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I don’t know much about this girl……. July 18, 2012

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…….or where she came from, but she’s very impressive.  As confident and poised as she is, she has to be homeschooled.  Very good, except for the part about being drunk, which is a bit simplistic (you don’t have to be utterly out of control drunk to commit a grave sin):

Her condemnations of “living the life” are a bit immature and lacking in nuance, but it’s still very good.  Catholic girl has a very interesting personality.


1. Micah C. - July 18, 2012

Yes she is! I’ve spoken with her several times, and she’s very nice.

2. KathiBee - July 19, 2012

This young lady was featured on Fr. Z earlier this month as she explained the TLM:


From Fr.’s comment section a bit more about her:

Here’s an interview with the woman who writes, produces and speaks in the videos:

“After years of being misled by individuals who interpreted Vatican II as a free for all, my mother found the truths of the Catholic faith shortly after marrying my father who was a Buddhist. By the grace of God and without being pressured, my father eventually converted to Catholicism a few years later. With our best interest in mind, my parents chose to home school all six of us.

I’ve always had persistent interests in music, art and journalism. When I was younger I would write newspapers by hand for my family concerning new things that were happening in the household. They were sort of useless, because practically everyone already knew everything. I eventually got an old fashioned typewriter for my birthday, but within a very short period of time one of my siblings spilled cashews in it (which I also got for my birthday) and it ceased to work after that. I also had a talk/radio show called “ABC Kids.” I would fill a whole cassette tape with interviews, stories, music and singing and give it to my Dad. When I was twelve, I discovered how to use my family’s camcorder and immediately became the strict and neurotic director. None of the shows I orchestrated ever turned out as I imagined, but my siblings and I have great memories of those times.

I just finished my second year of college. My focus this summer is to visit religious orders in order to see if God is calling me to religious life.”

For the rest of the interview, see:

tantamergo - July 19, 2012

Thanks, Kathi! That’s awesome!

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