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Thoughts of Death, part 2 August 10, 2012

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For your late Friday weekend uplift, part 2 of Chapter 23 of Book 1 of the The Imitation of Christ by Thomas a Kempis.  When we left off, Thomas was telling us that hoping that people will pray for us after our death may be a fool’s game:

Trust not in friends and relations, nor put off the welfare of thy soul to hereafter; for men will sooner forget thee than thou imaginest.  It is better now to provide in time, and send some good before thee, than to trust to the help of others after thy death (Matt 6:20).

If thou art not now careful for thyself who will be careful for thee hereafter?

The present time is very precious; “now is an acceptable time: now is the day of salvation” (2 Cor 6:2).

But it is greatly to be lamented that thou dost not spend this time more profitably in which thou mayst acquire wherewith to live forever. The time will come when thou wilt wish for one day or hour to amend and I know not whether thou shalt obtain it.

O my dearly beloved, from how great a danger mayst thou delivery thyself! from how great a fear mayst thou be freed if thou wilt but now be always fearful and looking for death!

Strive now so to live that in the hour of thy death thou mayst rather rejoice than fear! [Indeed!]

Learn how to die to the world that then thou mayst begin to live with Christ (Rom 6:8).

Learn now to despise all things that then thou mayst freely go to Christ. [by having no attachments to earthly things.  What if our attachment to family or friends of something else is stronger than our love for Christ?]

Chastise thy body now by penance that thou mayst then have an assured confidence (1 Cor 9:27).

Ah fool! Why dost thou think to live long when thou art not sure of one day! (Lk 12:20)

How many thinking to live long have been deceived and unexpectedly snatched away!

Some have perished by fire; some by the sword; some by pestilence; some by robbers; and thus death is the end of all, and man’s life passeth suddenly like a shadow (Eccles 7:1).

Who will remember thee when thou art dead and who will pray for thee?  Do now, beloved, do now all thou canst,  because thou knowest not when thou shalt die; nor dost thou know what shall befall thee after death.

Whilst thou has the time heap to thyself riches that will never die! (Matt 6:20)

Think of nothing but thy salvation, care for nothing but the things of God. [But doing so is never selfish, since our we cannot love God if we do not perform our vocation and love those around us as Christ loved us]

Make now to thyself friends, by honoring the Saints of God, and imitating their actions, that when thou shalt fail in this life, they may receive thee into everlasting dwellings (Lk 16:9).

Keep thyself as a pilgrim and a stranger upon earth to whom the affairs of this world do not in the least belong (1 Pet 2:11).

Keep thy heart free and raised upwards to God, because thou hast not here a lasting abode.

Send thither thy daily prayers with sighs and tears that after death thy spirit may be worthy to pass happily to our Lord. Amen.

Deo Gratias – 3 postulants enter Carmel of the Infant Jesus of Prague! August 10, 2012

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The following postulants have entered the Carmel of the Infant Jesus of Prague in Dallas:

SisterConsuelo of The Precious Blood, OCD

SisterMaravillas of Jesus, OCD

SisterMichaela of the Queen of Peace, OCD

I’m so happy I don’t know what to do!  What a beautiful thing!  For years the Carmel had no vocations and now several women have entered or transferred in just the past year or two!  God is so great and generous!

If anyone wishes, they may send the Sisters a card saying they are praying for them, have a holy mass said or send a donation.

You can send donations  and cards to:

Discalced Carmelite Monastery of the Infant Jesus of Prague and St. Joseph
600 Flowers Ave.
Dallas, TX 75211

Or you can send a fax) 214-623-1885

So many times when I meet someone with a powerfully Grace-filled apostolate, I am amazed to find that they have a nun or nuns somewhere praying for them.  It makes all the difference.  Pray for a restitution of traditional religious life!  It is a tremendously necessary, vital part of the Church!

Weekend reading August 10, 2012

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If you are one who has experienced guilt over the American use of the atomic bombs to end the Pacific War, you owe it to yourself to read this. Paul Fussel was an infantryman who had served in Europe and was in the Philippines preparing for the invasion of Japan when the war ended.  An invasion whose horror and destruction would have made the entire rest of the war in the Pacific seem like a picnic.  There was no other means to force Japan’s surrender.  The militarists which dominated Japan’s government were so much in control that even the mass starvation of their own people, which was already underway, did not move them slightly.  Blockade and continued bombing would have only prolonged the suffering and certainly killed even more Japanese, let alone the 7000 casualties a week the US was experiencing in July/August 1945.  Then there were the 400,000 innocent Chinese and SE Asians casualties per month (and at least 100,000 killed) at the hands of the Japanese.

I completely agree with this quote:

The degree to which Americans register shock and extraordinary shame about the Hiroshima bomb correlates closely with lack of information about the Pacific war.

That has been my experience.  Those with knowledge of the Pacific War see the atom bomb as (crazy as this seems) a great blessing, a device of sufficient destructive power to shock even the hardened Japanese militarists and give the tiny Japanese “peace faction” a chance.  In fact, it required not just the use of the atomic bomb on Hiroshima, nor the Soviet entry into the war, but a second bomb in concert with the Soviet invasion of Manchuria that finally ended the militarist’s dreams of victory.

The vast majority of people today have no conception how savage the Japanese were at that time, and how horrifically ferocious the fighting in the Pacific was. The entire Japanese culture was incredibly twisted and dark, a diabolical confabulation of the worst aspects of eastern and western culture. The fanaticism of their military (and even the general populace to some degree) was beyond what I think most people can conceive. They gloried in the thought of fighting to the death, and taking as many round eyes as they could with them. Any invasion of Japan would have been a nightmare that I don’t think Western people today, especially, can even fathom.

The dirty little secret among those who wring their hands so much over the use of these weapons (and who are at least somewhat well informed on the issue) is this: they would have left the Japanese militarists in power, so to salve their consciences rather than using the atomic bombs.  And then, 20 years later, we would have had the “fun” of confronting a still militaristic and fanatical, but now nuclear armed, Japan.

There were no good options to ending the war in the Pacific.  To claim such is fantasy. The use of the atomic bombs was the least worst option available.  It was the most moral means to ending the war.  That is shocking to say, but it is a fact.

The essay linked was written about 30 years ago.  How can it be that the 80s are now 30 years ago?!

Awesome radio show last night! – UPDATED August 10, 2012

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If you missed last night’s Salve Regina Radio Show on Fidelis Radio, you missed a fantastic program, by far the best yet.  Of course, Michael Voris, media professional that he is, was awesome.  We covered the Obama New York Catholic Charities dinner imbroglio, his visit to Romania, and his recent video on how we have contracepted and aborted ourselves to fiscal insolvency.  It was a great show, and we actually went over time a bit, for which I apologize to Rebecca for messing up last night’s show schedule!

You can listen to last night’s program HERE.  It was so much fun!  I’ll have to have Michael on again.  The hour flew by!  The great thing was, an hour format gave Michael time to go in much more depth than he can in the short Vortex videos.

I got so excited I forgot to say the Hail Mary at the beginning of the show.  Forgive me, my Lady.

Having Michael on also reminded me of all the great content on ChurchMilitant.tv.  If you’re not a member (only $10 a month), you really should be!

And remember, there are other great programs on Fidelis Radio, especially Rebecca Diserio’s own show.  Mild content warning on some of the programs, just so you know.

UPDATE: I was reminded that also last night, Lisa Richards on Rock n Roll Politics interviewed Dr. Alveda King.  The interview is in the first half hour and talks about Dr. King’s extremely valuable civil rights work – civil rights regarding the most innocent and defenseless among us.  Dr.King is a great pro-life asset.  So, listen to the show!

How doth +Dolan err, let us count the ways August 10, 2012

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A commenter has been very charitably defending Cardinal Dolan’s decision to invite President Obama (and Mitt Romney) to the New York Catholic Charities Al Smith fundraising dinner.  This commenter has argued that Dolan is filled with the Holy Spirit.  Be that as it may, I still believe Dolan’s invitation is a disastrously bad decision. I’m posting my reply to her here, along with a ChurchMilitant.tv video that came out yesterday:

As I said in the original post, rhetoric is one thing, action is something else.  This is a catastrophically bad decision.  It is a no win for the Church and the Archdiocese of New York.  Some have argued, well, perhaps Cardinal Dolan will use this opportunity to publicly chastise President Obama.  If he does that, Obama will turn around (and the sympathetic media will gleefully join in) in stating how terrible it was for Dolan to turn this non-political event into a political diatribe.  What shills for the Republicans those Catholic bishops are.  They would also attack the very notion that the Church should have a say in public events – this false notion of “separation of church and state.” In this case, Obama wins, and turns this event into a means to mobilize his base and attack the Church. If Dolan does what most expect, which is to glad hand Obama and slap him on the back, allowing many smiling, gregarious photo-ops, then Obama wins again, as most papers in the country, TV news, etc., will be plastered with coverage of Obama and Dolan smiling and getting along, sending the message that whatever differences there are between Obama and the Church, they must be slight. Uninvolved Catholic voters may well see this photo and think “Oh, Obama has won over this Cardinal guy, it must be alright for me to vote for him.”

This is Notre Dame all over again.  On a prudential level, it’s a horrendous mistake and a tremendous opportunity for the Church’s biggest enemy, while on the spiritual level it has caused massive scandal.  The Church is in a life and death struggle with the forces of darkness.  The persecution that Obama and the sexular culture want to bring against the Church is just developing.  What message do you think this invitation sends to Obama?  Do you think it makes him think the Church and its leaders will stand strong and really fight to oppose his agenda, or, that after a little bit of fuss, things will go back to “normal.”  My fervent belief is that he feels it’s the latter, and that he will get no truly effective opposition to his plans from the Church.

In the last year – just this year – Dolan has caved to New York governor Cuomo on the issue of receipt of Communion (after Dr. Ed Peters wrote several times castigating Bishop Hubbard and Dolan for allowing Cuomo, living in sin with a woman not his wife, to receive the Blessed Sacrament), persecuted the only priest ordained in the Archdiocese of Detroit for offering a Traditional Latin Mass for his first Mass, seemingly endorsed St. Francis Xavier parish, one of the most heterodox and gay-endorsing parishes in the country by his smiling, approving presence, and failed to fight the effort to legalize gay marriage in New York to even a slight degree. Even the gay lobby was amazed that the Church in New York – under his leadership as head of the primatial See – did not put up a greater fight.

Pretty words are easy. It is translating those words into action that is hard.  As our Blessed Lord said in St. Matthew Chapter 15 “This people honoureth me with their lips: but their heart is far from me. [9] And in vain do they worship me, teaching doctrines and commandments of men.”

A further issue is the rather duplicitous manner in which the Archdiocese of New York has attempted to defend itself from the righteous indignation of thousands of  faithful Catholics.  This is something Michael Voris addresses in the video below.  It is telling that the Archdiocese had to block comments on the blog site where they attempted this defense: