers will be of little avail without the help of the parents. [And given the state of catechesis in Catholic schools and many CCD programs, parents are doubly bound to do their duty] School is intended to provide a supplement to the education received in the home, not a substitute for that education.  [Like homeschooling!  This is a great endorsement for homeschooling, which was always the prime location for elementary location for most of the Church’s history]

I pray every day that we as parents will do a superlative job instilling the Faith in our children.  Not just through book learning, but through example of practice of the Faith and, very importantly, the virtues.  I pray all parents will do the same.  This is a critical role that too many Catholic parents have been abrogating during this present crisis.  All education really starts in the home, but education in the Faith more than anything!  I’m not as good an example of Catholic fidelity and practice of the virtues as I should be for my children.  Pray that I may become a better role model in the Faith!