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Useless, stupid Catholic Climate Covenant….. August 17, 2012

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…..which is funded in part by Catholic Charities, the USCCB, CRS, and a whole alphabet soup of other “progressive” Church organizations (including some religious orders like the Carmelite NGO and a Franciscan group), is distributing a film to be shown in parishes and other Catholic venues.  The film in Sun Come Up, which is about an ongoing climate-change scam, in which those living on islands which are allegedly sinking due to global warming cooling climate change weather are re-located to less “threatened” areas at UN or other taxpayer expense.  The film is a sob story intended to elicit further support for ostensible climate change.

The only problem is, there is no evidence of rising sea levels, and a 2010 study done in New Zealand showed that a number of Pacific Islands have actually grown in area over the past several decades.   What is actually occurring, is that impoverished island nations – mostly in the South Pacific and Indian Oceans – are playing on climate change fears of many in numerous progressive governmental and non-governmental organizations to secure international funding.  This movie is, unwittingly or not,   aiding in the commission in what is little more than a scam.

And the Catholic Climate Covenant (so important, it’s a “Covenant,” almost a Sacrament!) happily plays right along, uncritically accepting the most outlandish claims (Pacific Islands “sinking!”  Tahiti under water!), even though, as I said, there is no evidence for these claims.  In fact, very low lying reefs and bars in the Pacific, like Kingman Reef and French Frigate Shoals, are actually more exposed now than they were during WWII.  Anthony Watt just released evidence a few weeks ago that again cast great doubt on the accuracy of temperature measurements taken not in Third World countries with dubious scientific methods, but even here in the United States.

Even if “global warming” were, in fact, occurring, and even to the scale that the worst alarmists panic about, is this really an issue the Church needs to address?  Given the complete collapse of faith among so many Catholics, declining Mass attendance in many countries, much of Central and South America falling away from the Faith at a rate never seen before….is this what the Church really needs to focus on?  If 1/10th the effort were spent addressing and eliminating abuses in the liturgy as are spent on all these various progressive causes, we should have some very holy, reverent Masses to assist at.  Let alone the desperate straits of catechesis, where huge numbers of Catholics either don’t know or don’t accept extremely basic aspects of the Faith like, oh, the Resurrection, the Real Presence, Purgatory, etc., etc.

What we need right now is a Church focuses with laser-like focus on addressing the collapse in the Faith, and doing all that is possible in cooperation with Grace to remedy that collapse, rather than spending so much time, money, and effort on temporal concerns.  I pray for this great shift to occur very soon, but experience tells me I’ll be maintaining these prayers for a long time to come.

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