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Russian, American birth rates now nearly identical July 19, 2012

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I am amazed by this bit of data.  After Russia’s demographic collapse in the 1990s, when birthrates plummeted and the mortality rate soared, it appeared that Russia had reached a point of no return.  But through a growth in moral strength aided in no small part by the resurgence of the Orthodox Church, and with many government incentives to have more children, the Russian birth rate is now equal to that of the US.  The other side of the coin is that the US birth rate has dropped precipitously since 2008 –  over 10%, according to the data below.

I wonder how much of the US decline is due to the fact that immigration has fallen off a great deal, and many former immigrants have gone back to their home countries since the US economy is no longer growing.  Since immigrants tended to have a much higher birth rate that native born Americans, their departure would affect the birth rate negatively.

Long and short term, low birth rates will mean less economic growth and more tendency towards uncontrolled federal (and other) debt.  There will be fewer young people to provide productivity and pay taxes to pay for all the very generous programs we’ve given ourselves over the years, transferring wealth from productive sectors of the economy to unproductive sectors.  Historically, low birth rates have always been associated with lowered economic output, and even economic collapse, when the decrease is sustained for a long enough period of time (generally on the order of decades).  Japan’s economic “miracle” foundered in 1990 when the collapse in the Japanese birth rate finally began to be felt.  Europe has been and will continue to be mired in economic stagnation for so long as the collective European birth rate remains well below replacement rate.  As governments around the world scramble around trying to find solutions to the economic problems caused by birth dearth, it is amazing to see the manifest refusal to countenance the one remedy that would be truly effective, if taking a while to act: encouraging population growth.  But the elites decided long ago that man was a cancer on the earth, and thus population growth was one of the greatest evils in the world.

Our sins contain the seeds of our destruction.  It is part of our very created natures that it be thus.  We engage in sterile, depraved, promiscuous sex outside the confines of marriage with great abandon, and mock the God who tells us that such things are reserved solely for the marital embrace.  We don’t want to be hassled by kids, we want to have fun!, and so we engage in sex without reproduction and spend money we don’t have.  It’s all catching up to us, and rapidly.  Whether people will finally realize, that much of our fiscal mess is closely tied to our reproductive choices, I don’t know.  But I do know that we’re about out of time to change course.

Chick-Fil-A, Boy Scouts USA must be crushed July 19, 2012

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It is utterly intolerable for the so very, very tolerant types to be reminded of their error, and their embrace of sin.  Those doing the reminding must be crushed, destroyed, obliterated.  Two more targets for the purveyors of cultural death by “tolerance:”  the Boy Scouts and Chick-Fil-A:

Dan Cathy, the president and chief operating officer of popular fast food chain Chick-fil-A, said in a radio interview this week that legalizing same-sex marriage is “inviting God’s judgment on our nation.”

Appearing on “The Ken Coleman Show,” Cathy spoke of his company’s pride in its socially conservative character, but then offered an assessment of same-sex marriage that might lose the chain a few customers.

“I think we are inviting God’s judgment on our nation when we shake our fist at Him and say, ‘We know better than you as to what constitutes a marriage,’” said Cathy.

“I pray God’s mercy on our generation that has such a prideful, arrogant attitude to think that we have the audacity to define what marriage is about,” he added. [That’s pretty rare language from a modern American CEO.  Good on him. I wish we had more priests and bishops that spoke like that]

Regarding the Boy Scouts – they are still a safe option for your boys, for now.  They have rejected allowing openly gay members and ‘leaders’ within the organization:

After what it called a two-year-long examination of its policies, the Boy Scouts of America has ruled: Gay boys are still banned from Scouting.

Already the sob stories of the incredibly talented, dedicated, patriotic, and just plain generally superior in virtually every respect gay members and leaders who are being “excluded” are being trotted out to elicit emotional reactions from unthinking readers.  What is not discussed is the utterly incredible phenomenon of a tiny minority attempting to dictate to private organizations the make-up or operating principles of those organizations.  But that is how the “tolerance” crowd operates – tolerance for me, and forced, public repudiations of your faith/belief system for thee.  This way, we all get to enjoy the pleasures of sodomy, literally or figuratively!

In the “this is totally unexpected” department, one final tidbit shows that JC Penney’s attempt to pander to this tiny minority has not stemmed its retail collapse.  In fact, it appears the pandering may have accelerated the decline:

Simply put, people are not shopping at J.C. Penney. AFA and OneMillionMoms are showing success in the effort to educate people to Penney’s aggressive national campaign to promote “gay” marriage.

The company is going downhill fast. Since February, the company stock has lost more than half its value, and Standard & Poor’s Ratings Services lowered its credit rating on J.C. Penney Co. further into “junk” status.

Snapshot of J.C. Penney under same-sex marriage crusade

February 2012 May 2012  June 2012 July 2012
JCP announces Ellen DeGeneres as their new spokesperson. JCP launches catalog ad featuring two “gay” moms. JCP launches catalog ad featuring two “gay” dads. JCP stock rated “junk” by S&P. JCP fires marketing exec.
Stock price:
Stock price falls to $35.67 Stock price falls to $25.83 Stock price falls to $20.02

A very good friend desperately needs your prayers July 19, 2012

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I was shocked and very hurt to learn yesterday that very good friend and former radio host Vicki Middleton is gravely, gravely ill.  I don’t have many details, but from what I have been told she has very advanced cancer.  The prognosis is not good.  I ask if you would, in your charity, pray for her and for her family.  Please pray for a miraculously healing, so long as such is not detrimental to her sanctification.  I pray for her husband Jim and all of her family in this time of mutual suffering, that it will draw them together and help them all grow so much closer to our Dear Savior.  I am so very sorry to hear about this.

Vicki is as kind and generous a woman as I have met.  That kindness and generosity was on display every time I was on the radio with her (and a great blessing that was), in how she shared the very expensive air time with a novice like me, and always had little (or big) gifts for me, my wife, and the kids, and always brought food for the station staff.  That is the one word that I most think of regarding Vicki – generous.  She gave of herself without reserve for the causes she cared so much about, and what a great blessing it has been for the Church that She was the cause that has consumed Vicki since her conversion several years ago.

Again, please pray for her!  I’m not even certain of Vicki’s age, but I would like her to be around for many more years, for selfish reasons.   We had one miraculous recovery associated with Vicki in the past year or so, perhaps God will reveal His greatness through another miracle that baffles medical science.

Deo Gratias!

Finally! Roberto De Mattei’s critical history of Vatican II to be published in English soon July 19, 2012

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Or so says Br. Andre Marie at the Catholicism.org website.  I don’t have any details, yet, but I’m very glad to know that it’s coming.

For those who aren’t aware, noted Italian historian Roberto De Mattei wrote a critical history of the Second Vatican Council entitled The Second Vatican Council: A Story Never Told.  He really dug down deeply and thoroughly into the Vatican archives to uncover many of the rather secret dealings that went on the craft the Council, as well as the individuals who played a role in shaping the direction of the Council before it began.  It apparently uncovers a great deal of previously unknown information, including what those who were involved in crafting certain nebulous statements in the conciliar documents intended to achieve by this alleged obfuscation.  It is supposed to be a really impressive book – it won some major history prize in Italy, something akin to the Pulitzer.  It has made all the right people very mad.

One of the clubs I have seen used to beat traditionally minded Catholics is that they are no different from the modernists if they look at the most recent Council and say………..huh?  Or if they express the view that the conciliar documents, taken at face value, seem to say some very different things from what the Church has traditionally believed.  The claim is that by questioning the Council, the traditionalists are rejecting the Magisterium just as much as those who took those problematic aspects of Vatican II to fashion a radically new and different Church.  It’s always seemed a rather weak claim to me, except when applied to groups that have split themselves off (or been split off by force) from the Church.  Even then, it’s not the strongest of claims.  A corollary to this is the belief that to question the Holy Father to any degree, even in areas outside faith and morals, is tantamount to heresy and rejecting the Faith.  That is not the long-term historical practice of the Faith, but it is the practice that has developed in the Church over the past two centuries.   De Mattei has been beaten by all these clubs, and more.

It’s a very complex subject.  I’m not sure where I fall in all this, or, I should say, where the orthodox belief really lies.  I could write 2000 words on this subject, which 3 people would read.  For now, I look forward to getting the book.

One final note, Brother Andre Marie at Catholicism.org states his belief that the work of De Mattei, along with Romano Amerio (his book is fantastic) and Msgr. Gherardini will be instrumental in restoring the sacred sciences.  We shall see………maybe.  If we live that long.

I’ll let you know as soon as I find out when the book is available.