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St. Catherine of Siena on accepting the Divine Will July 18, 2012

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I’m stealing this from Divine Intimacy, Seventh Sunday after Pentecost ‘The Fruits of Life.’

O eternal God, when man was only a tree of death, You made him a tree of life by grafting Yourself onto him! Nevertheless, many people bring forth only fruits of death, due to their sins and to their refusal to be grafted onto You, O eternal life. Many remain in the death of their sins and do not come to the fountain from which Christ’s Blood flows to water their tree……..and thus it is seen that You created us without our help but You will not save us without it.

What great dignity, O God, does the soul receive when has been grafted onto You and what excellent fruits in produces!  How does this tree bear these fruits, if, by itself, it is sterile and dead?  It bears them in You, O Christ, for if You had not been grafted onto it, it could produce no fruit by its own power, for it is nothing.

O eternal Truth, inestimable Love! You brought forth for us, O Christ, fruits of fire, love light, and prompt obedience, by which You ran like a Lover to the ignominious death of the Cross; You gave us these fruits by grafting Your divinity onto our humanity. Thus, a soul who has been grafted onto You cares for nothing but Your honor and the salvation of souls; it becomes faithful, prudent, and patient. Be ashamed, my soul, that you deprive yourself of so much good on account of your faults!!  The good I do is of no use to You, O God, and the evil of which I am guilty cannot harm You, but You are pleased when Your creature brings forth fruits of life because she will reap infinite good from them and attain the end for which You created her.

O God, Your high, eternal will desires only our sanctification; therefore, a soul who desires to sanctify itself, strips itself of its own will and clothes itself with Yours. O my sweet Love, I think this is the true sign of those who have been grafted onto You; they fulfill Your Will according to Your pleasure and not according to their own, so that they become clothed in Your Will.

—————————–End Quote———————————–

And what is the Will of God?  “If you love me, keep my commandments.” We know these commandments from the Church. Those who reject what the Church believes, reject Christ.  Fin.

St. Catherine, pray for us!

I don’t know much about this girl……. July 18, 2012

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…….or where she came from, but she’s very impressive.  As confident and poised as she is, she has to be homeschooled.  Very good, except for the part about being drunk, which is a bit simplistic (you don’t have to be utterly out of control drunk to commit a grave sin):

Her condemnations of “living the life” are a bit immature and lacking in nuance, but it’s still very good.  Catholic girl has a very interesting personality.

Short Novena to St. Anne July 18, 2012

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She’s your grand mother in a sense, isn’t she worth a Novena?!?  St. Anne’s feast day in both the 1962 and1970 calendars is July 26!

Glorious Saint Anne, filled with compassion for those who invoke you and with love for those who suffer, heavily laden with the weight of my troubles, I cast myself at your feet and humbly beg of you to take the present affair which I recommend to you under your special protection (here pause and pray for your intention or intentions-all that are close to your heart)

Vouchsafe to recommend to your Daughter, The Blessed Virgin Mary, and lay it before the throne of Jesus, so that He may bring it to a happy issue.  Cease not to intercede for me until my request is granted.  Above all, obtain for me the grace of one day beholding my God face to face, that with you and Mary and all the Saints, I may praise and bless Him for all eternity. AMEN

Thanks to MJD!


Neville Chamberlain and the Catholic bishops July 18, 2012

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Randall Terry is certainly a controversial figure.  While no one can doubt his commitment to the pro-life cause, many take exception to his tactics.  He has many enemies.  And while he may have a certain tendency towards showmanship that might be a bit excessive, he has many very valuable points to make and his contribution to the pro-life effort overall has been immense.  I was sent, by a good reader, an article he wrote on his website regarding the Catholic bishops and the nature of appeasement.  It is very worth a read.

In the article, Terry refers back to the period before WWII and the attempts by Great Britain’s Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain to avoid a repeat of WWI at virtually any cost.  Both the British and the French, prior to WWII, were morally exhausted due to their nascent rejection of Christianity and the experience of WWI, and pursued a policy of appeasement viz a viz Nazi Germany that, far from satisfying Hitler’s lust for power, only made that lust grow and grow.  When Hitler could have been easily checked in the beginning, prior to his massive rearmament program coming to fruition (Germany had been permitted only a 100,000 member national guard by the Treaty of Versailles), the British and French failed to act, caving first over the re-occupation of the Rhineland and Saarland by the Germans in 1935,  then the occupation of Austria in 1938 and the final betrayal of the Czech’s at Munich in 1939.  In each case, Chamberlain (and the various French leaders) gave into German demands.  Hitler kept pushing until finally, in 1939, he invaded Poland and the British and French were bound by treaty with the Poles to react. War was declared, but still the British and French did very little until Hitler invaded France and the Low Countries in May 1940.  The rest is history.  How different history could have been, and how many tens of millions of lives could have been saved, had Britain and France possessed the moral resolve to oppose Hitler at the beginning, when he was weak in every respect, including within Germany itself.

After noting much of this history, Terry goes on to state:

Which brings us to most American Catholic Bishops.

They – like Chamberlain – had the data of what Obama intended to do if he became President. They – like Chamberlain – had the authority, the duty, and the power to stop Obama from getting elected. Before and since his election, a handful of bishops have spoken out with courageous clarity. Bishop Jenky from Rockford Illinois made waves by his obtuse comparison of Obama and Hitler; but more importantly, he has made it clear that he will defy Obama, and refuse to comply with the HHS regulations. But the valor of bishop Jenky only serves to highlight the silence of most American bishops.

Why have these bishops “delivered up” the American Catholic Church to Obama? Why did they look askance at his ethical atrocities until now? Why did many bishops actually vote for Obama?

Money. Like Neville Chamberlain – (and yes, like Judas) – it is about money. The Catholic Church in America receives billions of dollars from the federal government for her various hospitals and charities. And when the prospect of Obama’s election was yet on the horizon, like Chamberlain before them, they ignored the less than pleasant facts. They ignored the communiqués. They ignored Obama’s record. They knew that their number one “trading partner” was the federal government, and a Democratic President meant the potential for more revenue. They sold their scrap metal to Obama; he stamped it “return to sender.”

As we watch President Obama order the political crucifixion of the Catholic Church, let us remember that it was the Catholic bishops who delivered Her up; and as Christ said, they have the greater guilt.

Terry had previously argued that the main reason Chamberlain gave into Hitler was to preserve the British economy.  That may have played some role, but the major reason was that moral innervation I alluded to above.  Chamberlain and most in the British and French governments, simply did not have the will to fight another war.  They were (and are even more so, now) morally exhausted – they feared reliving the experience of WWI all over again.  Instead, by appeasement, they got something even worse.

The likelihood of receiving more money for Catholic institutions (like the illusory Catholic “charities”) may have played a role in many bishops at least tacitly supporting Obama in ’08.  But even more, to me, is the still dominant (though shrinking) majority political outlook of US bishops which is fundamentally left-liberal.  It has been reported in many locations that a large number of bishops voted for Obama.  They were as enraptured of him as many in the public were, sold on the false image created of him by the media as a sort of demi-god of left wing fantasia.  They, like the media and the majority of the US public, simply ignored the vast amount of evidence showing Obama for what he is – a lockstep modern socialist who values abortion over almost anything else and is very happy to use the power of the state to advance the socialist agenda and crush any opposition.  They chose to look the other way.

The result of this appeasement has been the continued atrocity of abortion, demands for Church-funded contraception, assaults on the rights of the Church in numerous areas, and an increasingly hostile cultural climate in which persecution – overt and covert, seems to grow every day.

Even today, with Obama singling out the Catholic Church for persecution in a dozen different ways, some very large, some revealingly small, Obama enjoys a great deal of support within the hallowed halls of the USCCB, even among a large percentage of bishops.  If they could, they would continue to try to appease him.  But with the contraception mandate, Obama finally crossed a line that the majority of bishops could not accept.  The Mandate was like Hitler’s invasion of Poland.  What followed in WWII has been called the “Phoney War,” the period from fall 1939 to May 1940 in which the British and French largely sat on their hands and waited for the inevitable German hammer blow.  One could argue whether or not we are in our own “Catholic Phoney War” now, with the bishops making some response but hardly engaging in an all-out struggle against this repressive regime.

A number of steps that could have been taken to oppose Obama and his pro-abort democrat allies, such as revising the execrable “Forming Consciences for Faithful Citizenship” to make plain that Catholics can under no circumstances vote for a pro-abort candidate, or finally enforcing Canon 915 and denying the Blessed Sacrament to a pro-abort politician (if not formally excommunicating them), have not been.  Those are the big guns in the bishop’s arsenal, and they haven’t been used.  We haven’t even seen ringing condemnations of contraception as an evil in and of itself.  Instead, we have a campaign focused on changing political opinion and energizing the laity, carefully focused on often doctrinally problematic talk of “rights” and “freedoms,” rather than on the real issues of the evil of contraception and this ghastly assault on the rights (and life) of the Church. Whether this campaign will have much impact at all in November remains to be seen.

If Obama is re-elected expect the Phoney War to end and massive hammer blows to fall in early 2013.

USCCB charity gives $5.3 million to contraception charity July 18, 2012

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I don’t know why charities so love to play this game – funding one another from funds received – but play it they do.  The USCCB’s Catholic Relief Services, which has always been problematic since its very core principles rule out evangelizing for the Faith, donated $5.3 million to CARE, long known as a strident pro-contraception AND -abort “charity.” They are huge, huge advocates of “family planning” and “reproductive health.”  I think we all know what that means at this point.  LifeSiteNews reports:

In the epic battle between the American Catholic bishops and the Obama Administration over being forced to pay for contraceptive coverage, the efforts of the bishops have been undermined time and again by individual Catholics and Catholic entities that support contraception. One major example of this is within the Bishops’ own jurisdiction.

Catholic Relief Services (CRS), “the official overseas relief and development agency of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops” has recently given millions to an organization that doles out contraceptives, including abortifacient ‘emergency contraception.’

The most recent CRS annual returns (2010) indicate that the largest CRS grant — $5.3 million — went to CARE, an international “relief and development organization,” that actively promotes and provides contraceptives for women in developing countries, and supports pro-abortion groups and legislation.

According to the 2010 990s, CRS gave $5,380,466 to CARE, which is noted on page 86 of the filing.

………Human Life International, the largest international pro-life Catholic organization is similarly troubled.  There is “no way to support CARE financially that does not also support the problematic work that they do,” Fr. Shenan Boquet told LifeSiteNews.

The HLI president noted that that CARE has made “‘reproductive health’—which typically includes contraception as well as abortion—a cornerstone of their ‘development’ strategies.” Because the revenues that CARE receives are fungible, he said, any funds given them would automatically support their whole program—including abortion lobbying and contraception.

I’ve said it before many times, but CRS, and Catholic Charities are really problematic.  I won’t give them any money.  There are plenty of good charities out there that don’t fund questionable or, frankly, horrible things, and that don’t have the political baggage, to boot.  They also tend not to blow money on imbecilities like global warming advocacy.  If you’ve ever brought home CRS’s Lenten “Rice Bowl” literature, and carefully perused it, you can learn alot about the organization.  For one, they are far, far more concerned about temporal poverty than spiritual poverty, even though the Holy Father has repeatedly stressed that all Catholic charitable organizations must focus on both.  Secondly, they operate from a statist, I would say socialistic, mindset.  I could go on, but why bother?  CRS and Catholic Charities are exactly the entities they were created to be – vehicles for public funds (taxes) to flow into the Church.  I believe that is wrong, possibly even counter to the Faith, so I refuse to support these organizations.

This has been one of the major elements of the Americanist Church – an almost exclusive focus on temporal works, works largely funded by the government, which causes myriad moral compromises while at the same time the spiritual situation of the Church is almost totally ignored.  Sounds like a recipe for disaster, no?