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More gold from St. Alphonsus Ligouri July 31, 2012

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Another prayerful meditation on the Blessed Sacrament, and the thankfulness we should have in receiving it, from his awesome Ascetical Works Volume VI, The Holy Eucharist:

O God of love, dost Thou, then, so much desire to dispense Thy favors to us and yet are so little anxious to obtain them?  Oh, what sorrows we shall feel at the hour of death, when we think of this negligence so pernicious to our souls! O my Lord, forget, I beseech Thee, all that is past; for the future, with Thy help, I will prepare myself better, by endeavoring to detach  my affections from everything that prevents me from receiving all those graces which Thou desirest to bestow upon me. And after Communion I will lift up my heart to Thee as much as I can, in order to obtain Thy help that I may advance in Thy love, – oh, grant me grace to accomplish this. O my Jesus, how negligent have i hitherto been in loving Thee! The time which Thou in Thy mercy mayest yet allot to me in this life, is the time to prepare myself for death and to make amends by my love for the offences I have committed against Thee.  I will spend it entirely in lamenting my sins and in loving Thee. I love Thee, my Jesus, my love; I love Thee, my only Good; have pity on me, and do not forsake me.

And thou, O Mary, my hope, do not cease to help me by thy holy intercession!

————————————–End Quote————————————–

There is no one quite like the great Moral Doctor.  Deo Gratias!

I love this……. July 31, 2012

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…..this ties in with the Mayor of Boston, whom I reported on yesterday, castigating Chick-Fil-A, going so far as to send a personal letter just absolutely blasting Chick-Fil-A CEO Dan Cathy to the Chick-Fil-A headquarters.  That mayor then turned around and held a ceremony for a new mosque, on whose board of directors sits an imam who has stated, publicly and repeatedly, how much he desires to see gays killed by hanging, being thrown from a precipice, etc.

Actually, the text in the picture is not right,the CEO said that he supported the traditional definition of marriage, but in the current, TV-propagandized unthinking – heck, unable to think – environment, supporting marriage and the constant definition thereof now equates to being “opposed to homosexuality.”

Reason and consistency don’t seem particularly strong suits for the “reality based” crowd, do they?  In fact, the lock step conformity in evidence irrespective of logic or reason is particularly damning.

This Thursday on the radio, I plan on devoting quite a bit of time to this subject, and especially in developing a proper Catholic understanding of the challenging gift of sexuality and its proper place in relationships and the societal understanding/practice of the same.

First Friday at the Carmelites this Friday! July 31, 2012

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This coming Friday, August 3rd is the First Friday for August.  The Carmelites of the Infant Jesus of Prague in Dallas invite you to their chapel for a night of Adoration, prayer, and penance.  Traditional Latin Mass is offered at 8pm and 3am.  There is a final Mass at 7am (NO).  Confessions are heard prior to and after the 8pm Mass.  Prayer goes on all night from 3pm till 7am.

Mother Mary Regina has asked for as many to come as possible to pray for our nation as it seemingly heads into the abyss.  Pray for our Church, as well, and especially for her leadership to be faithful and true.

I read the other day that Archbishop Lefebvre stated that every Diocese needed its own seminary and its own Carmel. I couldn’t agree more.  All the details for the First Friday in the attachment here————–>   Allnightcarmelites_july_aug_sept_ 2012

Food and drink used to be available, but with Vicki’s passing I’m not sure that will be the case.

The Holy Face devotion is also at the Carmelite Chapel on Sunday at 3:30pm.

Obtain Plenary Indulgence tomorrow, Thursday! July 31, 2012

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You can obtain a Plenary Indulgence – the Portincula Indulgence – one of St. Francis’ many great gifts to the Church – this Wednesday and Thursday Aug 1-2, between noon Wednesday and midnight Thursday by reciting the Apostle’s Creed, the Our Father and prayer for the Pope’s intentions, along with the usual conditions:

* Sacramental confession (during eight days before or after the above dates)

* Assist at  Mass and receive the Eucharist on the indulgenced day

* No attachment to sin (uff da, this is the hard one)

You can offer the prayers for yourself or for a soul suffering in Purgatory.


Good Lord……CCHD grantees support HHS Mandate July 31, 2012

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You want to know what the real problem with this is?  It’s completely, totally expected.  I’m not even a little surprised.  Gee, an organization (Catholic Campaign for Human Development – CCHD) that was created specifically for nothing but to fund radical left-wing political action groups constantly finds itself counter to the Doctrine of the Faith and the rights of the Church.  I’m shocked.  It’s not like the left has been waging an brutal, 200+ year war against the Church or anything, is it?  As the article says, for the left, there are no permanent allies, only convenient sources of funding.

To put the story in a nutshell, CCHD has handed out grants to numerous Saul Alinsky radical left wing “social justice” organizations for years.  The Church has been instrumental in creating, and keeping in operation, many of these social justice groups, being one of their prime means of monetary support.  But now that Obama has directly attacked the Church via this HHS contraception mandate, these groups are totally silent – largely because they agree with Obama’s contraception (and abortion, and gay marriage, etc., ad nauseum) program.  Obama is their boy, he’s a creature of these Church funded social justice groups, of course they’re going to support him!  But it turns out that CCHD, in its 2011-12 grants, gave approximately 40% of its $7.6 million in grants to Alinskyite groups:

In fact, the CCHD still hasn’t “gotten” it.  Its 2011-2012 grants have been awarded and about $7.6 million was distributed among 192 organizations.  CCHD remains the organization it has always been: a vehicle for moving Catholic charity into left-wing, progressive political organizations.
Here is a little fiscal analysis to explain that statement: during the 1990s, the Catholic charity gave approximately 33% of its annual national grants to Alinskyian community organizing efforts.  These Alinskyian community organizations fell into five main networks: the Industrial Areas Foundation (IAF), Gamaliel, Pacific Institute for Community Organizing (PICO), Direct Action and Research Training Center (DART), and the now-disgraced Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN).  There were additional grants to organizations from other Alinskyian networks but these were the major culprits.
The 2011-2012 grant list is even more pronounced in this emphasis.  Of the 192 grantees, about 110 are unequivocally Alinskyian, raising the percentage of CCHD national grants to Alinskyian community organizing efforts to over half.  This is no improvement.
Among the larger, faith-based networks – that is, among those that organize within religious congregations and thereby do double damage – 31 of the current crop of grantees belong to the Industrial Areas Foundation (IAF) network, 22 grantees belong to the PICO network, and 24 belong to the Gamaliel network.  (A few of these organizations have disassociated with their parent network but retain their essential ideological thrust so have been included, as well.)
Considered from a dollar perspective, that’s $1,225,000 to the IAF, $865,000 to PICO, and $999,500 to Gamaliel this year – which is $3,089,500 in total, for this year.  That’s a lot of money to bring organizers into Catholic parishes, drumming up support for programs like, oh, say… Obamacare with its HHS mandate to force Catholics to either violate their consciences or get out of the healthcare field.
Year after year, scandal after scandal, and still CCHD is around.  Now CCHD funds groups that are working directly against the Church on a matter of critical, vital import – the very right of the Church to exist and proclaim the Truth Jesus Christ has revealed without compromise on matters gravely evil (dispensing abortifacients and contraceptives).  But we should not be surprised at this, for as I said at the top, the radical left has been the inveterate enemy of the Church for hundreds of years!  Everywhere the left ascends to power, the Church invariably suffers.
Why is there also this assumption that to “empower the poor” means to fund left wing groups?  Why can’t apolitical groups be used to really empower people by training them in skills and capabilities so that they will no longer be poor?  Why is directing more government money to the poor virtually always the “answer” the Church in this country gives for addressing poverty?  Haven’t we seen over the the last several decades centuries all of human history that this never creates a sustained improvement in the relative wealth of the poor?  Such wealth transfer schemes were a major factor in the collapse of the Roman Empire, for crying out loud.
Moreover, why do Catholics continue to funnel money into this organization?  And why do we continue to see the Church fight against itself in the most fundamental ways?  The bishops decry the evil of being forced to dispense contraception on the one hand, while funding groups that advocate for such “free contraception/abortion” on the other?  It boggles the mind.