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CRS makes further response to CARE scandal July 25, 2012

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I had a figure from CRS come by and attempt to refute some of what I said in my last post.  I think it was a rather niggling response, since CRS has certainly caused scandal, and scandal is a very grave matter in itself.

Scandal is not a PR matter.  It’s not a funding concern.  It’s a serious sin in and of itself.  Causing scandal can cause people to be confused about what the Church believes, it can cause people to fall into error, it can even cause people to leave the Faith.  Our Blessed Lord made clear what a gravely sinful matter scandal was when he said in Matthew 18:6 “But he that shall scandalize one of these little ones that believe in me, it were better for him that a millstone should be hanged about his neck, and that he should be drowned in the depth of the sea.”

CRS has made alot of counter claims in regard to this CARE donation, but they have not countered the fact that they were warned this donation to CARE would cause scandal.  Given that, CRS had a great responsibility to decide whether the good that would come from the donation would outweigh the scandal caused by it. They decided it would, but seems to me like a foregone conclusion.  They also had the responsibility to try to ameliorate that scandal.  So, what great steps did CRS take to fend off this grave scandal?  OH.MY……….they updated the mission statement on their website.

CRS has consulted with Dr. John Haas of the National Catholic Bioethics Center, an expert in moral theology who is a member of the bishops’ pro-life committee, to review our grants (including grants with CARE) and he found that none of them constitutes support of or involvement in immoral activities. However, he cautioned CRS of the risk of scandal if people become confused and wrongly assume that CRS was endorsing a partner’s position on other issues. [that is not exactly what he said] To address this, CRS posted a statement posted our Mission Statement on our website, titled ‘The Catholic Values of CRS.

Wow.  The immense lengths to which CRS went to avoid the grave sin of scandal.  They actually updated a web page.  My stars, what will they think of next?

And not only that, they added a section “The Catholic Values of CRS!”  Are those the same values that led a spokesperson from CRS to claim just last year that they would never, ever so much as breathe a word about Jesus or mention the Gospel while performing their charitable work, that to do so would be counter to everything they believe in?  Does CRS not recognize that anyone can claim to hold “Catholic” values, but that the proof is actually in our actions?  How many new age apostate gaia-lovin’ sisters claim to be “Catholic?”  Are they?

I’m sorry, I’m skeptical of the “Catholic values” of CRS. I’m skeptical of an organization that would dole out millions of dollars given in good faith by Catholics to a radical pro-abort group like CARE, whose CEO is one of the most demonic abortion advocates in the world right now.

You know who else is skeptical of CRS’ Catholic values?  The Holy Father.  CRS is part of Caritas International, and the Holy Father has been engaged in a great struggle to try to get Caritas to once again possess a Catholic character and……..Catholic values.  The Holy Father has been greatly disappointed with the dominant secularist and progressivist characteristics of Caritas.  I do not believe CRS, the US arm of Caritas, is substantially different from its parent organization.

As I said before, I haven’t given money to CRS for years.  I don’t believe faithful Catholics can do so in good conscience for myriad reasons, some of which I’ve brought up in the posts today, many of which I haven’t.  I think the institutions of Catholic charity – in this country in particular – are badly broken.  They Holy Father does not disagree – when in Germany this year he decried the plethora of “structures” in the Western Church which have wonderful facilities and lots of money but no heart, no Catholic soul.  You may disagree, you may even work for CRS and believe ever so strongly that it’s a wonderful Christian organization, but I’m afraid I will continue to disagree.

As I said, words are easy, it’s actions that matter.

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