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CRS digs a deeper hole – National Catholic Bioethics Center warned against CARE grant July 25, 2012

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Lots of interesting things in this follow-up post by LifeSiteNews.  First of all, since LifeSiteNews broke the story last week about Catholic Relief Services (CRS) making a huge donation to pro-abort, pro-contracept, pro-lots of bad things CARE, CRS has been pushing back claiming that LifeSiteNews had the wrong data, that CRS had not given money to any pro-abort or other immoral activities at CARE, that the money was for a water treatment project, that the money was “not fungible” (for the first time ever, non-fungible money!), and most importantly that the National Catholic Bioethics Center had reviewed their grant and found it perfectly, wonderfully compliant with Catholic morality.

Not so fast, says LifeSiteNews today: they interviewed John Haas of the bioethics center and he said he had lots of problems with the grant:

Dr. Haas told LifeSiteNews that when he reviewed the proposed donation to CARE it was “of grave concern to me.” 

While Haas noted that the NCBC assessment did not dispute that CARE’s project was laudable nor that the monies were non-fungible, he opposed the grant because of the scandal it would cause. His main concern was the stridently pro-abortion stances taken by CARE’s president and CEO, Helene D. Gayle.

Reading from his submission to CRS, Dr. Haas said:

“On the anniversary of Roe v Wade in 2009 [Gayle] called on President Obama to rescind the Mexico City Policy and fund abortions abroad. She issued this call on the very day hundreds of thousands of pro-life demonstrators including many bishops called for the reversal of Roe v Wade. Her testimony and statement are both posted on the website of CARE.

“Even though the grants going to CARE are for very laudable and indeed life-saving initiatives, I believe that these very strong public positions taken by the President of CARE in complete opposition to the policies and positions of the US Catholic Conference of Bishops would certainly give rise to legitimate theological scandal if not confusion as to why the Bishops would fund such an organization.

“I think even some bishops would take exception to the grant to CARE if they were aware of the strong public advocacy of abortion and the positions at odds with those of the bishops.”

And the quote that puts it all in perspective:

Haas was referring to the fact that while the US Bishops were advocating for the Mexico City Policy, CARE was publicly opposing it. The Mexico City Policy ensured agencies in receipt of US funding could not divert the money to organizations dedicated to performing and promoting abortions.  It was enacted in 1984 under Ronald Reagan, and has since been rescinded by Democratic administrations and reinstated by Republicans.

The left hand does not know what the right hand is doing, does it?  The bishops advocate for one thing, and then the myriad bureaucracies the bishops have created turn around and do the exact opposite thing.

Allow me to rebut a few other of CRS’s defensive claims:

  1. All money is fungible.  If you give CARE $5 million to build a water supply system, CARE now has $5 million from other funding sources to spend on abortion that would have gone to the water system.  This claim is idiocy, and has been shot down hundreds of times in other venues in different circumstances.
  2. CARE is a radically, stridently pro-abort and pr0-contracept agency.  They are thoroughly politicized (as most charities that receive government funding are……….ahem) and have a very long history of taking stands antithetical to the practice of the Faith.
  3. You can never morally cooperate with evil, even if the act you conduct with that evil is nominally “good.”  Funding such a stridently amoral organization as CARE is gravely immoral, no matter the end.  The donation to CARE, by the way, represented 25% of CRS donations in 2010!!
  4. The National Catholic Bioethics Center has its own problems.  They have made some “decisions” regarding ethical issues that I think are really difficult to reconcile with an orthodox practice of the Faith. So, if they are shouting scandal………..wow.

CRS is in spin control mode.  They’re trying to save themselves and keep their donations intact.  I haven’t given to CRS or Catholic Charities or any of the large, govenment funded Catholic charities for years, and I certainly don’t plan to now.  I advise all faithful Catholics to find other charities to support -the mainstream Catholic charities are just too progressive, too politicized, too dependent on government funding, and too morally compromised to support.

I do find it interesting how CRS is sort of aping Obama in their response to this crisis – they’re lashing out, blaming their critics and demanding apologies, in spite of the evidence.


1. John Rivera (@JohnRivera_CRS) - July 25, 2012

Dr. Haas did NOT tell CRS not to fund CARE. The LifeSite News article is inaccurate (again). Read the facts: http://newswire.crs.org/john-haas-refutes-lifesite-news-headline/

tantamergo - July 25, 2012

Ah, CRS got a google bot. Good for you!

I didn’t say that Haas said not to fund CARE. I didn’t quote a statement from Haas stating that, either. You’re rebutting the wrong thing. Your organization made a horrifically bad decision. It’s not the first time. CRS’s very mentality says “we don’t evangelize, we’d never bring up Scripture with anyone we help.”

You can fight this all you want, but you’re not helping your organization.

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3. Marguerite - July 26, 2012

This is so demoralizing. CRS is in my Will and I thought that this was a reputable organization. Is there any Catholic organization we can trust to donate to?

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