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Cardinal Mahoney to be keynote speaker at UD Ministry Conference July 26, 2012

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The annual UD Ministry Conference is this October.  Last year, they had the freaky deaky modernist heterodox Fr. Ron Rolheiser for a keynote speaker.  Who did they select this year?  Roger Cardinal Mahoney, he of the $660 million sex abuse settlement, of accused perjury under oath,  and toleration (or endorsement) of all manner of apostasy:

At UDMC 2012, Cardinal Mahony will give the Friday morning keynote on the following topic: “I Was A Stranger, And You Welcomed Me.” Cardinal Mahony will explore the Biblical roots for our approach to migration and immigration, will offer a survey of the four waves of American immigration, will give the Church’s constant teachings on immigrants, and will give a forecast of future worker needs in our country as baby boomers retire.

So, he’s going to come and continue his endorsement of unconstrained immigration.  Too bad for he and his cohorts, who have done so much to lead to the collapse of the Faith in this country (and seek to offset that collapse by a constant influx of Catholic immigrants from the south), hispanic immigration has all but dried up, and will continue to do so. Our hispanic neighbors to the south and no longer reproducing at sufficient levels to drive demand for huge waves of immigration.  Net immigration was about zero from 2008-2011.  The bishops of different nations have played a major role in that enormous development, as well.

I have to note the irony that a prelate so darkly associated with the abuse crisis in the Church would come to speak in Dallas, the Diocese where it all began with Rudy Kos and where the infamous “Dallas policy” of throwing priests under the bus came into being.  Perhaps it’s less ironic, than perfectly reflective of the crisis in leadership in the Church in this country.



Fr. George Rutler on post-Christian America July 26, 2012

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It ain’t going to be a pretty place:

Unless there is a dramatic reversal in the present course of our nation, those who measured their Catholicism by the Catholic schools they attended, will soon find most of those institutions officially pinching incense to the ephemeral genius of their secular leaders, and universities once called Catholic will be no more Catholic than Brown is Baptist or Princeton is Presbyterian. [Indeed, most self-styled “Catholic” universities in this country are anything but] The surrender will not come by a sudden loss of faith in Transubstantiation or doubts about Papal Infallibility. [They lost that years ago…….]  It will happen smoothly and quietly, as the raptures of the Netherworld always hum victims into somnolence, by the cost factor of buying out of government health insurance.  Catholic businessmen with more than fifty employees will be in the same bind.  Catholic institutions and small businesses owned by those with religious and moral reservations about government-imposed policies, will wither within a very short time, unable to bear the burden of confiscatory tax penalties…….

……….Add to that the approaching discrimination against Catholics seeking positions in commerce and public life.  Catholics will not be suitable for public charities, medicine, education, journalism, or in the legal profession, especially judgeships and law enforcement.  As the bishops, by the acknowledgement of many of their own number, failed to articulate the cogency of doctrines on contraception and other moral issues,  so will they now, despite the best intentions, not be able to stem the radical attrition among native Catholics whose eyes are on mammon, and among recent immigrants whose privileges are guaranteed only if they vote for opponents of the Church.[In other words, the bishops are well and truly scr–ed.  But, then again, many in the episcopacy helped make this bed……]  The general election of 2012 may rally the fraction of conscientious Catholics among the sixty million or so sympathetic Catholics. If their influence is not decisive, and the present course of federal legislation accelerates, encouraged by a self-destructive appetite for welfare statism  on the part of ecclesiastical[Catholic Church]bureaucrats, the majority of Catholics with tenuous commitments to the Faith will evaporate, as did the lapsed baptized in North Africa during the oppression of the emperor Diocletian.

Should the present direction of the federal government be endorsed by a reiterative vote in the November elections, more blatant threats to the Church will begin, culminating in a punitive suspension of tax exemptions on church properties, once the Church’s moral precepts are coded as offenses against civil rights. The test case in this instance will be what is known in Orwellian diction as “same sex marriage.” [As I have said many times before, so-called gay marriage will be the prime vehicle of the coming persecution.  You can already see it in the ridiculous hysterics ongoing against Chick-Fil-A for the non-comments of their CEO (he never said what is being claimed that he said – not that that matters to the other side, they have found a convenient club with which to destroy a Christian organization)]

This year [the election] offers the best and possibly last chance to see how many actually obey Christ’s pastoral instruction in a conflicted world:  “Behold, I am sending you out as a sheep among wolves, so be shrewd as serpents and innocent as doves” (Matt. 10:16). [It will be interesting to see how the Catholic vote shapes up in this election, but I am rather sure a small majority will favor Obama again]

Fr. Rutler is a phenomenal writer.  Prior to the 2008 election, many faithful Catholics were warning that electing Obama would lead to an ascension of socialism that would be almost impossible to undo.  That is precisely the position in which we find ourselves.  Some others, mostly branded as cranks or extremists at the time, warned that Obama and a large democratic majority would lead to a persecution of the Church.  Such is, of course, well underway.  So I don’t think we can discount Fr. Rutler, who, among others, is warning that the Church is in for a terrible time, a time not seen before in this country, should this socialist junta be reelected.

It is a good time to pray, especially for perseverance in the Faith.

It’s entirely possible I’m getting too crabby…….UPDATED July 26, 2012

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…….but contrary to what they think at Creative Minority Report, I think this is……….not good.  This video was done by Catholic girl students at John Paul “The Great” college in San Diego – I’m not sure if they’re sisters or friends, or what, but I have think the dress and the music is more than a little problematic.  You are warned, I think some of the dress here is scandalous:

I know the video is intended to be lighthearted, and I guess this is what kids like today in music, but I’m not real sure about the dress.  There used to be a name for the shorts some of the girls are wearing – hot pants.

Am I being too crotchety?  Should I learn to lighten up?  Or does morality apply…….always?  Should we always be careful what we wear and what kind of productions were involved in?

I don’t know anything about these kids or the song, so I hate to kick them in the shins, but…….well, my daughters wouldn’t dress like that, for one, and I think there’s a cultural influence here that may be quite a far bit from ideal.

UPDATE: So I dug around just a wee bit more, and it seems the 6 girls in the video are sisters, and that they have a huge following on Youtube and other sites with their covers of dismally bad pop songs.  The kind of bubblegum pop that made my head want to explode even 25 years ago, when I was there age.

But that’s not the main point.  The main point is that these girls are, by all appearances, from a pretty faithful Catholic family.  I think that’s why it disturbs me.  I don’t intend to judge rashly, so I will simply say that while there is evidence of a faithful Catholic life in these videos, there is also evidence – a good deal more evidence – of a submission to the dominant culture that is disconcerting, to say the least.  Given their apparently great popularity on social media sites, I think many prayers are in order.  My God, after seeing what has happened to girls like Miley Cirus and Hilary Duff, it makes me want to shudder.  Fame and immense popularity are, almost as surely as socialism, death for the Faith.  Run, run away, girls!  In the battle between the culture and a few loose, floating souls, the culture almost always wins.  Even those with immense spiritual strength have fallen victim to it.

Reminder – I’m on the radio tonight July 26, 2012

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I found a glitch in my preparations for the show.  I may have to do the show from work!  I hope I can get everything to work in time, but I will be on the internet radio network Fidelis Radio tonight at 9pm CDT.  I pray you can listen in!

When the going gets tough for Planned Barrenhood, they can always count on Obama July 26, 2012

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Planned Parenthood is in the spotlight again in a very negative way, as is their custom, after news that a woman procuring an abortion at one of their mills died at their hands.  Whenever Planned Parenthood comes under fire, they can always count on their man Obama to defend them:

The president has again invoked his daughters to justify his support for abortion. According to a Politico story, Obama, campaigning in Portland, OR, Tuesday, said, “Mr. Romney wants to get rid of funding for Planned Parenthood. I think that’s a bad idea. I’ve got two daughters. I want them to control their own health care choices.” [Did Obama just imply, rather strongly, that he would be fine with his daughter’s aborting his grandchild?  Is that how extreme Obama is on this issue?]

It’s probably not a coincidence that Obama mentioned Planned Parenthood just as it has come under fire in the wake of news of a woman dying from a botched abortion at a Planned Parenthood facility in Chicago last Friday, and after renewed calls by congressional Republicans for public hearings about the scandal-plagued abortion business [Of course it is on coincident.  Obama has always carried Planned Barrenhood’s water, and always will.  And yet, we have Catholic female religious writing op-eds and doing interviews on NPR claiming how wonderfully pro-life Obama is.  We live in very twisted times]……..

……….On the 2008 campaign trail, Obama told an audience that he supported sex education that included information about contraception and abortion because, “I don’t want [my daughters] punished with a baby.” [And he means it]

In the past, Obama has declared candidates’ families “off limits” to the media and political opponents.

Obama employs a double standard when it comes to his own family and the political spotlight. [They are convenient props when he wants to use them.  I shudder to think at the personalities he is forming in his children, both he and his “I’ve never been proud of my country until now” spouse of his]

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, there is nothing………NOTHING………more sacrosanct to the modern American left than abortion.  It is the most vital belief they hold, it is the non-negotiable, it is the lodestar of their entire political-cultural outlook.  And I think that says something extremely significant about the modern left (it extends well beyond this country).  The left’s view of “freedom” and “rights” is centered almost entirely on sexual pleasure, frequently deviant sexual pleasure.  The left is happy for the government to interfere in every other area of life, and interfere in very invasive ways, but they demand total sexual license.  That is why abortion is their most core issue, abortion is the backstop for when their sexual license leads to undesired consequences.  Consequences that have unique DNA, a heartbeat, brain waves, fingers, toes, skin, hair, and even a personality.   And so they, who in other areas like gun control or capital punishment like to pretend they have such a tremendous concern for their fellow man, are happy to see millions of babies murdered every year in the most horrific manner possible, so that they can engage in that sexual license.

It also explains this firestorm of support for government recognition of gays simulating marriage on the left.  But that’s a topic for another post, which I hope I may get to later today, God willing.

Fourteen Saints who can really help you July 26, 2012

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I found the following list of Saints from an 19th Century Roman Missal, which notes the following great Saints for their particularly efficacy in intercession (all dates according to 1951 or Calendar).  You may know many of these Saints, but some have been quite forgotten (by me).

St. Erasmus

St. George (April 23): The dragonslayer.  He is invoked against various diseases, especially those with open sores.  He is also a patron Saint of soldiers.

St. Blaise (Feb 3): by his two candles crossed.  He is invoked against diseases of the throat.

St. Erasmus (June 2): His entrails were wound around a windlass.  He is invoked against diseases of the stomach.  he is the patron of mariners and seamen.

St. Pantaleon (July 27): Known by his nailed hands.   Invoked against “consumption” (tuberculosis). He is, with St. Luke and St.’s Cosmas and Damian, patron of doctors and those in the medical profession.

St. Vitus (June 15): Known by his cross. Invoked against cholera and intestinal problems, lethargy the bite of venomous or wild beasts.

St. Christopher (July 25, now “removed” from calendar):Known by the Infant Jesus he bears. He is invoked in storms, tempests,

St. Vitus

plagues, and for the avoidance of accidents in traveling, especially in automobiles.

St. Denis (Oct. 9): Known by his head which he holds in his hands. Invoked for people possessed by devils, or all those under demonic attack (which is most of us, from time to time).

St. Cyriacus (Aug. 8): Known by his deacon’s vestments. Invoked against diseases of the eye and demonic attack.

St. Acathius (May 8): Known by his crown of thorns.  Invoked against headaches, migraines, and all head problems.

St. Eustace (September 20): Known by his stag and hunting equipment.  Invoked for preservation from fire, eternal or temporal (and thus, a very important Saint!).

St. Giles (Sept. 1): Known by his Benedictine cowl and his hind. (??)  Invoked against panic, epilepsy, madness, and nocturnal terrors.

St. Margaret (July 20):Known by the dragon she keeps in chains.  Invoked against pains in the loins and by expectant mothers.

St. Giles

St. Barbara (December 4): Known by her tower and the ciborium surmounted by a Sacred Host. Invoked against sudden death.  Patron of miners and artillery men.

St. Catherine (November 25): Known by her broken wheel. “The wise counselor” is invoked by students, Christian philosophers, orators, barristers, and apologists (yay!).

I had no idea artillery men had a patron Saint!  I guess we all need one, even those who rain death from above.

I know some of these Saints, and the intercessions they serve, may seem a bit obscure, but all Saints can intercede for us for any of our intentions!  They can especially pray for our sanctification and obedience to God’s Holy Will!  It is always good to have a number of Saints interceding for us.  I pray these Saints may be of benefit to you.