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Fr. George Rutler on post-Christian America July 26, 2012

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It ain’t going to be a pretty place:

Unless there is a dramatic reversal in the present course of our nation, those who measured their Catholicism by the Catholic schools they attended, will soon find most of those institutions officially pinching incense to the ephemeral genius of their secular leaders, and universities once called Catholic will be no more Catholic than Brown is Baptist or Princeton is Presbyterian. [Indeed, most self-styled “Catholic” universities in this country are anything but] The surrender will not come by a sudden loss of faith in Transubstantiation or doubts about Papal Infallibility. [They lost that years ago…….]  It will happen smoothly and quietly, as the raptures of the Netherworld always hum victims into somnolence, by the cost factor of buying out of government health insurance.  Catholic businessmen with more than fifty employees will be in the same bind.  Catholic institutions and small businesses owned by those with religious and moral reservations about government-imposed policies, will wither within a very short time, unable to bear the burden of confiscatory tax penalties…….

……….Add to that the approaching discrimination against Catholics seeking positions in commerce and public life.  Catholics will not be suitable for public charities, medicine, education, journalism, or in the legal profession, especially judgeships and law enforcement.  As the bishops, by the acknowledgement of many of their own number, failed to articulate the cogency of doctrines on contraception and other moral issues,  so will they now, despite the best intentions, not be able to stem the radical attrition among native Catholics whose eyes are on mammon, and among recent immigrants whose privileges are guaranteed only if they vote for opponents of the Church.[In other words, the bishops are well and truly scr–ed.  But, then again, many in the episcopacy helped make this bed……]  The general election of 2012 may rally the fraction of conscientious Catholics among the sixty million or so sympathetic Catholics. If their influence is not decisive, and the present course of federal legislation accelerates, encouraged by a self-destructive appetite for welfare statism  on the part of ecclesiastical[Catholic Church]bureaucrats, the majority of Catholics with tenuous commitments to the Faith will evaporate, as did the lapsed baptized in North Africa during the oppression of the emperor Diocletian.

Should the present direction of the federal government be endorsed by a reiterative vote in the November elections, more blatant threats to the Church will begin, culminating in a punitive suspension of tax exemptions on church properties, once the Church’s moral precepts are coded as offenses against civil rights. The test case in this instance will be what is known in Orwellian diction as “same sex marriage.” [As I have said many times before, so-called gay marriage will be the prime vehicle of the coming persecution.  You can already see it in the ridiculous hysterics ongoing against Chick-Fil-A for the non-comments of their CEO (he never said what is being claimed that he said – not that that matters to the other side, they have found a convenient club with which to destroy a Christian organization)]

This year [the election] offers the best and possibly last chance to see how many actually obey Christ’s pastoral instruction in a conflicted world:  “Behold, I am sending you out as a sheep among wolves, so be shrewd as serpents and innocent as doves” (Matt. 10:16). [It will be interesting to see how the Catholic vote shapes up in this election, but I am rather sure a small majority will favor Obama again]

Fr. Rutler is a phenomenal writer.  Prior to the 2008 election, many faithful Catholics were warning that electing Obama would lead to an ascension of socialism that would be almost impossible to undo.  That is precisely the position in which we find ourselves.  Some others, mostly branded as cranks or extremists at the time, warned that Obama and a large democratic majority would lead to a persecution of the Church.  Such is, of course, well underway.  So I don’t think we can discount Fr. Rutler, who, among others, is warning that the Church is in for a terrible time, a time not seen before in this country, should this socialist junta be reelected.

It is a good time to pray, especially for perseverance in the Faith.



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