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Liberal sects collapse, conservative ones grow, the Church muddles along July 24, 2012

Posted by Tantumblogo in Basics, Ecumenism, episcopate, foolishness, General Catholic, Society, Tradition.

Here is some data via GloriaTV that is interesting to me, showing the relative growth or decline of select denominations in the United States.  The liberal protestant sects are in self-induced free fall.  Some are very near to passing the point of no return, and none show the slightest inclination to reversing course from progressive, modernist apostasy.  The Church continues to spin its tires, with the divisions rending the Church I would imagine, having no small impact.  If proper practice of the Faith and Tradition is restored, look for numbers to increase again:

You can time the collapse of the protestant sects almost to the minute they embraced a modernist, hedonist sexual ethic.  It is interesting that the baptists are shrinking……don’t you think that might be due to contraception?  I sense contraception is going to become a very big issue with the baptists.

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