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A little more wisdom from Canon Ripley July 12, 2012

Posted by Tantumblogo in Basics, Dallas Diocese, Domestic Church, North Deanery.

I’ve been blogging like mad from the book This Is The Faith – soon, Tan Books will send a hitman after me to straighten me out on the copyright issues.  Anyway, this time, a  very short segment from p.80, which deals with education.  I will modify that with some comments focused on Catholic education in the Faith:

Parents are strictly bound to instruct their children. [This is a duty and privilege imposed by God] They are the first and principle educators of the little ones. [Yes!  Not CCD, not the Catholic schools, PARENTS are the first educators of their children, especially in the Faith] Efforts of priests and teachers will be of little avail without the help of the parents. [And given the state of catechesis in Catholic schools and many CCD programs, parents are doubly bound to do their duty] School is intended to provide a supplement to the education received in the home, not a substitute for that education.  [Like homeschooling!  This is a great endorsement for homeschooling, which was always the prime location for elementary location for most of the Church’s history]

I pray every day that we as parents will do a superlative job instilling the Faith in our children.  Not just through book learning, but through example of practice of the Faith and, very importantly, the virtues.  I pray all parents will do the same.  This is a critical role that too many Catholic parents have been abrogating during this present crisis.  All education really starts in the home, but education in the Faith more than anything!  I’m not as good an example of Catholic fidelity and practice of the virtues as I should be for my children.  Pray that I may become a better role model in the Faith!

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