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A few pics from Vicki Middleton’s Requiem Mass August 1, 2012

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I took a few pics of the Carmelite Chapel before it got crowded (and hot – I bet it was 90 degrees in there by noon).  There was no viewing, this was prior to the Rosary and most people arriving.  The kids were extremely well behaved, considering the length of the proceedings (we were there about 5 hours) and the hot and very crowded conditions.  They did really well, I’m very proud that they understood the gravity of the Mass and the general situation.

Fr. Weinberger praying his Office.  He zinged me later!  It was funny!  But you kind of had to be there………

It is always good to see Fr. Weinberger and assist at his Mass.  He has suffered a great deal in his service to God and His Church, which I pray is a sign that his apostolate is pleasing to the Lord.

You can assist at Mass with Fr. Weinberger most Thursdays (but not this week!) around 1:45 at the chapel at the White Rose women’s center in Dallas on N. Central Expy, in addition to his “normal” schedule of Mass and Confession at St. William in Greenville.

I sure miss Vicki.  Please pray for the repose of her soul, and I will surely remember her today and tomorrow with the Portiuncula indulgence.

But I fear I have attachment to sin.  Pray for me!


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