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Pray a late medieval Little Office of St. Joseph August 9, 2012

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Some Catholics pray the Divine Office or Roman Breviary – or at least parts of it, like me – every day.  It is the “official” prayer of the Church, and part or all is prayed, or is supposed to be prayed, by priests and religious every day.  But many don’t have time for the Breviary, and it can also be a bit difficult and confusing to get into.  Some opt for the more simple Little Office of the Blessed Virgin Mary or the Little Office of St. Joseph. I found a site the other day that has a late medieval version of the Little Office of St. Joseph in Latin and English. It’s pretty neat!  You can pray the Little Office for all the hours (except Lauds).  The prayers are really beautiful!

This Office is pretty short, so someone who is pressed for time could say it instead of the longer Divine Office.  In fact, many men in military religious orders in the Middle Ages did just that.

Again, the site is here.

I’ll definitely be talking with Michael Voris about this tonight! August 9, 2012

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Remember to listen to me tonight, August 9 at 9pm CDT for my interview on Fidelis Radio with Michael Voris!  Listen HERE!  You can also listen after the fact.

I’ve written on this blog many times that the reason why Social Security, Medicare, and other programs are beyond insolvent is because Americans did not have enough children to fund their really rather lavish retirement packages.  If you want to transfer wealth from one generation to the next, fine, but if you want to create an intergenerational ponzi scheme that takes from today’s productive citizens to give to retired ones, you better make sure people have enough children to keep that ponzi scheme going. The way Social Security/Medicare are presently constructed, they needed Americans to be having about 3-3.3 kids per woman over the past 40 years or so.  Well, Americans didn’t and don’t and so the whole system will soon come crashing down.  If you are in your early 40s like me, you’ll get to pay into this nightmare your entire life (I paid my first little bit at age 12!) and you will likely not see one dime from it:

As Michael notes, abortion is also a big factor in this.

In a sane world, this would be a huge political issue, but Americans love little more than their contraception.  And 40-50% of Americans love abortion almost as much as contraception.  So there is hardly a politician that will bring up the fact that our unaffordable benefits we’ve voted for ourselves could have been affordable if we’d perhaps another child or two per family.  But saying such is apparently a third rail.

But, one might expect the Church to make this point.  But aside from a few obviously borderline psychopathic malcontents like me, there is hardly a peep within the Church on this subject, either.

Then again, as an offline friend has reminded me, virtually all our prelates and most priests are the product of a generation that views contraception and tiny families as an unalloyed good.  They were trained thus in seminary, or at the least to avoid this issue like the plague (funny, many Saints ran to the plague to treat its victims).  I think that view is beginning to change a bit in the Church, and of course was never accepted in traditional communities, but we have a long way to go before the Church challenges the culture on the issue of voluntary sterility.  It is, of course, far too late to save the dying federal programs.

On the radio tonight August 9, 2012

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Tune in LIVE to listen to my interview with Michael Voris tonight at 9pm CDT.  I’ve interviewed both before – it’s going to be a blast!  Remember, my show is called Salve Regina Radio.

Here is another page for the show at the blogtalkradio siteTo listen, go here.  My show will show up in the list – you can also listen on demand anytime after the show’s broadcast.  That’s one of the cool things about internet radio!  But try to listen live and either call in or use the chat function to ask questions or make derogatory comments about my goofy voice!

As I asked on the opening night of the show, please say a prayer, in your charity, for protection of this program from the barbs of satan.  There was something strange going on last week, for sure!

I will also open the show with a prayer to the Blessed Mother, I want it to be always under her patronage and protection.

I hope you can listen in!  And call in, too, it would be great to have callers!  The call in number is on the listen-to page, and I will also announce the number during the show.

I have a big announcement on another awesome interview guest on tonight’s show!

Thoughts of Death, Part 1 August 9, 2012

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I haven’t posted enough Thomas a Kempis of late.  I have been remiss.  I have been reading The Imitation of Christ for years now.  I highly recommend it.  Here is the first portion of Book 1 Chapter 23, Thoughts of Death.  It is perhaps natural not to think of death, but it is to our spiritual detriment if we do not.  We should follow a Kempis’ brilliant, inspired advice:

Very quickly must thou be gone from hence, see then how matters stand with thee; a man is here today and tomorrow he is vanished (1 Mach 2:63)

And when he is taken out of sight he is quickly also out of mind. [Will anyone pray for you when you are gone?]

Oh, the dullness and hardness of man’s heart, which only thinks of what is present, and looks not forward to things to come. [So true]

Thou oughtst in every action and thought so to order thyself as if thou wert immediately to die. [How differently would I lead my life were I always to have the thought in mind that each moment was my last?  Is that too macabre?  Is that focusing on the negative too much?  Can we think too much of our eternal end?]

If thou hadst a good conscience thou wouldst not much fear death.

It were better for thee to fly sin than to be afraid of death (Dan 13:23).

If thou art not prepared today, how shalt thou be tomorrow?  Tomorrow is an uncertain day; and how dost thou know that thou shalt be alive tomorrow (Jm 4:14)?

What benefit is it to live long when we advance so little? Ah! Long life does not always make us better, but often adds to our guilt!

Would to God we had behaved ourselves well in this world even for one day! [Yes, even for one measly day]

Many count the years of their conversion; but oftentimes the fruit of their amendment is small.  If it be frightful to die, perhaps it will be more dangerous to live longer.

Blessed is he that has always the hour of death before his eyes and every day disposes himself to die (Eccles. 7:40)

If thou hast at any time seen a man die think that thou must also pass the same way. [It is a chilling experience to watch someone die, especially someone in the prime of life.  I have.  Would that I had used that experience to truly amend my life!]

In the morning imagine that thou shalt not live till night; and when evening comes presume not to promise thyself the next morning.

Be therefore always prepared, and live in such a manner that death may never find thee unprovided.  Many die suddenly and when they little think of it: “Because at what hour you know not the Son of man will come” (Matt. 24:44).

When that last hour shall come thou wilt begin to have quite other thoughts of thy whole past life and thou wilt be exceedingly grieved that thou hast been so negligent and remiss (Wis 5:6).

How happy and prudent is he who strives to be such now in this life as he desires to be found at his death.  For it will give a man a great confidence of dying happily if he has a perfect contempt of the world, a fervent desire of advancing in virtue, a love for discipline, the spirit of penance, a ready obedience, self-denial, and patience in bearing all adversities for the love of Christ.

Thou mayst do many good things whilst thou art well, but when thou art sick I know not what thou wilt be able to do. Few are improved by sickness; so too they that travel much abroad seldom become holy.

————————————–End Quote————————————–

I shall finish this excellent chapter tomorrow, God willing!

Lancet – US gay population 15% HIV+, same as Thailand, August 9, 2012

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Wow. Fascinating, horrifying stuff via a blog called The Reluctant Sinner, who went behind the pay wall at Lancet and pulled out some very pertinent information; information that makes a lie out of the whole radical gay agenda movement and the cultural attempts at gay normalization.

Guess what?  The HIV epidemic is back, but it’s almost entirely concentrated in gay males:

Despite great progress in tackling the HIV epidemic worldwide in the past two decades, there is one population in which the epidemic continues to grow in countries of all incomes: men who have sex with men (MSM)…

…In all reporting [UN] nations, rates [amongst homosexuals] were on the rise, even in developed nations like the US, Australia and the UK where HIV is declining overall.” The same research also showed that: “income does not seem to matter when it comes to HIV trends among MSM. In the US, for example, infection rates among gay men have been increasing by 8% each year since 2001, contributing to a 15% [so if present rates hold, within 5 years more than 1 in 5 gay American men will be HIV+] prevalence rate and putting the US on par with countries like Thailand [oh, those Thais, so known for their sexual restraint and upright morality], Malaysia and some African and Caribbean nations where neither awareness of HIV/AIDS nor drug treatments are as widespread………

……Public health experts have been concerned about the rising rates among MSM for years now, viewing the current epidemic as the second wave — the first having occurred in the 1980’s … HIV has always been more common among gay men, but Beyrer and his colleagues say the traditional risk factors may not entirely explain the surge in many cases. Traditionally, HIV experts have pointed to high-risk behaviors (sic) such as unprotected sex, having multiple partners, injection drug use and drug use in general for making gay men more vulnerable to infection. But there may be biological reasons for the enhanced risk as well. For example, there is an 18 times greater risk of HIV transmission through anal sex than through vaginal sex, which may explain why the virus continues to thrive in gay men……[gee willickers, you think?]

A Reluctant Sinner comments:

I was amazed to discover that despite the evidence indicating that both anal sexual intercourse and promiscuous behaviour were the primary factors in the continuing surge of the AIDS epidemic within the homosexual population, various authors in the journal seemed to suggest that the answer to this crisis lay in more promotion of homosexuality and the gay culture, rather than, let’s say, increased awareness of the benefits of chastity

Silly Sinner, don’t you know that abstinence and chastity are the very VERY last things the gay community wants?  They want mindless hedonism with rampant drug and alcohol abuse and, at most, open “marriages” involving dozens of partners per year.

The various articles quoted at the Reluctant Sinner blog also show that HIV infection rates in almost every other risk area are going down, even among intervenous drug users, previously the only other group that competed with gay males for infection rates.  But the data above shows that HIV, like lung cancer and other diseases, is very closely associated with behavior, specifically depraved, unnatural anal sex.  From my religious perspective, the very targeted nature of HIV with relation to unnatural sex causes me to wonder if this is not a severe chastisement.

But the gay lobby is one of the most effective in the world.  That lobby has so far effectively silenced widespread efforts at chastity and rejection of the promiscuous gay lifestyle.  Particularly galling to many who suffer from diseases like cancer and heart disease, far more federal funding is dedicated to HIV research than to these other diseases, although HIV afflicts far fewer people in this country.  Funding for cancer, heart disease, and other ailments has actually been cut in order to bolster federal support for HIV/AIDS research.  We could also argue whether the federal government has any role at all to play in funding any medical research, and whether federal involvement just creates self-perpetuating bureaucracies that have no interest in finding an ultimate cure, but that’s a topic for another day.

The inspired, inerrant Word of God could not have made more clear that homosexual acts are gravely immoral and sinful.  Western, Christian-inspired culture used to know this.  But now we have become so sinful we have forgotten even this basic truth.  And millions of people around the world pay for this rejection of the Truth with their lives.  And I don’t see any sign of this changing any time soon.