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Voris takes on Bill Donahue and professional Catholics August 13, 2012

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I’ve never cared too much for Donahue and his definitively Yankee personality traits – loud mouth, boorish, interrupting, etc.  His arguments at times descend far too much into ad hominems – generally directed at those attacking the Church from without, but now pointed at those critical of one of his sponsors (Dolan) from inside the Church.  I’m out of time, this video came out too late today, but I may add more tomorrow.  Watch and see this explosive and much needed dressing down of this professional Catholic – perhaps tomorrow we’ll see if Donahue makes any response:

Man that guy offends my personality – just on some fundamental level.  It’s a mortification just to listen to him – does he ever not shout?

It amazing how in our supposedly now “adult” Church after Vatican II, when all those “childish” aspects of the Church like, you know…..actual belief and practice of the Faith, were supposed to be outgrown, and when the laity were now supposed to “fully participate on an active and equal level with the clergy and hierarchy,” all that adult equality malarkey goes out the window when the laity say inconvenient things.  The greatest sin in the post-Vatican II Church is to point out the glaring inconsistencies of the hierarchy.

Wednesday is a Holy Day of Obligation August 13, 2012

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Wow!  This one doesn’t get rolled into Sunday.  A real honest to Goodness Holy Day of Obligation!  Wednesday is the Feast of the Assumption!  Get thee to Mass!

But even more, remember that Vigils of Holy Days are traditional days of fasting/abstinence and penance.  While such law is rarely mentioned anymore, I plan on trying to fast more tomorrow and abstain from meat.

The way to restore the Faith and a Catholic culture, is for people to live that Faith and culture.

Komen steps down at Komen August 13, 2012

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The woman who founded the Susan G. Komen “Race for the Cure,” Nancy Komen Brinker, has stepped down as the CEO of the organization that has been her life’s work, in the wake of the Planned Barrenhood de-funding/re-funding disaster:

President Liz Thompson will leave Komen next month and founder Nancy Brinker, who has long been the public face of the charity, will relinquish her chief executive’s role for a position focused on fundraising and strategic planning, according to a statement released Wednesday by the Dallas-based organization.

It’s the latest shake-up since news emerged in January that Komen had decided to eliminate its funding for Planned Parenthood for breast-cancer screening. Komen said it made the decision because Planned Parenthood was the focus of a congressional investigation, which was launched at the urging of pro-life activists.

Dancing with the devil is a dangerous game.  If you want to get sick, read the entire article linked above and see Cecile Richard’s comments about the further deconstruction of Komen.  The message to all other charities that give money to Planned Barrenhood – and it is far more than reason would indicate – has been received.  Never cross the diabolical Planned Barrenhood.  They and their many equally diabolical media allies will destroy you, and thoroughly enjoy doing it.

Nancy Komen Brinker is a pro-abort, but she considered the plateau of their donations and felt that by cutting ties to Planned Barrenhood, they could attract more donations from the sizable minority of Americans that want absolutely nothing to do with abortion or any organization that has ties to abortion.  We never got to see how that plan would have worked out, as Komen caved to Planned Barrenhood’s scorched earth tactics after 3 days.

I think Nancy Komen Brinker is a well intentioned if somewhat deluded woman.  I think she really wants to end breast cancer, although her “awareness” group is much more focused on PR than they are on actual research.  But you would think an organization dedicated to ending breast cancer would oppose, very strongly, the two prime risk factors for this disease – abortion and chemical contraception.  But such is the progressive orthodoxy today that dominates so much of our culture – an orthodoxy that turns lies into truth and back again –  that such opposition was impossible, and when they tried to pull back even a bit, their organization was very nearly crushed.  I think Komen had a viable path forward by eschewing the secular left as their funding base and embracing those opposed to abortion, but they chickened out under Cecile Richard’s orchestrated media onslaught- an onslaught that was months in planning and setting up.  And so Planned Barrenhood will keep murdering babies, and handing out contraception on the taxpayer’s dime, and more and more women will be exposed to the horrors of cancer.  And satan laughed gleefully.

Latin Mass tonight at St. Mark August 13, 2012

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Same time, 7pm, but tonight is a special Requiem Mass.  Fr. Hopka said something about some prayers from the TLM after the Mass.  That could be interesting.  I’m not sure what he has in mind.

Irrespective, offering Mass for the deceased is a tremendous spiritual work of mercy!  Come assist and earn some grace!

Defending Dolan August 13, 2012

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I will for once defend Cardinal Dolan.  There is a liberal Tucson news site called the Tucson Citizen.  Over the weekend, they ran a story attributing to Cardinal Dolan statements made by Bishop Stephen Blaire, one of the most liberal bishops in the country, and his USCCB Justice and Peace committee.  The original story had no link, no confirming evidence.  I pressed the author for a link, and she directed me to this USCCB news release from last May, which confirmed exactly what I thought – that she was, innocently or not, attributing to Dolan any statement released by the USCCB.  Unfortunately, in today’s fractious, divided Church, such an attribution cannot be made.   Even though Dolan is the head of the USCCB, that does not mean that he agrees with or endorses every silly little statement that emanates from that bloated bureaucracy.

I tend to think the author is confused.  Historically, those outside the Church could view it as rather monolithic in its beliefs and actions.  That is absolutely no longer the case.  Bishop Blaire can make pronouncements released from the USCCB bureaucracy and his Justice and Peace committee, but that does not mean that Cardinal Dolan agrees with this pronouncement.  Most of the pronouncements released by the USCCB aren’t even written by the various bishops, they’re crafted by staff at the USCCB and released in the bishops name, presumably with their review and approval. And as Phil Lawler at Catholic Culture has been pointing out for months, the USCCB is in the habit of releasing hundreds of such statements a year, creating great confusion in terms of which of these statements is really a priority, and which can be ignored.  Because of these statements on numerous subjects and across the political spectrum, politicians can almost always find some area where they were “in agreement” with the Church.  This is exceedingly useful in providing political cover for those who are, in reality, radically opposed to the Church and what it believes.

But that is how modernists work.  They issue fuzzy statements on numerous subjects that can be interpreted in all kinds of different ways.  By issuing “important statements” on subjects ranging from internet copyright to the HHS Mandate, anyone can pick and choose which aspect of these important “doctrines” they wish to adhere to.  It’s the ultimate form of cafeteria Catholicism, and the manner in which the USCCB floods the news wire with press releases on subjects where the Church has no special competency just helps perpetuate this sad practice.  If the bishops want to be effective, they should say far less, and say what they do say much more carefully.