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Pelosi finally to get her due? July 30, 2012

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She has been cajoled, counseled, chastised, and prayed for, but she just continues apostasizing.  She has had private, one-on-one condemnations of her positions regarding abortion and a dozen other issues from her bishops (two of them!) and even the Holy Father himself, and yet she continues to make public statements directly counter to the Faith.  Will the appointment of Bishop Salvatore Cordileone finally lead to a reckoning for Nancy Pelosi?  Will some ecclesial discipline finally be meted out to she who has so richly, desperately deserved it?  Will Canon 915 finally be enforced?

Bishop Cordileone is said to be relatively friendly to the traditional practice of the Faith.  He has offered a Pontifical High Mass on more than one occasion, and has assisted at or offered himself the TLM a a number of other occasions.  He is also said to have a very stringent doctrinal belief.  But, I don’t know that things have changed much – overall –  in Oakland in his short time there as ordinary.

I think we on the traditional side of things have a tendency to be impatient.  We see the many problems in the Church and want/demand they be fixed NOW!  And we look back in the past at saintly bishops, men of heroic virtue, who have often been vehicles of great miracles of Grace in their reform efforts.  I don’t know if having such an expectation is unrealistic, or unfair. And in many cases, a bishop might acquire a reputation for orthodoxy that is not really warranted – like Archbishop Jose Gomez.  But we on the outside rarely know the forces the bishops must deal with, especially in a place like San Francisco, nor are we often aware of small but critical steps that may be taken behind the scenes to reform a deformed diocese.

We shall have to wait and see.  I am skeptical in the extreme that any public chastisement will ever come to Pelosi, Sebelius, Mikulski, Roberts, Biden, Kerry, the Kennedy’s, Murkowski, Cuomo, or any of the hundreds of other greater or lesser “Catholic” public figures……..at least for the next 10-15 years or so.  The restoration of the Faith…….such as it is, and if it continues……..will have to advance far more before we’ll see strong action taken like that.  It’s a tragedy, it’s an immense scandal, but I think that’s simply the situation we’re faced with right now.  And there is still the alleged USCCB “prohibition” on any such act being taken by an ordinary, even though the USCCB has no formal authority whatsoever.

But pray for Bishop Cordileone.  Pray he grow in Grace to heroic levels of virtue, and that he leads this key Archdiocese (which forms priests from all over the American West) in a restoration of the True Faith of Jesus Christ and His Holy Church!  Pray that he have the strength to overcome his adversaries, who will be many!  And pray that he be willing to suffer greatly for this inestimable gift we have in the Faith!

One thing I really pray for is that the TLM be greatly liberalized in San Francisco, and that every parish offer the Traditional Mass!  If Bishop Cordileone does that, the rest will take care of itself in time.

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