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Book shows how USCCB helped create Obama July 23, 2012

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The irony is beyond words.  A new book by Phyllis Schlafly – and every extensively documented – shows how Obama’s early career in Chicago was funded by the Catholic Campaign for Human Development – the same problematic CCHD that is still funding left-wing, Alinskyite groups today.

A new book by conservative icon Phyllis Schlafly and American Spectator journalist George Neumayr exposes never-before-seen documents that purportedly show that the Catholic Church supported, and gave monies to, Barack Obama in the 1980s to attend a community organizing training with the Saul Alinsky-founded Industrial Areas Foundation (IAF). Additionally, in “No Higher Power,” the authors highlight other problematic funding and allegiances between the Church and ultra-liberal causes……

……In “No Higher Power,” Schlafly and Neumayr focus upon Obama’s “war on religious freedom,” as the book puts it. Since the announcement of his controversial contraceptive mandate, many have claimed that the president and his administration have turned hostile towards people of faith (although there were other benchmarks, including his attack on the ministerial exemption and an alleged apathy toward the faith community that some called out as earlier warning signs).

Considering Obama’s ongoing stalemate with Catholic leaders, though, there are some past connections that are worth noting. TheBlaze secured an exclusive excerpt from Chapter 6 of the book, where the aforementioned documents seem to show that the Catholic Church funded Obama’s IAF trip. On the surface, this may seem benign, but connecting the dots showcases what the authors contend is further evidence of leftist infiltration into the Church.

The Industrial Areas Foundation, is, of course, one of the many “social justice” groups Saul Alinsky created to infiltrate, and then draw money and respectability from, church institutions.  In point of fact, it was the left-wing dominated Archdiocese of Chicago that provided much of the initial clout and funding for Alinsky and helped get his left-wing IAF and other organizations off the ground.  Many of these organizations are of course not only socialistic, but also supporters of those other sacred shibboleths of the left – abortion, contraception, sexual depravity, gays simulating marriage, etc.

The link shows a request for payment from Obama for having attended an Industrial Areas Foundation conference in LA, and then a check to Obama from the then so-called Campaign for Human Development to Barack Obama.  It’s relatively small potatoes, but what it does is establish conclusively Obama’s early relation to Catholic “social justice” organizations.

I’m not going to beat around the bush.  CCHD was created to provide a slush-fund to get money – your Church money, that you donated – to leftist groups.  Leftist groups which do what leftists always do – push for socialism, support ghastly social causes like abortion, and then, when they are through using them, turn around and savagely attack the Church as a competing power base.  Read some history, and you’ll find that wherever socialists have come to power, it has meant at the very least a brutal persecution of the Church, and in, if the socialists stay in power for long, the death of faith.  Talking to Michael Voris about Europe last spring, he related how the Church is dead – just nearly totally dead – in Europe. Europe is almost totally atheist, to a degree we have a hard time understanding in this country.  Save for a tiny remnant, the Church is gone from Europe, practically speaking.

And yet, many bishops continue to push the left wing agenda and the CCHD disaster.  They have now been, in effect, hoisted on their own petard – one of those “community organizers” they funded back in the 80s is now persecuting the Church to a degree never seen before in this country.  Will the bishops learn from this?  Will an object lesson be drawn?

If you still give money to the annual CCHD collection, I have to say, stop.  Sorry, but I don’t think a faithful Catholic can support that organization, at all.

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