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Funny! July 23, 2012

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I lurve this:

These are even more accurate:

This guy, he just doesn’t get us.  He’s just not American.  But, the terrifying thing is, a very large proportion of Americans are so disconnected from what being American has meant and still, to most? of us, means, that they agree with him. That crowd he was speaking to when he let the mask slip – they were largely in agreement.  The “mmm-hmms” were audibly numerous……..the socialists have managed to inculcate a dependent underclass who both resent those who are productive and at the same time demand large shares of the productive segment’s “wealth.”  That underclass is very large – is it half, yet?  A little more?  A little less?  I may not take half – having even 40% of the populace utterly dependent on the government, voting as a bloc, could turn every election to their advantage.  It’s not good to have a dependent underclass who can vote themselves benefits – that’s how Athens and Rome imploded.

Notre Dame priest, professor – US right to use atomic bombs in WWII July 23, 2012

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I totally agree with this position, but I’m surprised to see a Notre Dame priest and history professor take this view!

I had an exchange with Brad Birzer at Catholic Vote last year during the annual Catholic hand-wringing and self-loathing over the attacks on Hiroshima and Nagasaki.  I finally pinned him down to admit that the choice to end the war came down to dropping the bombs or agreeing to a negotiated surrender that left the militarists in power.  He would never quite admit that was what he was advocating for, but that was it.  Because the other alternatives – invasion, continued blockade/starvation – were even less moral, and would have killed even more Japanese.  Leaving the militarists in power would have meant another war – and this time with a nuclear armed Japan – in 10 or 20 years.  What fun that would have been.  But, it could have made the Cold War very different and much cheaper for the US……

I have a new history professor I may have to read.  He sounds Aussie, dudunt he?

h/t culturewarnotes

St. Peter Julian Eymard on motherhood July 23, 2012

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Some commentary on motherhood from the great St. Peter Julian Eymard’s Eucharistic Handbook. I write it because although obviously not a mother, I thought it contained much valuable input for that most critical of human roles, motherhood:

A mother must instill virtue in each one of her children and make it agreeable to them.  She will first of all apply herself to making her own virtue simple and easy so that her children may become as it were naturally virtuous, gentle and pleasing – so that she may win the hearts of all; strong and disinterested, so that she may always remain undisturbed in her trials and faithful to God in her sacrifices.

A Christian mother will best sanctify her family by prayer; her prayer puts the finishing touch to what her words and examples had begun.   God refuses nothing to the persevering prayer of a mother. Prayer should then be the habitual food of her soul.

A mother will teach her children their prayers early. Inasmuch as she can, she will take it upon herself to have them fulfill this pious duty every day.  She will specially get them into the habit of frequent visits to the Most Blessed Sacrament by leading them to church from their tenderest years.

The title of mother is the fruit of suffering; God has willed it so. The title of spiritual mother can be acquired only on Calvary by the side of Mary, Mother of all men.

To obtain the Grace of salvation for her children, a mother must then accept to suffer and to suffer alone with Jesus and Mary: blessed sufferings indeed, since they beget children of God and citizens of Heaven to the life of Grace. The greater is her suffering and the more devoid she is of all natural consolation, the more a mother should rejoice in Divine Charity; for that is the sign that the hour of victory is at hand.

Happy the mother who has the wisdom of the Cross, the virtue of Jesus Crucified; all the sweetness and power of it will be hers. Let her then practice love without ceasing; let her earnestly pray for it as the surest and sublimest Grace of perfection!

Latin Mass tonight at St. Mark July 23, 2012

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If you aren’t there, you’re banned from the blog!

Yes, even if you don’t live here, if you live within a 500 mile radius and you aren’t at this Mass – BANNED!

Just teasing!

UPDATE:  The time might help.  Same as always. 7pm.

I heard an amazing sermon yesterday July 23, 2012

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How often do you hear sermons about hell? Have you ever heard one, by a real, live priest in front of you, and not some Fulton Sheen or Corapi or other on TV?  I heard a doozy yesterday, looking at the secrets of Fatima and the horrific vision shown to Blessed Jacinta and Francisco and Lucia of hell.  This was not a one time vision experienced by some deranged children, it is the same vision that has been shown to many other recipients of Marian apparitions over the past few centuries.  Hell is a real place, where real people go – forever.  How many people is known only to God, but the wisdom of the Saints and the visions revealed by our Blessed Mother show that it is many, many souls that go to hell.  St. John of the Cross and St. Teresa of Avila – Doctors of the Church –  both despaired that only a tiny fragment of humanity would achieve salvation.  Another Doctor, St. Alphonsus Ligouri, believed the same.  I could go on and on regarding the near-death experiences of Saints and others that showed how many souls are lost.  And yet, in most parishes, hell is a subject that is never, ever discussed.  So many like to pretend that it doesn’t exist, or that a loving God would never send anyone there, and certainly not for all eternity.  Both of these beliefs are, by the way, condemned heresies.

I hope to be able to post that sermon once it comes up on AudioSancto.  For now, I will link to another sermon, the beginning of which is about the then recent Supreme Court decision to declare socialism perfectly compatible with the Constitution – the notorious Roberts decision on Obamacare.  There are four sins that cry out to Heaven for vengeance, and for which God has in the past dealt out terrible retribution.  Those sins are, of course:

  1. The sin of San Francisco – homosexual acts.  The priest relates how our society has just totally gone over to more than tolerance of, but outright embrace and even preferential treatment for those who engage in acts of grave moral depravity.
  2. The shedding of innocent blood – abortion.  55 million or so babies dead from abortion, largely for reasons of convenience or preference.
  3. Defrauding the laborer of his wages.  Leaving alone abuse of workers here in the US, which frequently occurs especially among illegal immigrants, we ship jobs overseas to China where workers are often prisoners of the state, forced to work for slave wages so that we can buy a $100 TV.
  4. Oppressing widow/women and children.  Our culture has turned women into objects of lust.  We force contraception and abortion on other countries as a condition to receive US aid – money which we don’t have in the first place, which goes back to #3.

Nations will be judged in this life.  Sacred Scripture reveals how the Jewish nation was repeatedly chastised by God for its infidelity, including its repeated commission of those sins listed above.  God also frequently allows our sins to destroy us.  The priest made a really salient point yesterday – that if God does not chastise the United States, He will have to apologize to Sodom and Gomorrah, because we’re not better than those damned cities.

Our response in all this is to be holy, to grow in the life of grace and to raise our children to do the same.  We must try to bring others into the practice of the Faith.  We must pray for the grace of perseverance  in these trying times.  Things will likely get worse.  While we must continue fighting, we should read the signs of the times and recognize what is coming, and that the culture seems hell-bent, quite literally.  We should prepare ourselves and others to withstand the firestorm that is coming, both chastisement from God and the fury of hell unleashed in this morally adrift nation.

And all that from the first 5 1/2 minutes!

Here is another very good sermon that gives a fantastic exegesis on Mark chapters 6-8 I tried to develop here a couple of weeks ago.



Michael Voris on the scandal of gay clergy – UPDATED July 23, 2012

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This is a very difficult topic to discuss.  I don’t think we understand the extent to which the clergy has been corrupted by active homosexuals in its ranks.  I don’t think we comprehend how much of the heresy and abuse that has become so widespread is intimately linked to this large gay culture in the clergy.  St. Jerome, Aquinas, and other greats have noted that heresy is almost always fired by some personal sin, usually a sin of the flesh.  The heretic cannot resist their sin, and so they try to attack the Church – often from within – in order to make their sin somehow “okay.”  It won’t work, for God’s Law is written on our hearts:

I think it important to remember that the clergy abuse crisis in the Church has not been one of pedophilia, but almost exclusively of homosexual interest in pre-teen and teen boys.  I think it also important to note that much anecdotal evidence – including that of a few orthodox priests how have managed to survive the trial – shows that the gay culture in many seminaries was so predominant that straight, orthodox men had a hard time being ordained, with a huge number of likely valid vocations being lost through persecution.  How much of the current priest shortage is due to that persecution is impossible to fathom, but I don’t think it is an insignificant factor.

Surely, there have always been gay priests.  There are probably a fair number of faithful priests who have homosexual inclinations but with the graces the Church provides avoid acting on those inclinations (but even this, the Holy Father has pointed out, is problematic).  But this is probably the only time in the history of the Church that there has been such a large, influential cohort of actively gay men in the priesthood, men who do not keep their vow of celibacy and flaunt Church belief in kinds of ways.  I don’t think it accidental that this time is also one of the few, if only, times in Church history when apostasy has been so widespread within the ranks of the ordained.

This is going to be an extremely difficult problem to eradicate.  Steps have been taken to improve things, and I think things have improved to a degree in seminaries, but the problem will remain for decades.

UPDATE: To show the extent of the problem, here is one active homosexual priest who rejects Church Doctrine to the extent that he writes and gives talks telling Catholics how they can apostasize and attack marriage, the foundational institution of all human society.  Yes, you too can reject 2000 years of constant belief and be instantly popular (and maybe get your own HuffPo page like him!) if you just support the impossibility of “gay marriage.”

Remember, public heresy is almost invariably fired by private sin.  So pray for this man’s conversion.


Book shows how USCCB helped create Obama July 23, 2012

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The irony is beyond words.  A new book by Phyllis Schlafly – and every extensively documented – shows how Obama’s early career in Chicago was funded by the Catholic Campaign for Human Development – the same problematic CCHD that is still funding left-wing, Alinskyite groups today.

A new book by conservative icon Phyllis Schlafly and American Spectator journalist George Neumayr exposes never-before-seen documents that purportedly show that the Catholic Church supported, and gave monies to, Barack Obama in the 1980s to attend a community organizing training with the Saul Alinsky-founded Industrial Areas Foundation (IAF). Additionally, in “No Higher Power,” the authors highlight other problematic funding and allegiances between the Church and ultra-liberal causes……

……In “No Higher Power,” Schlafly and Neumayr focus upon Obama’s “war on religious freedom,” as the book puts it. Since the announcement of his controversial contraceptive mandate, many have claimed that the president and his administration have turned hostile towards people of faith (although there were other benchmarks, including his attack on the ministerial exemption and an alleged apathy toward the faith community that some called out as earlier warning signs).

Considering Obama’s ongoing stalemate with Catholic leaders, though, there are some past connections that are worth noting. TheBlaze secured an exclusive excerpt from Chapter 6 of the book, where the aforementioned documents seem to show that the Catholic Church funded Obama’s IAF trip. On the surface, this may seem benign, but connecting the dots showcases what the authors contend is further evidence of leftist infiltration into the Church.

The Industrial Areas Foundation, is, of course, one of the many “social justice” groups Saul Alinsky created to infiltrate, and then draw money and respectability from, church institutions.  In point of fact, it was the left-wing dominated Archdiocese of Chicago that provided much of the initial clout and funding for Alinsky and helped get his left-wing IAF and other organizations off the ground.  Many of these organizations are of course not only socialistic, but also supporters of those other sacred shibboleths of the left – abortion, contraception, sexual depravity, gays simulating marriage, etc.

The link shows a request for payment from Obama for having attended an Industrial Areas Foundation conference in LA, and then a check to Obama from the then so-called Campaign for Human Development to Barack Obama.  It’s relatively small potatoes, but what it does is establish conclusively Obama’s early relation to Catholic “social justice” organizations.

I’m not going to beat around the bush.  CCHD was created to provide a slush-fund to get money – your Church money, that you donated – to leftist groups.  Leftist groups which do what leftists always do – push for socialism, support ghastly social causes like abortion, and then, when they are through using them, turn around and savagely attack the Church as a competing power base.  Read some history, and you’ll find that wherever socialists have come to power, it has meant at the very least a brutal persecution of the Church, and in, if the socialists stay in power for long, the death of faith.  Talking to Michael Voris about Europe last spring, he related how the Church is dead – just nearly totally dead – in Europe. Europe is almost totally atheist, to a degree we have a hard time understanding in this country.  Save for a tiny remnant, the Church is gone from Europe, practically speaking.

And yet, many bishops continue to push the left wing agenda and the CCHD disaster.  They have now been, in effect, hoisted on their own petard – one of those “community organizers” they funded back in the 80s is now persecuting the Church to a degree never seen before in this country.  Will the bishops learn from this?  Will an object lesson be drawn?

If you still give money to the annual CCHD collection, I have to say, stop.  Sorry, but I don’t think a faithful Catholic can support that organization, at all.