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Coming soon to a nation near you? August 2, 2012

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Lord, I pray not.  Wow, this is severe.  I’m not sure I could stand up under those conditions.  Actually, I know I couldn’t – it would have to be Grace sustaining me entirely.  Evil this dark can only be diabolical:

And yet, under the myriad communist states and decades of time, millions were exposed to such diabolical treatment.  Servant of God Fr. Walter Ciszek, SJ, was forced to stand about 18 hours a day at Lubianka prison in Moscow, and then was put into cells crowded with hundreds of prisoners with nothing but a bucket for a bathroom and on a starvation diet.   Such is the brave new world full of light, peace, and plenty of the progressives!  Surely, ‘our’ progressives would do better.  But if they didn’t, it would be all our fault.

We like to think such could never occur here.  Not in the land of the free and the home of the brave, surely.

I thank God He has given such amazing Saints and martyrs to His Church.  The people who endured these nightmares…….they are just so holy, it is incredible.

Chick-Fil-A scores biggest day ever August 2, 2012

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When a Gallup poll ostensibly showed earlier this year that half of Americans favor gay marriage, I didn’t believe it.  After this week, I disbelieve it even more.  There were lines for Chick-Fil-A restaurants around the block all across the nation.  There was over an hour wait for the Chick-Fil-A in the downtown underground in Dallas yesterday.  Many restaurants ran out of food.  I believe – and pray – that this was just one of many small signs that the very significant majority of Americans who still believe in Christ, even in a flawed way, have had enough of seeing their rights trampled and their religion spat on.  I think another thing it reveals is how people are getting their news from alternative sources – the lamestream media sat on this story as long as they could, and yet tens of millions of Americans were aware of the rather fascist behavior of mayors of certain progressive locales.  Records were set, whatever happened:

@dancathy just called me. #ChickFilA has already set a world record today, with 7 more hrs to go in the West. #OutOfChicken

— Rick Warren (@RickWarren) August 2, 2012

This is actually increasingly disconcerting – a poll I saw the other day showed that far from support for state recognition of gays simulating marriage as the real thing being tied 50-50, it was more like 62-38.  But when the data was broken down, the results showed that democrats were 75-20 in favor, Republicans were 80-20 opposed, and moderates were about 55-45.  This level of division on an issue that is so foundational is really concerning – traveling now from New York to London is now in certain key respects less like travel to a foreign country than is travel from New York to Dallas.  Geographically, these regions are tiny, but in terms of population, they have large concentrations where gay marriage is treated like a fundamental human right.  This is seen in the truly mind-blowing term the left-dominated media is using more and more to describe supporters of God’s institution of marriage – “anti-gay.”  This kind of radical divergence and mutual antipathy cannot long stand without really scary consequences.

I’m not sure where, exactly, this country is headed, but it sure doesn’t look pretty.  It’s like a cultural civil war.


Bishop Farrell and the Ursuline sisters………still dialoguing? August 2, 2012

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I have come to despise the word ‘dialogue.’  It has come to mean, in current-day Church parlance, endless talk and no action.  Or, it can be used as a cute cover to advance heterodoxy, as many ‘progressive Catholics’ like to pretend when they say they want to ‘dialogue’ about abortion, contraception, womyn priests, etc.  What they really mean is, we’re going to talk/shout at you until you cave in to our demands.  Another use of dialogue is as a cover for no action whatsoever – there is no talk, there is no action.  It’s just a nice word to make it appear as if something is occurring, when in reality nothing is.

It is with that in mind that I remind readers that Bishop Farrell’s official response – the only given so far, that I am aware of – to the Dallas Ursuline Academy sisters’ apparent endorsement of Melinda Gates multi-billion third world contraception distribution plan was that he was in communication with them.  Bishop Farrell also gave a brief defense of the Church’s doctrine regarding contraception and marital relations.  That was 2 1/2 months ago.

So, are the communications still ongoing?  Is there some resolution?  To whom did he speak?  Did they really say what was attributed to them by Gates?  Did they recant?

And, most importantly – doesn’t public scandal require not only a public response but a public resolution?  Whether they intended their support for Gates’ disastrous initiative to be public or not, it became public.  Those scandalized by this endorsement have the right to have that scandal assuaged by a public rebuke or some kind of remonstration – more than just an oblique statement reaffirming that the Bishop understands the Church’s belief regarding contraception, but making clear that the Ursulines do, as well.

All this is to say, I haven’t forgotten about this.  Public scandal requires a public response – not a response saying “I’m talking to them about it,” but a response that resolves the situation so that the integrity of the Faith – this precious gift from God – is protected and guarded as it always should be.   Such should be clear from the official response.  The scandal must be “closed out,” or corrected, too – that can only be done by a public retraction or the imposition of an ecclesial penalty for refusal to do so.

This is not a lecture.  It’s just a reminder.  I/We remember.  The faithful have a right to a proper resolution to this matter, as in all matters affecting the Faith.  I won’t hold my breath, but I will keep watching.

Let’s give him an award – Obama to speak at fundraiser for NY Catholic Charities August 2, 2012

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Reason number 9878 not to donate to Catholic Charities, ever.  Hmmm…….let’s see.  President Obama?  He’s only engaging in the most severe persecution of the Church in this country in living memory.  I know!! Let’s invite him to come and harangue us about how wonderful he is.  Maybe if we do that,  he’ll let us keep our pretty pretty ugly ugly churches……….for now:

Meghan Myers, the Executive Director of the annual fundraiser, told LifeSiteNews today that U.S. President Barack Obama has accepted the invitation to speak at the charity’s Al Smith Dinner in October.

The annual fundraiser has traditionally featured the presidential candidates from each party during an election year. No word yet on whether Mitt Romney will attend. [Sometimes, traditions need to change.  How about some “organic growth” for this fundraiser?]

While the event typically takes a lighter tone, with the presidential candidates roasting each other in humorous speeches, this year’s event comes at an especially awkward time, with the U.S. bishops having recently concluded their “Fortnight for Freedom” – a response to the Obama administration’s HHS mandate that will force employers, including many religious employers, to include contraception, sterilization and abortifacient drugs in their health plans. That mandate, as well as other attacks on religious freedom coming from the Obama administration, have been condemned in the strongest terms by many of the country’s bishops and religious leaders.

Another major conflict with Catholics and other Christians developed when the president began to actively oppose the Defense of Marriage Act last year; he has also just recently announced his support for same-sex “marriage.”

The Al Smith dinner also comes a little over three years after 83 U.S. bishops publicly opposed the invitation and award given to President Obama by Notre Dame because of the president’s pro-abortion record.

When asked if consideration was given to the Obama administration’s recent attacks on religious freedom, particularly Catholicism, in inviting the president, Myers replied that she could not comment on the invitation since she did not extend it. Obama was invited, she said, by New York Cardinal Timothy Dolan. [I’m sure it was a very waaaaarm invitation]

I really like how Cardinal Dolan thunders on about “religious liberty,” which isn’t even the main issue (being forced to conduct a morally reprehensible act in providing contraception is), but when it comes time to take really concrete action, he can’t see his way to changing the format of this roast and instead invites the most abortion-supporing, Church-persecuting president in American history.   What do you think Obama concludes from that?  Do you think he might conclude that the bishops aren’t sincere, that they are just doing some grandstanding for the folks in the pews (the few that care, that is), and that when push comes to shove, they’d rather fund contraception than shut down a hospital or university?  That, in spite of the rhetoric, business as usual will win out in the end?

As Michael Hitchborn of American Life League said:

Regardless of what they’ve done in the past, it is unthinkable for a Catholic charity to invite the man seeking the destruction of religious freedom in America to a fund raising event.“Hichborn added: “This sends the wrong message to pew-sitting Catholics, who are anxiously looking to our bishops to stand up and fight against this clear enemy of the Church who will be joining them for dinner.

This isn’t an “engagement.”  That pathetic fig leaf can’t be used for cover, that somehow faithful Catholics will “engage” with Obama over his inveterate support for abortion and seeming hatred for the Church – the same fig leaf used at Notre Dame 3 years ago.  This isn’t a venue for “engagement,” this is a venue for Obama to make a campaign stop.  A campaign stop!  To stump for more  immorality, more destruction of life, more wrecking of marriage, more persecution of the Church!  And Cardinal Dolan is going to invite him over to possibly charm some ostensible Catholics into voting for him – again?

I am scandalized by this.  The article at LifeSiteNews notes that candidates have not been invited in the past due to their support for abortion, but apparently Obama doesn’t qualify.  Are you kidding?  Short of performing the abortions himself, he’s done everything he possibly can to spread the evil of abortion in this nation.  Along with all the other things we already know about.

What a catastrophe.  Well………now we know what Dolan is.  I’m not going to say it.  But we know.  This present issue, coupled with his persecution of the only priest ordained in the Archdiocese of New York this year for offering a TLM as his first public Mass, and his disastrous public appearance at (and seeming public endorsement of) the heterodox, pro-homosexualist agenda parish St. Francis Xavier (what a besmirchment of that great Saint’s good name)……….yes, we know what Cardinal Dolan is quite well.

You can send a respectful but appropriately scandalized communique here:


Office of the Cardinal
Diocese of New York
1011 First Ave
NY, NY 10022

A final note.  It is intriguing to me that much of the Catholic blogosphere – the orthodox-tending blogosphere – has totally ignored this story.  Not a peep on CatholicVote, nor Creative Minority Report, nor Fr. Z.  That’s interesting, too.

On the radio tonight August 2, 2012

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Teh intrawebs radio, that is, tonight at 9pm as usual.  I pray we don’t have the gremlins we had last week.  I’m going to try to devote the first segment to a proper understanding of the Church’s view of homosexuality in comparison to a healthy, well-ordered practice of the marital act within the confines of marriage.  Another topic for discussion is the continued persecution of priests in many dioceses who desire to offer the Traditional Latin Mass but who are being denied the ability to do so because of episcopal hostility.

Here is another page for the show at the blogtalkradio site.  Thursday night, to listen, go here.  My show will show up in the list – you can also listen on demand anytime after the show’s broadcast.  That’s one of the cool things about internet radio!

As I asked on the opening night of the show, please say a prayer, in your charity, for protection of this program from the barbs of satan.  There was something strange going on last week, for sure!

I will also open the show with a prayer to the Blessed Mother, I want it to be always under her patronage and protection.

I hope you can listen in!  And call in, too, it would be great to have callers!