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The Catholic Elite August 15, 2012

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I’m very short on time today due to a training seminar I’m having to attend, but Michael Voris addresses a really serious issue – the fact that there are many well known Catholic apologists and public figures who generally refuse to condemn so much of the hypocrisy and error rampant in the Church.  You might say, they go along to get along.  I have a friend and fellow blogger who has suffered rather terribly at their hands.  These people have names, and perhaps it is time that those names start being tied to certain uncharitable acts they take at times to both improve their own position within the Catholic speaking/conference/publishing circuit, and to protect those bishops who could end their careers by putting them on a “do not allow” list.  For now, Michael Voris:

Many Catholics of an orthodox or traditional bent knows well what Michael Voris is referring to.  The greatest sin in the current day Church is to embarrass the episcopate.


1. Michael P. Mc Crory - August 15, 2012

I believe it was Pope Pius 11th who lamented.

“The problem of spreading the Faith is due to the timidity or rather the cowardice of the faithful.”

Now these ‘faithful’ have gone one step further,as Michael Boris explains:
These timid/ cowardly “professional catholics” now attack us less timid and cowardly because we dare to point out the grave derelection of duty on the part of their “bosses’, the bishops.

I am just one of a legion of unwanted ( by the Church that they are faithful to ) catholics, world-wide;

I am married 44years with six children. I was a professional soccer player, a high jump champion. I am a poet, singer, writer. I had my own radio programme for three years and have a very sound understanding of my catholic Faith ( a daily communicant -two hrs minimum per day in prayer ) with a longing to pass on the Faith to others less blessed
AND YET the Institutional Church, for over 35 years has shunned me like a hot potato, precisely because I DO speak out against the hierarchy, both here and in Ireland.
Thank God, (over the years,) I have always had some brave, saintly priests to lean on. Interestingly not one of THEM is part of this damaged hierarchy. Instead they have started their own publishing houses or schools or homes for children or are writers and teachers– all outside the immediate destructive arm of the Church.
And all this despite the good example of our Popes; Popes to whom the timid and the cowardly pay only lip-service.
God help us all!

2. Catechist Kev - August 16, 2012

“Silence is never a virtue when charity demands speech.”

St. Poeman, 4th century desert hermit.


3. cori - August 16, 2012

can’t top those comments.

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