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“The whole lot of them are whacked” August 7, 2012

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When you see a photo of three generations of women (grandmother, mother, daughter) proudly sporting their support for abortion (one would hope the child’s support would be, at best, tentative), it is difficult to disagree with Jill Stanek’s opinion:

Jill Stanek asks some interesting questions:

I seriously wonder what goes through the mind of these people?

What it is like to be the daughter of a mother who supports abortion? Does it really bring comfort to hear, “I chose you”? Does she have any dead siblings? Is she okay with that?

And same for the granddaughter. Does she realize she may have a dead brother or sister? What is it like to be hugged by two women who would have killed her had she been conceived at an inconvenient time? [Ouch.  That is a devastating question, and one I have never seen pro-aborts answer with any seriousness] To be smiling with two women who advocate aborting their own children and grandchildren as simply a “choice”?

And the audacity of Planned Parenthood, which would gladly have taken money to kill that beautiful little girl, which can only display this photo in the first place as an affront to its primary business, abortion. [Diabolically disordered individuals and institutions are rarely noted for their sparkling logic, or morality]

The fundamental disconnect with abortion proponents is that every single one – every abortion proponent who has ever lived – is the beneficiary of a pro-life mentality, of someone being willing to have that child.  It is amazing at times to argue with pro-aborts, demanding that women be able to “choose” to murder their children, even when they have children themselves.  But that is the influence of the diabolical, which makes what may be in other ways reasonable people support the insupportable, due to radically flawed logic, attachment to grave sin, evil ideology, or all three.  To see the above two smiling, ostensibly happy and well-satisfied women, and to know the cost that was likely involved (since abortion is frequently a generational evil), in putting that smile on their face………..it is to shudder.

It is also very important to note that the vast majority of abortions are done for reasons of convenience.  Extreme situations like the “life of the mother” and “rape and incest” are talked about so much because they are distracting and tend to confuse the morality of the evil of abortion, making a large number with a total aversion to abortion quibble.  But in reality they make up only a tiny handful of abortions – low single digit percentage points.  And many, many women have abortions under duress – the other skeleton in the room Planned Barrenhood and its allies constantly avoid.

This is not just a “different world view.”  There is Truth, defined by a being infinitely beyond us, and abortion is the total repudiation of that Truth, in about as fundamental a way as I can imagine.

Voris – sign petition to withdraw Obama’s invitation to NY Catholic Charities dinner August 7, 2012

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Good idea.  It won’t have the slightest effect, I don’t think, but pressure should be applied, nonetheless:

The petition is here.

Voris’ original video decrying this disaster below:

Sign the petition or I’ll quit blogging forever.  Or, I’ll keep blogging forever.  Whichever would be more annoying.

Novena to St. Cajetan for the unemployed August 7, 2012

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Thanks to MJD for this!  Below is a Novena to St. Cajetan for the unemployed or those seeking employment.  I think I really need to pray this Novena!

Daily Prayer

O glorious St. Cajetan, you studied to be a lawyer, but when you felt that the Lord was calling you to his service, you abandoned everything and became a priest. You excelled in virtues, shunning all material rewards for your labor, helping the many unemployed people of your time. You provided loans without interest and you attracted a lot of benefactors who donated to your resources so that you could go on with your activities. Look on us with mercy. We wish to find employment that could help us and our families live with dignity. Listen to our petitions, dear saint; you, who could easily give up the food on your table for the needy, bring our petitions to Jesus (here make your request). Amen. 

First Day

You were a model of virtue among the priests of your time, O St. Cajetan. You sought not to receive payments from your ministry, and you taught people how to pray the rosary and develop devotions to saints. You were truly a spiritual shepherd, and your concern was always focused on the salvation of souls. But despite this, you were also aware that with hungry stomachs, the faithful would have difficulty in understanding God’s Word. You embarked to help them, not just by giving them bread but helping them gain their living by work. Look on us with pity, O glorious saint. We have many unemployed people in our midst and their families go hungry. We ask you to guide the fathers and mothers who are looking for work. Amen. [Follow each day’s prayer with the daily prayer, 3 Our Fathers, 3 Ave’s, 3 Glorias, and 3 St. Cajetan, pray for us]

Second Day

Despite your busy schedule, dear saint, you spent eight hours a day in prayer. Your happiness consists in being united with Jesus, to savor his presence in the Eucharist. Guide us to be like you by giving priority to prayer in our life. Enable us to savor Jesus’ presence and help us become contemplatives like you. Inspire us to understand that prayer is not just asking Jesus for our needs, but being with him, delighting in his presence. We ask you, dear saint, to lead us in this direction that we may learn to delight in Jesus’ presence. Amen.

Third Day

Since your death, dear St. Cajetan, the unemployed people of the world had sought your intercession. Work is the key to a happy life. Look with pity on the millions of people in our country who wake up each morning without certainty of finding food because they don’t have work. These people become victims of desperation and some even resort to crimes to survive. Help our government leaders formulate policies that will bring about employment. You who established a bank for the needy inspire our leaders to extend loans for the poor so that they may provide for the needs of their families. Amen.

Fourth Day

O glorious St. Cajetan, like the society where you lived, we are also beset by the same economic set up where the poor are becoming poorer and the rich, richer. You fasted so that the money you saved could be used to buy food for the poor, you did not accept any payment for your ministries because you wanted people to help the needy. You lived very frugally because you wanted to teach the rich about the need to share. Look with pity on our society where resources are wasted in buying useless goods, while the poor and the needy among us have not received the basic necessities. Inspire us to share that nobody among us would go hungry, and that everybody may live with dignity. Amen.

Fifth Day

O glorious St. Cajetan, you spent long hours helping the sick and worked yourself to exhaustion in helping victims of plagues which were frequent in your time. You cared for the sick not just to heal them, but to guide them to a happy death. You wanted their souls, not their bodies. Help us to understand that we have to prepare ourselves to a happy death. May we likewise see that the most terrible sickness is our sinfulness, and we always have to examine ourselves for the sins we commit daily. Inspire us to have repentant hearts that we may always be prepared to meet the Lord. Amen.

Sixth Day

O humble St. Cajetan, you spoke with rulers and kings, but you never gave them much importance. You know that prestige, honor, and positions in society could only be good if they are use to help the needy and the poor. For this reason, you also confronted tyrants and stood against armies that looted, killed, and raped. Your humility did not prevent you from becoming a prophet. You only feared Jesus. Help us to remain humble and self-effacing, knowing that before God, we remain nothing. We can only be someone if we stand close to Jesus. Inspire us to follow your footsteps so that we, too, may fight for justice and help stop corruption in our government. Amen.

Seventh Day

O glorious St. Cajetan, your unceasing fasting and penance help people understand that God must be loved above all things and above all persons. You sacrificed anything or anyone that could block you from loving God with your whole soul, mind, heart and body. By eating little, you showed to others that man does not live on bread alone. You renewed the faith of many people, touched their hearts, and helped much in the reformation of the Church. Inspire us to fast and do penance for our sins. Instill on us the spirit of sacrifice that we, too, may love God intensely as you did. Amen.

Eight Day

O glorious St. Cajetan, it pained you to see the Catholic Church divided into hostile groups. You always prayed for unity in the Church, asking laypersons, priests, and bishops to support the Pope through preaching, prayer, and sacrifices. You see the Church as the bride of Christ, the sacrament by which men and women can become holy. You worked hard for the return of the Protestants to the Catholic Church, and you preached against Protestant reformers who were attacking the heart of Catholic teachings. Teach us then to work for unity in our Church and at the same time, to defend her from sects and religious movements that attack her. Inspire us to follow your path. Amen.

Ninth Day

O glorious St. Cajetan, you received many special blessings from Jesus, visions and mystical experiences because of your union with him. While contemplating the mystery of incarnation, Mary appeared to you and put on your lap the baby Jesus. You held on to the baby and made your heart his dwelling place. Jesus truly loved you and his Mother trusted you. Listen then to our petitions on this last day of our novena and bring them to Jesus. Prove to us that now in heaven you are closer to Jesus and he listens to you. Amen.

Here is another, short prayer for St. Cajetan’s intercession:

Glorious Saint Cajetan, acclaimed by

all people to be the father of providence

because you provide miraculous aid to

all in need, I stand here before you today,

asking that you present to the Lord our God

the requests that I confidently deposit

in your hands today.

May these graces that I now request
help me to always seek the Kingdom
of God and his Righteousness,
knowing that God — who dresses with
beauty the flowers of the field and
abundantly feeds the birds of the
sky — will give me all other

things. Amen.

Charity and Humility August 7, 2012

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The reading in Divine Intimacy for the 10th Sunday after Pentecost made a strong impression on me:

In the texts of today’s Mass, the liturgy sketches the features of the Christian soul in its fundamental lines.  First, St. Paul shows us in the Epistle (1 Cor 12:2-11) a soul vivified by the Holy Spirit, who diffuses His gifts in it.  The Apostle mentions charismatic gifts, that is, those special graces, such as the gift of tongues……bestowed by the Holy Spirit with great generosity upon the primitive Church. Although these are very precious gifts, they are inferior to sanctifying Grace and Charity, which alone give supernatural life to the soul. Whereas charismatic gifts may or may not accompany sanctifying Grace, they neither increase nor decrease its intensity thereby. St. Thomas notes that while Grace and Charity sanctify the soul and unite it to God, these miraculous gifts [the charismatic gifts], on the contrary, are ordered for the good of another and can subsist even in one who is not in the state of Grace. [Without intending to be, this is a damning indictment of the entire “charismatic movement,” written decades before that movement came into being.  I have been part of charismatic groups, and found them shallow and strange.  I felt a great pressure from those really involved in these groups to “manifest the Spirit” in ways that were not honest, frankly.  It is critical to note what Fr. Gabriel of St. Mary Magdalen notes – these charismatic gifts are very inferior to true virtues and can be performed even by those who are not in a state of Grace.  That, is incredibly telling.] St. Paul concludes today’s Epistle with his famous words “…..all this, without charity, is nothing.” Charity is always the “central” virtue, the fundamental characteristic of the Christian soul, and is also the greatest gift the Holy Spirit can give us. [Yes!] If the Divine Paraclete does not vivify our soul by Charity and Grace, no one, not even the most virtuous, could perform the slightest act of supernatural value, “No man can say the Lord Jesus but by the Holy Ghost,” the Apostle says……….Note once again the great importance of Grace and Charity; the smallest degree of them is worth more than all the extraordinary gifts which, although they can dispose souls to good, can neither infuse nor increase divine life in us. [We can’t even say the Lord’s Holy Name without being moved by sanctifying Grace!]

The Gospel (Lk 18:9-14) presents us with another fundamental characteristic of the Christian soul: humility. Charity, it is true, is superior to it because it gives us divine life; yet, humility is of great importance because it is the virtue which clears the ground to make room for Grace and Charity. [Humility is a necessary precursor for Charity, and Charity leads to an inflow of Grace] Jesus gives us a vivid and concrete example of this truth in today’s parable of the Pharisee and the publican. The Gospel tells us explicitly that Jesus was speaking to some who “trusted in themselves as just and despised others.” The Pharisee is the prototype for this group.  Having no charity for his neighbor, he cannot have charity toward God. In fact, having gone to the Temple to pray, he is incapable of making the least act of love or adoration, and instead of praising God for His blessings, he does nothing but praise himself.  This man is really unable to pray because he has no charity, and he cannot have any because he is full of pride…..[and returns home condemned by his own pride].

……God loves to bend down to the humble…….St. Augustine has said: “God prefers humility in things that are done badly, rather than pride in those which are done well!” We are not justified by our virtues and our good works, but by Grace and Charity, which the Holy Spirit diffuses in our hearts, “according as He wills,” yes, but always in proportion to our humility.

———————————End Quote————————————–

Well, after reading that, I feel a strong compulsion to shut down the blog!  Having strong opinions on many matters is a dangerous thing with regard to humility.  There is great temptation to pride in this blogging deal.  I try to avoid it, but I am sure I fall into pride with distressing frequency.  I beg God’s forgiveness, and I pray He may move me to write in a truly humble manner, always serving His Will and serving the good of souls and the good of the Church.  Reporting on scandal is such a dangerous thing – it needs to be done, I think, but it also can pave the way to wrath and pride.  Lord, watch over me!