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Popes Paul VI, John Paul I to be beatified July 12, 2012

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Leo XIII isn’t even a venerable, and these two are going to be beatified?  Maybe, anyways?  Really?  Is there some rule today that every post-conciliar Pope must be automatically a Saint?

Pope Benedict XVI could beatify two of his predecessors during the coming Year of Faith, according to the former prefect of the Congregation for the Causes of Saints.

Cardinal José Saraiva Martins told the Italian daily Corriere delle Alpi that the causes of both Pope Paul VI and Pope John Paul I are “moving ahead,” and miracles attributed to the intercession of both Pontiffs are currently under investigation.

A full position, or dossier on the life of Pope John Paul I, was recently submitted to the Congregation for the Causes of Saints. Documentation on the cause of Pope Paul VI is already complete. If the Congregation finds that each man demonstrated “heroic virtue,” only the approval of a miracle would be necessary to fulfill the requirements for beatification.

Maybe I’m becoming a conspiracy theorist, but it feels like there is a very substantial liberalist/revaunchist reaction in progress.

I don’t know how many of you have read the writings of Pope Paul VI.  The good Pope vacillated wildly between outbursts of near giddiness and irrational exuberance for the “new springtime,” countered with bouts of near-depression when he spoke of the “auto-demolition” of the Faith and the “smoke of satan.”  Reading his writings is quite a roller coaster experience.

John Paul I was Pope for 33 days.  Did he evidence heroic virtue prior to that? I honestly don’t know much about him.

But a cause for canonization for Paul VI was underway, but I thought it was stopped for very specific reasons.  Or not.

Poor Leo XIII just didn’t live at the right time, I suppose.




1. gc5341 - July 13, 2012

I am disgusted and outraged that the Vatican is even considering Paul VI and John Paul I. Why? Why? The legacy of Paul VI’s papacy is that it wreaked havoc on the Church by creating confusion. Too much was changed via a method of deregulation that loosened up many of the venerable and time honored traditions of the Church. This deregulation has created confusion in today’s Church. You correctly point our that the great Leo XIII is not even a venerable! Please Pope Benedict, put a stop to this immediately for the sake of the Church!

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