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Cardinal Burke on LCWR – reform or be suppressed August 15, 2012

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Tragically, I am almost certain it will have to be the latter, should the Vatican have the will for such.  Most likely, the Holy Father will let nature take it’s course as the easiest alternative – these women will not go without a bitter, brutal struggle.

Cardinal Burke makes plain his view – the LCWR must “convert” (yay!!) or their organization will be suppressed:

“If it can’t be reformed, then it doesn’t have a right to continue,” Cardinal Raymond Burke, prefect of the Vatican’s Apostolic Signatura, told EWTN’s Raymond Arroyo in a Thursday interview for The World Over.

How in the world can these consecrated religious who have professed to follow Christ more closely … be opposed to what the Vicar of Christ is asking? This is a contradiction,” he said.

The Vatican’s Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith (CDF) launched the reform of the LCWR in April with a hard-hitting document raising serious doctrinal issues with the group, including its failure to uphold Church teaching on the right to life, homosexuality, and women’s ordination. The organization represents about 80% of America’s 57,000 women religious. [Hmmm……just a few years ago, LCWR was described as representing over 90% of women’s religious.  Now, that is actually under 80% and rapidly falling.  Within 10 years or so, they won’t represent the majority anymore.  So very sad, what they have done to religious life in this country]

Cardinal William Levada, then-prefect of the CDF, warned in June that the LCWR could be decertified if they fail to implement the reforms.


In his World Over interview, Cardinal Burke told Arroyo that the issue is simply a question of the sisters remaining faithful to their vows. “Consecrated religious … are bound to the Vicar of Christ by a very significant bond because they have professed … to follow Christ in an exemplary way and so to be a source of strength and inspiration for the whole People of God,” he explained.

The question now is for conversion to the true nature of religious life and to accept gratefully and humbly what the Holy Father is asking through his representatives and to reform the organization,” he added.

The prelate also noted that few people realize the Holy See actually founded the LCWR, in 1956. So, he asked, “Why should it not have a right to say ‘look this organization is no longer fulfilling the mission for which we founded it’?”

Precisely.  LCWR was founded in a well-intentioned but ultimately fruitless, and then incredibly destructive, effort by Venerable Pope Pius XII to modernize religious life. He wanted nuns to network and get educated.  Well, they did, and then promptly left the Church in the wake of the disastrous implementation of Vatican II.  Many of these women, especially in the leadership, haven’t been remotely Catholic, or remotely faithful to their vows, for decades.  Change will be exceedingly hard, especially at such an advanced age.  I think many expect they will refuse to change, and keep their worldly, frankly heretical beliefs.

Again, this whole sad saga is a tragedy of epic proportions.

NY Catholic Charities Al Smith dinner open to pro-aborts, not pro-lifers? August 15, 2012

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It is well known that New York City has one of the very highest abortion rates in the country.  It also has one of the very highest rates of public support for abortion in the country, as well.  It kind of makes sense, then, that a fair number of those who participate in, or even organize, the Al Smith Catholic Charities dinner where Obama is invited would be pro-abort.  An independent pro-life blogger has done some investigation, and gathered some admittedly anecdotal evidence that indicates such may be the case.  Even more, it points to a potential pro-abort bias within those organizing this very high profile celebrity dinner.

First, the blogger developed a fake identity and e-mail address and queried the Al Smith people from the standpoint of representing a well known pro-abort group (Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice) interested in buying a table for this event (Yikes – tables start……START at $25,000 each).  The Al Smith people had no problem with this whatsoever.  Interestingly, this post also notes a 2004 statement made by the USCCB entitled “Catholics in Political Life.”  It said (I add emphasis):

The Catholic community and Catholic institutions should nothonor those who act in defiance of our fundamental moral principles.  They should not be given awards, honors or platforms which would suggest support for their actions.

Many Catholics feel that Cardinal Dolan, well recognized as a leader in the fight against the ongoing persecution (although doing so in a self-limiting way by refusing to condemn the evil of contraception loudly and repeatedly), has strayed dangerously close to, or over the line of, giving a platform to Obama in this invitation.  Even though this is supposed to be a light-hearted evening, no doubt Obama will find a way to turn this to his electoral advantage.  That advantage cannot serve the interests of the Church, in light of Obama’s constant, die-hard support for abortion and his ongoing persecution.

This pro-life blogger did not stop there, however.  She sent another e-mail to the organizers, in which she blasted pro-lifers and made plain her (fake) support for abortion.  Here is the exchange:

Reporters e-mail to Smith Dinner_____________________________________________________________________

On Mon, Aug 6, 2012 at 8:51 PM, Mary Haskell <rockfordnurse1956@gmail.com> wrote:

Dear Cardinal Dolan,

Thanks for inviting President Obama to the Al Smith dinner.  It is putting all those stupid pro-lifers and religious freedom zealots in their place.

 ________Al Smith dinner response on August 13:______

Al Smith Foundation alsmithfoundation@archny.org

Thank you so much for your email, Mary!

———————————-End Quote————————————-

A similar e-mail was sent voicing support for the pro-life cause, and received no such laudatory response.

So, is this data too anecdotal to be significant?  Could these occurrences just be coincidence, or oversight?  Possibly in the case of the former, but in the latter, given there was no reply to the pro-life e-mail but a “gosh I’m so happy I got this!” reply to the pro-abort one, it doesn’t look good to me.

Could this be evidence of a systemic problem or bias within the Al Smith dinner organizers?  Could this bias have played a role in the decisions made to invite Obama?  Is it possible organizers who support Obama’s re-election fed bad advice to Cardinal Dolan, putting pressure on him to invite the President by manipulating him with visions of scandal if no invitation were made, or playing on the Cardinal’s evident charity or fears of being politically sidelined?

Who knows.  But it is interesting that, rather than going away, more and more seems to develop around this issue.  I don’t think this poor prudential decision and potentially scandalous situation is going away until long after the election.

h/t culturewarnotes

Shooting at pro-life Family Research Center August 15, 2012

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And Ace of Spades is reporting that there is evidence the shooter was politically motivated.

LifeSiteNews has more:

A security guard is in stable condition after being shot at the Family Research Council headquarters Wednesday in an incident authorities are reportedly treating as domestic terrorism.

FRC spokesperson Darin Miller confirmed the shooting to LifeSiteNews.com late Wednesday morning before releasing a statement from FRC president Tony Perkins.

“The police are investigating this incident.  Our first concern is with our colleague who was shot today.  Our concern is for him and his family,” said Perkins.

One local report initially said that another individual was also wounded, but now reports only the injury of the security guard. The guard was reportedly shot in the arm and retained consciousness, while a suspect is in police custody.

Update: Fox News reports that the suspect “made statements regarding their policies, and then opened fire with a gun striking a security guard,” according to one source, and that authorities were treating the attack as a case of domestic terrorism.

Wow.  I’m not going to comment much now, until more news is available, except to pray for the victim and those at the Family Research Council, which is definitely a highly visible entity in the culture war, defending traditional Christian morality.


The Catholic Elite August 15, 2012

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I’m very short on time today due to a training seminar I’m having to attend, but Michael Voris addresses a really serious issue – the fact that there are many well known Catholic apologists and public figures who generally refuse to condemn so much of the hypocrisy and error rampant in the Church.  You might say, they go along to get along.  I have a friend and fellow blogger who has suffered rather terribly at their hands.  These people have names, and perhaps it is time that those names start being tied to certain uncharitable acts they take at times to both improve their own position within the Catholic speaking/conference/publishing circuit, and to protect those bishops who could end their careers by putting them on a “do not allow” list.  For now, Michael Voris:

Many Catholics of an orthodox or traditional bent knows well what Michael Voris is referring to.  The greatest sin in the current day Church is to embarrass the episcopate.