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Scandals continue at Catholic Relief Services – members of contraception group August 3, 2012

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This is shaping up to be CCHD Mark II.  I’m mostly copying and pasting, because I’ve had a bad couple of days (except for the show last night, which was TeH AwEsoMe!)

Catholic Relief Services is a dues-paying member of the CORE Group.  In addition to that, CRS’s senior technical advisor in nutrition, Mary Hennigan, is on the board of the CORE Group and CRS’s Global Director of Health and HIV, Dr. Shannon Senfeld co-chairs the CORE Group’s “working group” on HIV/AIDS.

Why is this a problem?  Because the CORE Group itself heavily promotes birth control, which means that Catholic donations to CRS went to pay for the membership in this organization (this IS fungible).

Sadly, there’s more.

According to the CORE Group’s description of its board of directors,

The CORE Group Board of Directors is the governing body of the organization and is dedicated to advancing CORE Group’s mission, values, strategies, goals, priorities, and policies.

As a member of the “governing body” of CORE Group, CRS’s senior technical advisor in nutrition would be a part of the decision-making for the organization, including philosophies, policies, and projects.  And one of those projects is a working group on “Safe Motherhood and Reproductive Health,” which actively promotes contraception.

In fact, nearly 50% of CORE Groups budget for fiscal year 2011 went toward “family planning” and “Maternal and Child Health,” (MCH) and its MCH programs are specifically designed to be integrated with “family planning.”

It’s bad enough that CRS is paying its own money into an organization that so heavily promotes birth control to poor people in third world countries, and with board member oversight of the organization, CRS cannot claim ignorance.

But the saddest and most shocking aspect of this whole thing is found in a single document on the CORE Group’s website.  CORE Group produced a document titled, “Improving Access To and Use of Quality: Voluntary Counseling and Testing (VCT) Services,” through its HIV/AIDS working group, which is co-chaired by CRS’s Global Director of Health and HIV.

So, will CRS try to fight their way out of this one? The answer is yes.  CRS continues to acknowledge no problem in belonging to pro-contracept groups or even funding them, whether in large or small amounts.  They continue to claim that working with these organizations which hold views directly counter to what the Church believes is somehow absolutely necessary for them to perform their mission.  They claim they present the faithful Catholic view within these pro-contracept groups to try to change them from within.

I’m going to throw the BS flag on that.  I know how a lot of these groups work, and one thing they don’t brook is dissent. If you’re not on the contraception bandwagon, you’re not there.  The most you could do is silently give your money, but CRS has done more than that – they’ve been active players.

We don’t know great details of the individuals involved, but we do know that a large percentage of Catholics reject Church Doctrine on contraception. We also know that an overwhelming percentage of “progressive” Catholics do the same.  NGOs and charities like CRS tend to be populated by progressive types.  Isn’t it more likely that they are happily going along with the pro-contracept mentality and donating/belonging to pro-contracept groups, than they are to be fighting lonely, uphill battles against their secular humanist confreres?

Which story would you believe?

Glorious Adoration from St. Peter Julian Eymard August 3, 2012

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I have been reading Vol. VI of the Eymard Library The Eucharistic Handbook, a compendium of many of the great Saint’s writings.  St. Peter Julian Eymard is a gem.  Would that I could practice what he writes as well as he writes it!

Jesus, Hidden God

Adore with a lively faith Jesus veiled in the Most Blessed Sacrament for love of man.

Adore His goodness which veils His glory so that man may dare come close to His Lord and God, and converse familiarly with him.

Adore His holiness which veils the brightness and perfection of His Virtues so as to reveal them to man by degrees and not to discourage his weakness but to lift him up to Himself.

Adore His Divine Mercy which, to force man to recollect himself in God, veils His holy humanity and the beauty of His Divinity; and thus the adorer comes to Him out of pure faith, out of pure love, and adores Him in spirit and Truth.

Give thanks to our Lord for this Eucharistic veil which is the source of so many good things to you, which tempers the light of this eternal Sun for you.

Humble yourself in the presence of your God, hidden as it were, beneath the Sacred Species; make an act of reparation for all the irreverences and sacrileges with which Jesus in His hidden state has to put up from so many Christians; ask Him forgiveness for your own lack of faith, of respect, and of recollection in His Holy Presence.

Honor with greater exterior devotion and love the hidden God, unknown to the world, but visible to your faith and dear to your heart – the happiness of your life.

I thought this might make a good devotion for First Friday, which you should really go to tonight at the Carmelite Chapel!

I have had enough political garbage, now for something pleasant August 3, 2012

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Holy, even.  I hate this whole gay marriage subject, it makes me upset and ruins my peace.  I am going to drop it for a while if I can.  It’s just so annoying.

But here is something not annoying……….awesome pictures of religious!

I love the tonsure.


Saint Teresa Benedicta of the Cross at her clothing

More tonsures!


Not really religious, but I think that is my favorite pic I’ve ever put on this blog.  That is refreshing and calming.  More like this.



Being Christian, supporting marriage does not equal hate August 3, 2012

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The Dallas Morning News, rapidly headed out of business, ran an execrable article today in their free “Briefing” edition.  See, I stopped subscribing to DMN about 3 years ago, when the leftist became too much.  But to make their publication numbers look better, they actually distribute a free version – whether you want it or not, apparently – which is loaded with ads but does have 8-10 pages of actual news, or such as passes for ‘news’ today.

This piece was not real news, it was an opinion piece published in the news section.  It had all the damnable aspects of “new journalism,” a trend in journalism developed in the 60s to push progressive/marxist views as respectable “news.”  Most of the piece is behind the subscriber wall on their website, but I have the paper copy, and will share some of the laughably biased, trite, and already-tired content with you.  I hope you can come to see how the media uses images and biased content to push a specific agenda.

First of all – find a sympathetic subject.  The Dallas Morning News found the most attractive, sympathetic looking girl they could.  Don’t use a man, men don’t arouse nearly as much sympathy as women, especially young, attractive women.  Using a different subject, such as that on the right, would not arouse nearly so much sympathy.  It helps to have a local connection – the subject in this case was originally from Flower Mound, or so they say, but has lived in New York (go figure) for some time.

Next, paint the subject as a victim.  The article opens with the subject, Carly McGehee, describing how she hated herself in junior high because the Christian School she attended ostensibly taught that gays went to hell.  Now, I find that unlikely – it’s possible, but I bet the presentation was more nuanced than that, if the subject was broached at all (I don’t recall such being taught in any of the protestant programs I was in as a kid – I don’t recall the subject even being mentioned).  Whatever the case, now we have our victim.

Having presented our sympathetic victim as the subject of unreasonable treatment, now we get to the agenda.  The agenda is this – that opposition to gay marriage equals hate.  Not once, not twice, but four times – once in the reporter’s own text and thrice in quotes from the victim-subject, support for traditional marriage and/or opposition to gay marriage is presented as the equivalent of hate.

Now, this person is a political activist. She is one of the lead organizers of this staged media event. She is traveling back to Dallas to help arrange their little “kiss-in” at a Dallas Chick-Fil-A, scheduled to take place at 7pm tonight.  This “kiss-in” will not be attended by a fraction of as many people who supported traditional marriage Wednesday, but the media will be there in full force, taking carefully shot photographs purporting to show “massive support,” which won’t be.  Even the Facebook sign up page for this staged, astro-turf event (astro-turf because many if not most of the participants are paid activists), has only 13,000 people planning to attend, vice the nearly 800,000 who signed up to attend Chick-Fil-A appreciation day and the millions who actually participated.

There is so much about this that is just fake and wrong.  At that Facebook page, there are numerous photoshops of historical photographs, trying to establish a false equivalence between this current radical gay-agenda movement to simulate marriage and the historical black civil rights movement.  Funny thing is, most of the African American community is strongly opposed to gay marriage, as a large group of black pastors announced this week.  There is no equivalency here – the original civil rights movement was about race, a characteristic nobody chooses and no one can change.  But homosexuality is far from an unchanging, unchosen characteristic – it is a behavior.  Yes, some claim to be “born that way,” (for which there is no real evidence), but many self-identified gays actually have heterosexual relationships at various stages of their life.  Almost half of women who at one time identify as gay have a very long term heterosexual relationship later in life.  Another aspect that hasn’t been examined is the role excessive masturbation plays in developing same-sex attraction – I strongly suspect this plays  a major role.

It is extremely interesting to me that this “opposition to gay marriage = hate” meme has suddenly exploded in usage since Obama announced a few months ago that he was changing his view on marriage.  Now it’s a major plank in the demonrat party platform.  This is not accidental.  And I share with Mark Steyn the concern that the tactics the democrats are using in this gay marriage issue, which is nothing more than a wedge issue and a way to attract monetary support from a tiny but very well funded minority, could one day be used against the gays just as savagely as they are being used against Christians today.  Should radical muslims become more important to the democrats one day than the gay movement, watch out.

That’s the really frightening thing. The tactics that are being used assault not only marriage, which goes without saying, but the very notion of Christian conscience.  They undermine the very rights the gay movement is taking advantage of to push this desire for gay marriage.  But if you read comments on the “kiss-in” Facebook page, they don’t care a whit about what you or I believe, and think we should be forced not to believe it, especially publicly.  This small but vocal movement is all about using the power of the state to force others to bend to their will.  It’s about specifically attacking Christianity, which again is funny because the real threat to homosexuals is islam.

Enough.  We are in the darkest of times, when virtue is attacked as vice and the gravest of vices promoted as wonderful, good, even holy.  In many sects, Christianity has been turned upside down from a religion of self-denial and spiritual growth to a religion of worldly focus and libertine behaviors.  Even many in the Church behave in this manner.  The lights are going out all over the world.  Cling to Christ and His Vicar on earth.  Run from the worldlings and their diabolical “wisdom.”  Pray.