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Voris – why can’t CRS only direct money to Church efforts…… July 25, 2012

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…….or those of groups who pose absolutely no moral problems for the Church?  Why do Catholic Church charities seemingly find it absolutely necessary to give money to entities like CARE that pose such massive potential for scandal?

I’ll drop the topic for today after this, but Michael Voris, who was singled out for attention by CRS in their PR campaign, makes some very salient points:

More here from Catholic News Roundup:


1. Woody - July 25, 2012

Years ago I stopped giving to CARE because of their promotion of abortion as a way to stop poverty. It was a no brainer. I wonder if CRS would continue to support the “good side” of CARE if its president was named Margaret Sanger? Also, a better argument by CRS would be its grant was approved by the Archdiocese of Detroit and their cannon lawyer. No one would question those two. Not even Mr. Voris!

tantamergo - July 26, 2012

Dude, you always make me laugh! Comment every day!

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