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I, for one, am gratified……. August 17, 2012

Posted by Tantumblogo in Basics, Ecumenism, foolishness, General Catholic, sadness, sickness, Society, Tradition, unadulterated evil, Virtue.

……that the radical feminist punk band that invaded the holiest Cathedral in all Russia and desecrated a Mass with their anti-religious pogrom/performance, have been sentenced to a serious jail term in Russia – probably one of the last countries in the world one would want to serve time in.  I am gratified because it shows that the Russians are perhaps taking their religion seriously, and do not want to see it desecrated in some kind of radical performance art.  While most in the anti-Christian western media are appalled that a sentence like this would be handed down for something they at least tacitly support (hostility to Christianity being endemic in our media today, with Christians like the Family Research Council essentially having no rights because we go against sexular hedonist “wisdom”), I think it is time that Christians begin to defend – vigorously, our rights to exist and to have a profound voice – the leading voice – in the culture.  A far-fetched dream it may now seem, but it wasn’t too long ago that such was the case throughout all the “developed” world.

It should also be noted, that not only was this assault on the Orthodox Church reminiscent of the terrible persecution that Church suffered at the hands of the communists, but even today in the Ukraine, as Rorate Caeli points out, there was an act of persecution in the Church when a Crucifix that was erected in memory of the many martyrs who suffered under Stalin was cut down by feminist demonstrators showing their support for further attacks against Christianity and the feminist punk band just sentenced.

Yes, there are ostensible political overtones to some of this, with Putin’s tight allegiance with the Orthodox Church forming much of his power base, but would we see these protestors act so “bravely” in a mosque?  I think not.

The point is, perhaps it is time that there begin to be costs associated with such attacks against Christianity.  Yes, we are called to be meek and to turn the other cheek, but not to the point of allowing our most sacred symbols and acts to be vilified, mocked, and destroyed.  In spite of what many on the “progressive” side of things try to tell us, Christ was no pacifist.  He did not order soldiers to lay down their arms.  Christ was very willing to fight for what was right and true, and did so when he drove the moneychangers from the temple.

This is the kind of ecumenism I can get behind!


1. Michael P. Mc Crory - August 18, 2012

Your comment above, beginning:

The point is…’ is marvellous writing and music to my ears. Fighting talk is what we need in our Church, NOT the gentler, softer, “don’t offend anyone ” approach.
As Father Joe Fessio SJ (Ignatius Press and Catholic World Report)

” I want blood on MY sword when I die.”

YES there SHOULD be a “cost to be paid” for every attack on Christ and His Church. Why should the Muslim’s have all the best fights?
(Not that I’m recommending the hiring of “hit -men” though.)

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