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Glorious Adoration from St. Peter Julian Eymard August 3, 2012

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I have been reading Vol. VI of the Eymard Library The Eucharistic Handbook, a compendium of many of the great Saint’s writings.  St. Peter Julian Eymard is a gem.  Would that I could practice what he writes as well as he writes it!

Jesus, Hidden God

Adore with a lively faith Jesus veiled in the Most Blessed Sacrament for love of man.

Adore His goodness which veils His glory so that man may dare come close to His Lord and God, and converse familiarly with him.

Adore His holiness which veils the brightness and perfection of His Virtues so as to reveal them to man by degrees and not to discourage his weakness but to lift him up to Himself.

Adore His Divine Mercy which, to force man to recollect himself in God, veils His holy humanity and the beauty of His Divinity; and thus the adorer comes to Him out of pure faith, out of pure love, and adores Him in spirit and Truth.

Give thanks to our Lord for this Eucharistic veil which is the source of so many good things to you, which tempers the light of this eternal Sun for you.

Humble yourself in the presence of your God, hidden as it were, beneath the Sacred Species; make an act of reparation for all the irreverences and sacrileges with which Jesus in His hidden state has to put up from so many Christians; ask Him forgiveness for your own lack of faith, of respect, and of recollection in His Holy Presence.

Honor with greater exterior devotion and love the hidden God, unknown to the world, but visible to your faith and dear to your heart – the happiness of your life.

I thought this might make a good devotion for First Friday, which you should really go to tonight at the Carmelite Chapel!

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